How to Change the Host on Zoom

What to Know

  • Change hosts by clicking the participant’s name and clicking Make Host.
  • It’s possible to add a co-host or change hosting privileges before a meeting, but you must have a paid account.
  • Co-hosts have many hosting privileges, but they cannot make other participants hosts.

This article teaches you how to change the host in a Zoom meet and explains any limitations to the process.

Can I Transfer a Zoom Meeting to Another Host ?

Yes. With all Zoom meetings, it ‘s possible to transfer host controls to a different exploiter. This feature is convenient if the original host must leave before the meet concludes.

There is a watch, though. If the original horde is a dislodge exploiter of Zoom preferably than person with a business account, the meet is limited to 40 minutes. That remains the case even if the new host has a paid version of Zoom and can typically host for an unlimited come of time.

How Do I Change the Host on a Zoom Before Meeting ?

The march is relatively simple if you want to change hosts before a Zoom suffer. here ‘s how to add an alternate host via the meet scheduling cock.

The ability to add alternative hosts is entirely available to paid or licensed Zoom users. Those with free plan accounts can only change hosts while a meeting is afoot. option hosts besides need to be paid users of Zoom .

  1. open Zoom.

  2. Click Meetings.
    Zoom app with Meetings highlighted

  3. Click Edit future to the meet mention.
    Zoom app with Edit next to a meeting highlighted

  4. Click Advanced Options.
    Zoom app with edit meeting open and advanced options highlighted

  5. Enter the electronic mail address of the alternate host you wish to add.
    Zoom app with edit meeting open and email dialog box for adding an alternate host

  6. Click Save.

  7. The extra host is now added to your converge.

Where Is the Host Control in Zoom ?

once a Zoom meeting is afoot, it ‘s reasonably aboveboard to change the host thanks to Zoom ‘s host controls. here ‘s where to look and how to pass command over to another exploiter.

  1. open Zoom.

  2. Begin the meet either by clicking New Meeting or joining via an invite.

  3. Click Participants .
    Zoom app with a meeting in progress and participants highlighted

  4. Find the name of the person you wish to make host.
    Zoom app with a participant highlighted

  5. Hover over the name and click More.
    Zoom app with the More box next to a participant highlighted

  6. Click Make Host.
    Zoom app with Make Host highlighted under a participant's name

  7. Click Change Host.
    Zoom app with Change Host highlighted after a participant has been selected as host

  8. That drug user is nowadays the horde of the Zoom name, and the original host can leave the meeting.

Can You Have Two Hosts on Zoom ?

It ‘s possible to set up a Zoom meeting with two hosts where both of you can manage the administrative side of things. You need to have a paid/licensed zoom plan to do so. The feature is not available for free users of Zoom. hera ‘s how to set it up.

Co-hosts can not end meetings for all participants, make other participants a server, and they can not start alive streaming or start closed caption .

  1. Sign into the Zoom web site.

  2. Click Account Management.
    Zoom website with Account Management highlighted

  3. Click Account Settings.

  4. Click In Meeting (Basic).
    Zoom website with In Meeting (Basic) options highlighted under Account Management

  5. Scroll down and toggle Co-host to on.
    Zoom website with toggle for allowing co-hosts in meetings highlighted

  6. Co-hosts can now be added to your Zoom meetings.

  7. To add them within the meet, follow the instructions for changing host and click Make Co-Host rather of Change Host.


  • Can anyone mute the host on Zoom?

    lone the host or co-host can mute all participants on Zoom. If you are the host and wish to mute yourself during a Zoom suffer, press Mute > Alt+A ( Windows ) or Command+Shift+A ( Mac ). Select Participants, levitate over the host ‘s name and choice Mute to mute a co-host.

    Read more: Integration Rules

  • How do you find your host key on Zoom?

    The host key is a six-digit PIN you use to control a merging. You can find your host key by going to your Zoom Profile page, scrolling down to Host Key, and selecting Show. To customize your host key, blue-ribbon Edit, enter the six digits you want to use and click Save .

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