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workday Adaptive Planning provides business planning through corporate performance management ( CPM ), sales plan, and work force design. Workday Adaptive Planning leads the way for people in companies to collaborate, gain insights, and make smart decisions faster. Powerful modeling for any size organization, so far sol easy for everybody who plans .
workday Adaptive Planning enables a comprehensive examination set of cloud-based software solutions supported by a brawny, in-memory technology platform that enables functional and company-wide business plan and built-in analytics at a large scale. Workday for Finance offers purpose-built solutions that allow those closest to the business to plan .

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Workday Adaptive Insights Benefits:

  • Cut planning, reporting, an close cycles by 70%+
  • Engage managers with an easy to use experience (web. Excel, mobile)
  • Reduce costs by 90%+ versus traditional on-premise systems
  • Get access from anywhere to an always up-to-date application
  • Use reporting and visuals to drill into KPIs and trends

Standard and Reporting Features

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Drill-in functionality within visuals
  • Report sharing and collaboration
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Word integration for 1-click report updates

Data Discovery and Visualization Features

  • Multiple pre-built visualization formats (heat maps, scatter plots, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics
  • In-sheet visualizations combine real time models with beautiful charts
  • Sparklines visualize trends and allow adjustments visually

Platform Features

  • Snapshot of External Data
  • In-memory data model for faster and more scalable processing
  • Multi-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
  • Data warehouse / dictionary layer
  • Role-based administration with permissions down to the cell level
  • Easy integration with Salesforce, NetSuite, Intacct, and MS Dynamics
  • End users get what they need without IT

Workday Adaptive Insights for Finance

EPM Software: Example of a profit and loss statement template in Adaptive Planning.
The above shows an example of a profit and loss statement template in Workday Adaptive Planning. The software uses an active planning process to use data from all corners of your business.
active planning is provided via the corporate performance management or CPM software features provided by Workday Adaptive Planningfor Finance. The solution can besides be described as an enterprise performance management or EPM software .


Forecasting capabilities are at the forefront of Workday Adaptive Planning Business Planning Cloud. The software lets you create models of about any aspect of your business .
fiscal model can be scheduled around your fiscal year, financing schedules, tax income recognition schedules, and more. Forecasts can besides be broken down to different sub-levels, such as by broadcast, department, or business unit .
Models Supported:

  • Budgeting expenses
  • Forecasting revenue
  • Workforce planning
  • Capital Planning
  • SaaS account modeling
  • Sales planning
  • Academic calendar modeling


Share your fiscal and operational modules outside of the finance team. Workday Adaptive Planning Business Planning Cloud allows for a collaborative planning process, with a goal of sharing reports and dashboards with individuals outside of the finance department .
Features include:

  • Native workflow to sequence, assign, and track tasks for business owners
  • Process Tracker provides real-time visibility into planning processes and individual tasks.
  • Step-by-step guides for users dependent on their roles
  • Note sharing
  • Compare plan vs actuals
  • Visual Model Overview for single view business model and data flows


Adaptive Insights Finance Dashboard Budgeting Software
Workday Adaptive Planning can create financial dashboards with a variety of visualizations and charts to help monitor business performance.
Dashboards and analytics are at the center of any clientele performance evaluation. Workday Adaptive Planning provides synergistic dashboards, data visualizations, and charts to help personalize and analyze your fiscal performance .
Features include:

  • Variance identification
  • Real-time data
  • KPIs
  • Sharing capabilities

Management Reporting

Let management receive the ad-hoc coverage it desires for fiscal and sales teams. The Management and Ad-Hoc Financial Reporting faculty let ’ s you distribute reports and drill down into needed details when necessary .
Features include:

  • Self-service reports
  • Personalized ad-hoc reports
  • Drag-and-drop web reporting
  • Built-in financial and sales intelligence
  • Output to multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel
  • Drill down capabilities

Board Reporting

Workday Adaptive Planning Office Connect reporting example
Reporting features and capabilities from Workday Adaptive Planning can be integrated into Microsoft Office. This gives a staff that is Excel proficient a way to continue using a program that is similar to their skill set.
Microsoft Office Suite and Office Connect consolidation provides reports, control panel books, and presentations using the Microsoft Office products your staff is already eloquent in. This connection provides a fluid transition from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more, to let your staff use the platform they are the most comfortable with.

Board and external report is unified with Microsoft Office through a defile association. workday Adaptive Planning integrates the report capabilities directly into the Office product being used ( such as Excel ). It ’ s goal is to give you complete formatting control condition .


workday Adaptive Planning lets you connect with any ERP, HCM, CRM, or other sources you need to extract data from .
manually pulling data from programs can be a full-time job for some. workday Adaptive Planning provides an integration framework so your team can automate your data flow and spend more time analyzing data .
The goal of any consolidation should be to maintain data in a single platform. Workday Adaptive Planning tries to provide this capability with little IT cognition needed and no code-writing required .
Workday Adaptive Planning integrations with cloud and on-premise applications
Workday Adaptive Planning also provides integrations with numerous cloud applications and on-premise solutions.

NetSuite Reporting

NetSuite is used by companies as a primary ERP for account and overall business management. Workday Adaptive Planning prides itself on providing the report capabilities that NetSuite may fall short on .
Conduct your report transactions in NetSuite and let Workday Adaptive Planning use the histprical data to manage future growth and improve your company performance .

Sage Intacct Planning

sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning together make a team that can automate accounting and planning functions into one accomplished system .
sage Intacct manages party accounts such as transactions and actual balances. Workday Adaptive Planning can utilize this data to create budgets of those accounts through the import and export of needed data .


Intercompany eliminiations and fiscal consolidations in Workday Adaptive Planning will provide you with the reports you need faster .
Features include:

  • Automated currency translations
  • Reclassifications

Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales

Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales Capacity and Quota Plan
Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales can create capacity and quota plans for better sales revenue planning and predictability.
If the primary finish of your company is to increase sales performance or improve the intelligence of your sales department, Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales is a solution to look into. The software ’ south finish is to provide quota, capacity, and district plan to improve sales and give your constitution better predictability.


  • Real-time scenario planning and forecasting
  • Set sales targets
  • Bottom-up sales staffing plans
  • Sales quotas
  • Territory assignment

Workday Adaptive Planning for Workforce Planning

Adaptive Insights human resource dashboard
Adaptive Insights can help you with workforce planning and build comprehensive workforce and headcount dashboards.
Tracking your work force an be difficult without the right creature. A company should be able to rely on reports, spreadsheets, and dashboards for work force plan arsenic a lot as they do for fiscal plan .
Strategic work force planning is now a partially of Workday Adaptive Planning Business Planning Cloud .


  • Integrate real-time data from HCM and ERP systems
  • Plan and optimize your current and future workforce
  • Create business drivers
  • Maintain a single standard workforce model
  • Share plans with business leaders
  • Allow bottom-up input via Excel
  • Track common planning tasks
  • Monitor changes and issues with an audit trail
  • Track plans against actuals

Workday Adaptive Planning Pricing

The cost of Workday Adaptive Planning will depend on a number of factors, such as :

  • Package desired
  • Additional options with your product
  • Number of licenses
  • Integrations needed
  • Length of contract
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