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The Zoom for Google Calendar addition allows you to schedule and join meetings directly from a Google Calendar event. Using the Google Calendar addition allows you to quickly add a Zoom meet to any event .
Use Zoom for Google Calendar to schedule a bare meet using Zoom. To schedule an advance meet, use the Zoom Scheduler Extension .
Note: Zoom for Google Calendar does not support Zoom Webinar scheduling .
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Scheduling a Meeting

The Zoom for Google Calendar accessory allows you to add a Zoom meeting immediately to your consequence. You can add a Zoom confluence option using Google Calendar on your calculator or using the Google Calendar app on your mobile device ( Android or io ).

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Google Calendar

  1. From Google Calendar (calendar.umn.edu), select a time slot for your meeting.
  2. Enter your meeting details, such as title, location, and guest list.
  3. Click Add rooms, location or conferencing.
  4. Select Zoom Meeting from the Add Conferencing dropdown menu.
    Google calendar event. Add conferencing dropdown selected. Zoom meeting highlighted.
    • Note: If this is your first time using the Zoom Meeting add-on or if you are signed out of the add-on, you will receive a prompt to connect the add-on to your calendar.
      1. Follow the prompts to authorize Zoom for Google Calendar.
      2. Sign in using your University account. You may need to use your Duo device.
      3. Click Sign in with SSO.
        Sign in window with "Sign in with SSO" option highlighted
      4. Click Log in.
  5. Click Save. The Zoom Meeting information adds to your event.
    Zoom meeting details and joining options.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting on your Mobile Device

Note: This option requires the Google Calendar app .

  1. Open the Google Calendar app. 
  2. Tap the plus icon and choose Event.
    Calendar options. Event highlighted.
  3. Enter your meeting details, such as title, location, and guest list.
  4. Tap Add conferencing
    Add conferencing option
  5. Select Zoom Meeting.
  6. Google Calendar adds a Zoom Meeting to your meeting details.
    Sample calendar event with zoom meeting details added on mobile.
  7. Tap Save.

Note: You must authorize Zoom for Google Calendar Add-On on your desktop computer before you can use the schedule feature on your mobile device.

Joining a Scheduled Zoom Meeting

You can join or start a schedule Zoom meeting from your calendar event on Google Calendar or from the Google Calendar app on a mobile device .

Joining from Google Calendar

  1. From Google Calendar (calendar.google.com), click on a scheduled Zoom meeting.
  2. Click Join Zoom Meeting. The Zoom app automatically opens if it is installed on your device.
    • Or, click Joining Instructions to open all of the Zoom details in a new window.
    • Or, hover over a join option and click the Copy icon to copy the information.
      Zoom meeting details event pop-up with included zoom informatioh. Copy link icon highlighted.

Joining on your Mobile Device:

Note: This option requires the Google Calendar app.

  1. From the Google Calendar app, tap on an event that you have added a Zoom meeting to. Google calendar displays the join options.
  2. Tap the zoom.us link to open a browser and join the meeting. The Zoom app automatically opens if it is installed on your device.
    • Or, tap a telephone option to join via a phone call. This option calls the meeting and automatically enters your the meeting ID.

Accessing Your Meeting Settings

You can customize your Zoom meeting settings from the Zoom for Google Calendar accessory .
Note: You can besides entree your Zoom meet settings at any clock by logging into zoom.umn.edu and choosing Settings .

  1. From your Google Calendar, click the Settings menu icon google%20settings%20icon.pngx in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Settings to the right of Zoom.
    Settings link highlighted
  5. Select More Settings to open your Zoom meeting options in a new tab. You may need to sign in to Zoom.
    More Settings link highliighted
  6. Click Settings.
    Zoom browser interface with Setting highlighted in navigation pane
    1. Change your settings using the toggle buttons.
      Zoom settings menu. Toggles highlighted to the right of settings.
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