Wonder Woman’s 10 Strongest Powers, Based On The Comics

Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful superheroes in comic book history and these impressive abilities are why that ‘s truthful. Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince is introduced in DC Comics as a princess from Themyscira, the island inhabited by the warriors known as the Amazons. A demigoddess child of the Amazonia Queen Hippolyta, she possesses huge powers and abilities that allow her to bring peace on Earth .
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As is discernible from her standalone amusing serial and other Justice League storylines, Wonder Woman is about unbeatable in most of her fights. not only does she possess superhuman military capability and mobility but she is besides technical in the custom of weapons like her sword and lasso. At times, her power is about at equality with that of Superman, making her arguably one of the strongest district of columbia characters of all time.


10 Immortality

Wonder Woman 750 Comic Art Like her Amazonian peers, Wonder Woman does n’t age and has had a long biography for thousands of years. Added with her superhuman strength and lastingness, her immortality makes it about impossible for her enemies to defeat her .
In most of Wonder Woman ‘s report arch, the Amazons were created by the Old Gods of Olympus in 1200 BC. Diana ‘s initiation from cadaver by Hippolyta seems to have occurred a millennium belated. so, while there ‘s no fixed count on her historic period, there are chances that she was born somewhere around 200 BC .

9 Teleportation

Wonder Woman teleports herself and others In the newer reiterations of Wonder Woman ‘s history, Wonder Woman ‘s teleportation skills are limited and can only be derived from the fabulous object known as the Caduceus. Along with the Greek idol Hermes ( who ‘s the original owner of the Caduceus ), she could teleport out of the Chaos Void with its help .
otherwise, Wonder Woman of the Golden Age frequently relied on teleporting between detail areas. She could even teleport other people along with her back then. But over clock, this particular power of hers has gone out of circulation .

8 Advanced Senses

Wonder Woman defecting bullets wearing a blindfold The hunt goddess Artemis granted Diana enhanced senses that help her in detecting her enemies tied from a distance. With enhanced hear and sight, she ‘s able to deflect bullets and battle enemies evening with a blindfold on, as seen in Wonder Woman ( Vol 2 ) # 215 .
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She besides seems to possess enhance breathing given how she can survive in high altitudes and tied breathe submerged in a few comics. The latter can be assumed from her Silver Age embodiment who besides seemed to possess gills on the sides of her neck !

7 Superhuman Strength

Wonder Woman Just War Comic Art Bending objects. Breaking through buildings. Lifting heavy-duty vehicles. Wonder Woman is easily able to perform such feats with her persuasiveness. Her stamina is besides odd with her hardly feeling any fatigue during moments of action .
Her power is therefore boundless that she can tied defeat other goddesses like Artemis and engage in battle with peers like Aquaman, and Superman. In Superman ‘s For Tomorrow discharge, she was even able to break down the doors of the Kryptonian hero ‘s Fortress of Solitude .

6 Lifting Mjolnir

Wonder Woman Wields Thor's Hammer Marvel Comics and DC once had a crossover event titled DC vs Marvel. As can be deduced from the title, several heroes from both teams faced each other in struggle. This series besides involved a moment when Wonder Woman evening picked up the thunder god Thor ‘s hammer Mjolnir .
Wonder Woman gave up the hammer ‘s possession former but this act intelligibly shows that she ‘s one of the rare beings in this population who are ‘worthy ‘ adequate to lift the Asgardian weapon.

5 Mind Control

Wonder Woman wielding the Lasso of Truth The New 52 earned run average meet Wonder Woman defeating Ares and taking up the mantle of the ‘God of War. ‘ This allowed her the power of telepathic control over any soldier and military of the earth. even though she did n’t use this power a lot, it goes on to show the ways Wonder Woman is able of commanding whole armies at her own will .
The Lasso of Hestia besides allows her to derive the truth out of her rivals against their will. Once anyone is bound by the lasso, neither god nor mortal can escape from telling the absolute accuracy .

4 Healing Factor

Wonder Woman Comic Cover with her wielding a Sword and Shield right from her comic ledger debut, the character has possessed a wide range of regenerative abilities that can help in repairing minor to moderate wounds within seconds .
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possibly her demigoddess genealogy might explain this exponent as other Amazonian warriors do not seem to possess a curative factor. other than conflict scars, she can besides endure most of the poisons, toxins, and diseases from planet earth .

3 Magical Powers

Wonder Woman fights Justice League Dark In Justice League Dark, Wonder Woman, along with John Constantine and Zatanna, encounters the Otherkind animal, inverted Man. While dealing with this adversary, Wonder Woman ‘s dormant charming powers are awakened and it changes her appearance and drives the inverted Man away .
Zatanna is amused by these unexpected powers and it ‘s late revealed that the goddess Hecate had granted Diana a fraction of her charming powers in her childhood .

2 Flight

Wonder Woman Flying Wonder Woman is highly capable of defying gravity to fly and float in the air. Her ability to take giant leaps provides her a much-needed jumpstart in this case. Wonder Woman ( Vol. 4 ) # 12 far revealed that she received the give of flight from Hermes, the Greek messenger god .
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She can fly over long distances with ease and rarely undergo shortness of breath even at high altitude levels. even though she lost her exponent of trajectory in New 52, her flying abilities returned with her Rebirth variant .

1 Mastery Over Lasso And Other Weapons

Wonder Woman Lasso Just War Comic Trained by the Amazons in the artwork of weaponry, Wonder Woman exercises great master over a charming sword created by Hephaestus. While attacking with her sword, she constantly keeps the Shield of Alcippe, on the early bridge player, to adequately defend herself.

One of her major weapons is the Lasso of Hestia. besides known as the ‘Lasso of Truth, ‘ the providential weapon allows her to exact the truth out of anyone who is bound by it. apart from the lasso ‘s charming powers, she besides uses it to effectively restrain her opponents .
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