How Power-line Networking Works

To install an Intelogis PassPort power-line network, you plug a wall device like this into an outlet.
To install an Intelogis PassPort power-line network, you plug a wall device like this into an outlet. Intelogis provides a kit that connects two computers and one printer for $ 59. extra adapters cost about $ 40. There are specific versions for computers or printers, so cause certain you get the correct one. Since the network does not affect exponent usage or consumption, no extra monthly costs are incurred. The cost of PowerPacket technology is expected to be comparable to HomePNA solutions and significantly less than 802.11 wireless solutions.

ad The physical connection between each calculator and the Intelogis power-line network uses the calculator ‘s twin interface. A wall device is plugged directly into the electric mercantile establishment ( it will not operate properly if plugged into a soar defender ).

A analogue cable is plugged into the wall device and into the analogue larboard of the computer. The power-line network must be the concluding item connected to the parallel port. For this reason, if you have anything else connected to the parallel port, such as a scanner or Zip drive, it must have a pass-through for the parallel port. Unless you have a irregular parallel port on your calculator, your printer must be connected to the network through a rampart device of its own. Something to keep in thinker is that current power-line networks do not support bidirectional printing. “ Bidirectional ” means that data is sent in both directions, allowing your printer to send data back to your calculator, such as how much ink is left and if there is a wallpaper jamming. This will not keep your printer from working, but it is deserving noting that you will lose the function of such features. initial PowerPacket devices connect via a USB or Ethernet cord from the calculator to a small wall arranger. subsequent devices will have the circuitry built in, meaning the only connection needed would be the power cord. once the physical connections are made, initiation of the software is a snap. The software mechanically detects all nodes ( computers and printers ) on the network. Whether your Internet connection is by cable modem, DSL or normal modem, the include proxy server software allows you to share the Internet with your other computers. You can easily add computers by simply plugging a new arranger in and installing the software. extra printers can be added using the printer circuit board arranger. File and printer communion is done through Windows.

There are two common types of home networks : peer-to-peer and client/server. Client/server networks have a centralized administrative system that provides information to all of the early devices. Peer-to-peer means that each device can talk directly to each early device on the network without consulting a central system foremost. Intelogis Passport engineering uses a client/server network. The first calculator that you install the software on becomes the Application Server. In kernel, it is the director of the network, controlling the flow of data and telling each device on the network where to find the other devices. Intellon ‘s PowerPacket engineering uses a peer-to-peer network. ad

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