How to Use Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

How to Use Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

A blue Ford vehicle using the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control feature
source : Ford Want better control over your vehicle ? Find out why drivers in Greensboro, High Point, and Summerfield are excited about Ford ‘s intelligent adaptive cruise control. once this feature is activated, it keeps your cable car at a pre-set distance from other cars ahead of you. This is the latest air combat command organization available on the Ford Edge and a few other models. This engineering offers automatic steering and lane concentrate.

How to activate the features on the Adaptive Cruise Control 1. urge On, located on the bicycle. 2. bid SET on the bicycle once you begin to accelerate at the hope speed. After pressing SET, remove your metrical foot from the acceleration pedal. 3. To pre-set the cruise distance, select the gap setting on the wheel. once this button is activated, a ocular movie of the outer space will appear on the instrument screen. You may select from four col options. 4. The information screen displays a green icon. This means the ACC feature is activated. When there are no vehicles ahead, the utmost cruising focal ratio will besides show up on the display. 5. If the vehicle ahead comes to a catch, your Ford vehicle will stop. If the fomite ahead starts moving in three seconds, then your Ford will begin to follow. If the fomite stays put for over three seconds, then the ACC will deactivate. To restart the ACC, press RES on the bicycle. 6. To switch to even cruise control, select OK on the wheel. This brings you to the settings menu on the cluster shield. Pick Driver Assist.

7. blue-ribbon Cruise Control. Pick Normal using the arrow buttons and then OK. 8. When your Ford is in normal mode, the ACC disables. Your Ford wo n’t follow the vehicle ahead. 9. To cancel ACC or convention control, press down on the brakes. You may select CNCL. 10. Lane centering does not activate automatically with ACC. It needs manual activation. To use this feature of speech, blue-ribbon lane-centering on the wheel. 11. Lane centering relies on a television camera to spot paint lines on the road. It offers continual steering help. The screen will show green vertical lines to indicate this feature of speech is activated. 12. If your hands veer off the roulette wheel for some meter, it will offer a warn. In case you do not heed the alert bespeak, the system automatically deactivates and reduces the vehicle ‘s speed.

Wish to know more? Come and experience firsthand how Ford adaptive cruise see works. To book a examination drive on our Ford vehicles or to learn more about adaptive cruise control, visit Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem, North Carolina today. Our franchise besides serves customers from the neighboring areas of Greensboro, High Point, and Summerfield. Come on down to enjoy our premium services.

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