How to transfer your old WhatsApp chats to your new phone

You can back your chats up on Android and io and restore them on your fresh device when you change phones. here ‘s how you do it. Shifting to a new telephone has been made relatively hassle-free but a few things often get left behind in older devices, peculiarly text messages if we forget to back them up.
WhatsApp has a solution to back all messages up so you can carry them to your new phone. Given how popular the message app is and that it ’ s used by about all people, it ’ mho significant to know how to transfer your erstwhile chats to your new device.

WhatsApp chats have not lone significant contacts and information at times, but besides media attachments that might be important for you to carry over to your new device. The easiest way to transfer chats is to back them up on Google Cloud or iCloud and then restore them on your new call .
For Android devices
To transfer old chats to your new phone, you need to open WhatsApp on your old phone and tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen .
– go to Settings and then click on ‘ Chats ’ .
– click on ‘ Chats accompaniment ’ next .
here you can pick whether you want to backup your chats manually or automatically ( hebdomadally, monthly etc ) .
Backing chats up manually will have WhatsApp creating a accompaniment on Google Drive that very moment. The future time you want a backing you will have to do this unharmed thing again. If you choose to do it automatically, WhatsApp will backup your chats weekly or monthly as you have chosen without you having to do anything .
now when you load WhatsApp on your fresh earphone it will prompt you to recover your old chats and media from Google Drive .
It is advisable that you backup the chats on your old phone before you start using WhatsApp on the new earphone. That way you can pick up precisely where you left off .
For iPhones
For iPhones the work of backing up chats on WhatsApp is fair as easy .
– Go to your Apple ID and turn on iCloud if you do not have it on.

– immediately afford WhatsApp and go to Settings .
– cluck on ‘ Chats ’ and then click on ‘ Chat Backup ’. here besides you can pick between manually backing it up or automatically letting it happen weekly or monthly. You besides get an option to include or exclude videos in this case .
nowadays when you get WhatsApp on your raw device, you will be prompted to restore old chats from the iCloud .
Important note – If you are moving from io to Android or vice versa, you will not be able to restore your erstwhile chats on the new device since io won ’ thyroxine restore it from Google Drive and Android doesn ’ t have entree to the iCloud .

What do you do if you don’t want to save chats on the cloud?
If you do not want to save your chats on Google Drive, there is another option to backup chats and restore them .
– Connect your phone to your laptop/PC with a USB cable .
– plump to the WhatsApp database in the home memory on your device .
– search for accompaniment files that display saved date .
– copy these files to your system.

– When you get WhatsApp on your newfangled telephone, copy the recover file to your newfangled smartphone ’ randomness databases folder. If there is no such folder, you can just make one .
– nowadays you can open the WhatsApp app on your call, and it will show a presentment that states that a message backup has been found .
– wiretap on ‘ restore ’ .

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