How to make Zoom the default meeting app in Google Calendar

Google would very, actually like you to start using Google Meet. They added giant Meet buttons in Gmail, and now they ‘re making Meet the default option video conferencing app in Google Calendar. Does this entail you ca n’t use Zoom in Google Calendar anymore ? No—and you can even make it the default if you ‘re a Google Workspace ( once G Suite ) user. But this change is elusive and truly points to how badly Google wants people to use Meet, so get ‘s look at it closely. If you default to Meet besides, you can automate your Google Meet calls. And regardless of which app you use for video conferencing, you can confirm meetings and send video recording conferencing links mechanically .

Google Meet is the Google Calendar default

By default, there ‘s a big Add Google Meet video conferencing release every time you make an appointment in Google Calendar.

Add Google Meet video conferencing button in Google Calendar If you install a third-party conferencing service, such as Zoom, the Google Meet box is replaced by a generic Add video conferencing button with a dropdown .multiple video conferencing options in Google Calendars Google ‘s approaching change replaces this generic button with a Google Meet button. Third-party apps are relegated to a dropdown menu, which you can bring up by clicking an arrow .New Google Meet button in Google Calendar Design choices like this are never accidental. The purpose here is clear : Google is hoping most people will click the button and make a Meet appointee. There ‘s nothing nefarious about this. We think Google Meet is one of the best video conferencing apps on the market, and it has features Zoom does n’t offer. besides, it ‘s Google ‘s own product—of course they ‘re going to promote it. But you might prefer Zoom and want that to be the default app for appointments. Or, if you ‘re the admin of the Google Workplace apparatus for your company, you might want to make it easier for your team to use Zoom alternatively of Meet. here ‘s how to make that happen .

How to add Zoom to Google Calendar

To get started, you ‘ll need to install Zoom ( or any other prefer video conferencing app ) in Google Calendar. Click the plus push button in the Google Calendar sidebar .Google Calendar sidebar The pop fly will offer you all kinds of third-party integrations for Google Calendar—Zoom is normally toward the top.

Install Zoom in Google Calendar Follow the prompts to install. note that, if you ‘re a Google Workplace admin, you can install Zoom for your integral domain. After facility, you should now see a Zoom icon in the Google Calendar sidebar .Zoom button in Google Calendar sidebar Be certain to click that icon and log in to your Zoom account—everyone on your team will have to do this if they want to use the accessory. Zoom will immediately show up as a video conferencing option .Zoom in Google Calendar

Turn off Meet and make Zoom the default in Google Calendar

lack Zoom to be the default video recording conferencing app in Google Calendar ? The entirely means I can find to do this is to disable Meet wholly. There ‘s no way to do that for consumer Google accounts, indeed if you ‘ve got an @ e-mail savoir-faire, you ‘re out of luck. Things are different if you use Google ‘s applications with a work bill. Google Workspace admins can disable Google Meet for the entire organization, meaning any third-party app is installed will become the default. This is the only direction I found to create Zoom meetings in Google Calendar in a individual cluck ( assuming Zoom is the entirely video conferencing app installed ). mind to, then Apps > G Suite > Google Meet. From there, you can turn off Google Meet wholly.

Turn off Google Meet in Google admin Do this, and the Add video conferencing button in Google Calendar will change .Video conferencing in Google Calendar without Meet Add video conferencing immediately creates a Zoom merging in one pawl ( again, assuming Zoom is the only video conferencing app installed ) .Zoom appointment in Google Calendar It would be dainty if this was possible without disabling Meet entirely, but this method acting works, therefore give it a shooting if you ‘re tired of switching from one avail to another depending on who makes the date .

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