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But life is full of different types of people and – let ’ s face it – it would be boring if we were all clones. so, to keep our workplaces healthy and productive, we need to make certain that we can get along with one another .
Know what the differences are and avoid negative labelling
When we notice that person has a different room of communicating or behaving to us, it ’ sulfur easy to get torment and label them as being “ unmanageable ” or “ annoying ”. Try to clarify why that person is different to you. Some people are more introvert, tending to be on the placid side and preferring to think things through on their own. Others are more extrovert, tending to be louder and craving interaction with others. Some people naturally want to lead ; others prefer to be guided. Spend a spot of time thinking about what the dispute with your own personality is and try to avoid minus pronounce .
Recognise cultural differences

different cultures have different ways of interact and communicate, which can lead to cross-cultural misinterpretations. For some people making a joke at another ’ second expense is a way of expressing chumminess. For others, it might be considered inappropriate, which can lead to feeling bullied. additionally, people from western cultures much prefer to be told things directly and might feel like a person is untrustworthy when they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate communicate with them in a “ straight up ” kind of way. however, for many other cultures a send communication style can be considered natural and insensitive. sometimes evening when two people are trying their best, their different perspectives can lead to misinterpretations .
See people objectively, not personally
alternatively of thinking in terms of, “ I like this about John, but I don ’ t like it when John does this or says that ”, try to de-personalise your feelings and accept people the direction they are. Judging people in terms of our own personal preferences can lead to anger and frustration when they act in ways we don ’ triiodothyronine like. Seeing people objectively, “ John is just John and I don ’ t have to have an opinion about that ”, can make it easier to let things go and accept early people the way they are .
Embrace difference: ask questions
sometimes we avoid people or ways of think that are different to our own. Try taking the opposite approach and ask questions about why person has a different see or way of working. Different personality types can challenge and extend our own ways of remember and working when we focus on the differences being plus, preferably than negative .
Look for the common agenda or goal

Focusing on the common agenda or goal can help unify people when the differences seem besides broad. You may have different views, backgrounds, and communication styles but you are all unite in the workplace with the goal of getting the job done. Try to focus on the task at hand quite than people ’ s individual differences .
Respect yourself and pick your battles
Respecting yourself international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always about taking the hard course and standing your reason. sometimes, it ’ s about knowing how to pick your battles. Letting the small things go, like differences of opinion, means that you can concentrate on getting your work done without taking on any unnecessary stress .
Be flexible with your communication style
Try adapting your communication dash to suit that of the other person. If person has an introverted personality type, make the effort to talk one-on-one, rather than in a group setting. If person is more on the extroverted side, spill the beans with them as a separate of a group and make certain they can share their ideas with others .
Remember that people are full of complexities

It ’ s not just personality types and cultural backgrounds that influence us but besides our moods and emotions. angstrom a lot as we try to separate our work life sentence from our individual life, we all have people and situations outside of exploit that influence our general climate. It can be helpful to remember that you don ’ triiodothyronine know what person else is dealing with internally and that sometimes we all need to be given a bite of allowance .
Take charge of your own wellbeing
When our working environments are broad of so many different types of people it can be helpful to remember that it ’ s not our differences that divide us but how we approach them. You can ’ t control other people, but you can control how you perceive them, how you engage with them and the degree of influence that they have on your own wellbeing .

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