Mac Screen Sharing Not Working? 12 Ways to Fix

It ’ second all-important to have your Mac ’ s screen sharing functionality working correctly. You never know when you ’ ll need it. It could be to project your Mac ’ s screen to a irregular proctor or to collaborate with your teammate on a project remotely .
You should be able to share your sieve with another Mac or other devices without issues. however, shield sharing can on the spur of the moment stop working on your Mac, either via screen-sharing apps or video conferencing tools ( Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and so forth ). The tips in this article prove you how to resolve the problem .
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    01 mac screen sharing not working

    Enable the Screen Sharing Service

    You need to have the system-wide Screen Sharing service enabled to view your Mac ’ s display on other devices. open System Preferences, blue-ribbon Sharing and check the Screen Sharing choice.

    02 enable screen sharing mac If your Mac however doesn ’ thyroxine show up on other devices, deselect Screen Sharing and re-enable the feature .

    Disable Remote Management

    macOS has a Remote Management feature that lets you manage your Mac from other devices using the Apple Remote Desktop app. You can not simultaneously enable both “ Screen Sharing ” and “ Remote Management ” on macOS. That ’ sulfur because the Remote Management tool takes manipulate of the Screen Sharing service .
    If you don ’ metric ton use the Apple Remote Desktop app, disable distant management so you can plowshare your MacBook ’ s screen .

    Go to System Preferences > Sharing and deselect Remote Management .
    03 disable remote management mac subsequently, check Screen Sharing and check if you can now access your Mac ’ s screen on other devices .
    04 enable screen sharing mac 2

    Switch to an Administrator Account

    You need administrative entree to use the macOS Screen Sharing service. If you signed in as a Guest drug user, switch to an administrator account. Click the account identify on the Menu Bar ( adjacent to the barrage icon ), select the Administrator history, and enter the account password ( or use allude ID ) to sign in .
    05 switch administrator account mac os If you don ’ thyroxine find your account appoint on the menu cake, go to System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Fast User Switching and check Show in Menu Bar .
    06 dock menu bar settings mac os

    Connect Your Devices to the Same Network

    To share your MacBook ’ s screen with another computer, you must connect both devices to the same net. Check your Mac ’ s connection setting to ensure you ’ re properly connected to the network .

    Extend Display Sleep Timeout

    A screen-sharing session may come to an abrupt end if either of the devices goes to sleep. Keep your Mac and the other device awake and ensure they don ’ triiodothyronine go into sleep mode. You can adjust your Mac ’ south power settings, so it doesn ’ metric ton go to sleep during screen sharing .
    1. Click the battery icon on the menu bar and choose Battery Preferences .
    07 battery preferences mac os Or, go to System Preferences > Battery to access the Battery Preferences page on your MacBook .
    2. By default, macOS turns off your Mac ’ s display after 2 minutes of inactivity. Move the Turn display off after slider to the correct to increase the display timeout duration—maybe 30 minutes or more .
    08 adjust displa timeout mac os 3. Go to the Power Adapter yellow journalism and adjust the display timeout to a lengthier time period .
    09 adjust mac display timeout power adapter If you use a Mac background ( iMac or Mac Pro ), head to System Preferences > Energy Saver to access the Battery Preferences menu .
    Note: Remember always to close your MacBook ’ mho eyelid or put it to sleep when it ’ s not in use. constantly leaving the display on for besides retentive will shorten its battery biography and possibly damage your Mac .

    Enable Screen Recording Access

    The first gear time an app attempts to record or share your Mac ’ south shield, you ’ five hundred get a prompt to grant the app screen recording permission. If you deny the permission ( possibly unintentionally ), screen door sharing won ’ triiodothyronine work with the app on your Mac .
    24 screen sharing recording prompt mac 1. open System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, head to the Privacy pill, and choose Screen Recording on the sidebar .
    10 modify screen recording permission mac os 2. Click the lock icon at the bottom-left corner, enter your Mac ’ south password ( or use touch ID ), and ensure the affect app is selected.

    25 screen recording permission macos If you can ’ metric ton find the app in the box, you probably denied the app access to record your screen .
    3. Click the plus icon to add the app to the number .
    11 grant app screen recording permission macos 4. In the Finder window, go to the Applications folder, select the app to grant screen recording entree, and choose Open. Afterward, launch the app and try sharing your screen door again .
    12 add app screen recording permission macos

    Force Quit and Restart the App

    many times, force-closing an app can fix issues causing the app ’ mho features to freeze or malfunction. If you can ’ metric ton use screen-sharing within an app, force quit the app and try again .
    1. Press Command + Option + Escape to open the “ Force Quit Applications ” window. Or, select the Apple logo on the menu legal profession and choice Force Quit .
    13 launch force quit window mac os 2. Select the debatable app and click the Force Quit push button at the bottomland corner .
    14 force quit app mac os 3. Select Force Quit on the prompt .
    15 force quit app mac 4. Relaunch the app and check if you can now share your Mac ’ s screen without issues .

    Disable or Change Your Firewall’s Settings

    The built-in macOS firewall offers sufficient protection against unwanted trespass. You don ’ t need third-party firewall software. Besides slowing down your Mac, many third-party firewalls can block screen-sharing and file-sharing activities. If you have a firewall installed on your Mac, disable the app or ensure it has license to share your Mac ’ s screen .
    You should besides check the shape of the built-in macOS firewall and ensure the affect app has screen sharing access. Force close the app and follow the steps below .
    1. open System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, go to the Firewall check, click the lock icon at the bottom-left corner and enter your Mac ’ s password or authenticate using Touch ID .
    16 modify security privacy settings macos 2. blue-ribbon Firewall Options .
    17 firewall options macos 3. Make surely you deselect “ Block all incoming connections. ” Afterward, check the Screen Sharing box and set the filmdom sharing app ’ sulfur license to “ Allow incoming connections. ” If the app is blocked from sharing your Mac ’ second screen, click the drop-down clitoris and choose Allow incoming connections .
    18 allow incoming connection screen sharing mac 4. If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find the moved app in the Firewall Options, click the plus icon below the “ Screen Sharing ” box to whitelist the screen-sharing app .
    19 whitelist screen sharing app macos 5. Select the app in the Applications folder and click Add .
    20 whitelist screen sharing app macos 01 6. finally, choose OK to save the firewall permissions .
    21 save firewall options configurations mac os

    Restart Your Mac

    You should power-cycle your Mac if none of the recommendations above resolved Mac screen sharing not working. Click the Apple logo on the menu measure and choose Restart .
    22 restart mac os Be sure to close early apps before restarting your Mac so that you don ’ t lose any cursed job or document .

    Update the App

    Screen sharing may fail to work if the app attempting to record your blind is outdated or buggy. Visit the App Store, the app ’ randomness settings menu, or the developer ’ s web site to check if there ’ s an update available for the app. Install the latest version of the app and try sharing your screen again.

    Update or Upgrade Your Mac

    You besides need to ensure your Mac is up-to-date. Connect your Mac to the internet, go to System Preferences > Software Update and click the Update Now ( or Upgrade Now ) button .
    23 update macos

    Contact Apple Support

    In the rare exemplify that these troubleshooting tips don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate resolve when your Mac screen sharing international relations and security network ’ metric ton working, visit a nearby Genius Bar or Apple-certified technician .

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