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See all How-To Articles In this article, you will learn how to automatically fill a series of dates in Excel & Google Sheets .

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There are several options to automatically create a serial of dates or months in Excel. With your starting date in the first gear cell, you can drag or double-click the fill handle in the bottom right field corner of the cell or use the Fill command in the Ribbon .

Dragging the Fill Handle

The first option is to drag the fill handle from the starting cell. Say you want to fill dates from 1/21/2020 to 1/30/2020 in Column A, starting from cell A1 .
1. First enter 1/21/2020 in the start cell ( A1 ) and position your cursor in the buttocks right field corner of the cell. When you do that, the fill manage appears .

autofill date fill handle drag 1

2. After that, you need to drag the fill handle down depending on how many dates you want to fill ( in this case, 10 ) .

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As you can see, Excel recognizes a date in cellular telephone A1, and automatically fills each cell with the next day, based on the starting date .

Other Date Intervals

If you want to autofill a different date radiation pattern, enter the inaugural date in cell A1 and the second in cell A2. then select both cells and drag the fill handle down to Row 10 .

autofill date fill handle pattern 1

In this case, AutoFill recognizes the design ( every seventh day ) and populates cells with Tuesday dates .

autofill date fill handle pattern 2a

Double-Clicking the Fill Handle

Another option to autofill dates in Excel is to double-click the meet treat. When you do this, Excel populates cells based on the adjacent column ( non-blank column to the left and right from the selected column ) .
For model, in Column A downstairs, you have data through Row 8 and, in Column B, through Row 6. And you want to autofill dates starting from cell C2. In this case, Excel fills dates through C8, because Column A is populated through Row 8. Select C2 and double-click the fill handle in the bottom correct corner .

double click fill handle 1

Excel mechanically recognizes a date in cell C2 and populates consecutive dates through Row 8 .

double click fill handle 2

Autofill Dates Using Fill Command on the Ribbon

The above example could besides be achieved using the Fill command on the Excel Ribbon .
Select the range of cells – including the initial value – where you want dates to be populated ( C2 : C8 ). then, in the Ribbon, go to Home > Fill > Series .

autofill dates fill command 1

In the pop fly screen, leave the nonpayment values, as you need the column filled. The Step value is 1 ( 1 day ) .

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This way, you get the lapp output as with a double-click : Dates 1/17/2021–1/23/2021 are filled in cells C2 : C8.

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Autofill Months Using Fill Handle

As shown in previous examples, Excel can recognize dates and populate consecutive days. additionally, when Excel recognizes a date, it can automatically fill series of weeks, months, or years based on the initial value. If you want to autofill a sealed date of each month based on an initial date, you can use the drag and drop fill cover. For example, you want the 21st of every calendar month in a year to be populated in Column A. Let ’ s starting signal with 1/21/2020 in cell A1 .

then drag the fill handle to Row 12 to populate all 12 months of a year .

autofill months drag 1

similarly, you can autofill month names January–December. Enter January in cell A1 and drag the fill handle down to Row 12 .

autofill months names drag 1

Excel automatically recognizes calendar month names and populate cells accordingly .

autofill months names drag 2b

Autofill Months Using Fill Command on the Ribbon

Like the previous model, we can use the meet command on the decoration to populate a list of months. ( 1 ) Select the range of cells where you want months to be populated ( C2 : C9 ). then, in the Ribbon, ( 2 ) go to Home > Fill > Series .

autofill months fill command series 4a

In the pop fly screen, type Date will be automatically recognized, ( 1 ) blue-ribbon Month under the Date whole, and ( 2 ) pawl OK .

autofill months fill command value 1

This manner, you get the like end product as with a double-click : The 21st of each calendar month is populated in cells A1 : A12 .

autofill months fill command value 2a

Autofill Dates in Google Sheets

The AutoFill functionality is available in Google Sheets, but it has some limitations compared to Excel :
1. There is no Fill command on the Google Sheets Ribbon, so you ’ ll want to use the filling treat .
2. In Google Sheets, if you double-click the fill up handle it fills rows based on the number of rows in the first column to the leave. ( If you ’ re using autofill in the inaugural column, it looks at the first column to the correct. )
Let ’ s use the same exemplar as above. Enter 1/27/2021 in cell C2, then select this cell and the satiate manage appears in the penetrate correctly corner .

google sheets fill handle 1

nowadays double-click the fill handle or drag it down. When you double-click, AutoFill populates through C6, then if you want to fill through row 8, you ’ ll have to drag it down the rest of the means .

google sheets fill handle 2

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