A Step-By-Step Guide for Transferring Your Stickers From WhatsApp to Telegram

due to the changes made by WhatsApp in its privacy policies and the doubts of users regarding what data it will actually share with Facebook, many people have chosen to download and try other messaging applications such as Telegram. In this context, many are looking for options to have some WhatsApp functions on Telegram. Although in both you can share stickers.How to continue using your favorite WhatsApp stickers on Telegram ?

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next, we present a procedure tested by our team to achieve having your favorite images in a Telegram gummed label pack. It is important to mention that this method only works on phones with Android operating system .

1. Go to the “ Files ” of your earphone, front for inner memory .
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2. Find the WhatsApp folder, open it and click on “ Media ”. Later, go to “ WhatsApp Stickers ”, there you will find all the stickers that you have used in the application .
3. Copy the “ WhatsApp Sticker ” folder, go back to inner memory and create a newly folder .
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4. Enter the new booklet and hit it. All the WhatsApp stamps that you just copied will be pasted there .
5. Go to the folder you just copied, find the stickers you want to transfer, change the list and extension to PNG. For example : Sad Puppy.png
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6. Go to Telegram, find the verify “ Stickers ” bot and chink “ startle ” or “ restart ”, in encase you have already used it before.

7. multiple options will appear, click on “ create a modern poser pack ”, it will ask you to name it, merely reply to the message .
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8. It will send you a message with instructions, go to the clip > File > Internal storage > enter the folder you created in the former steps and choose the stickers you renamed and send them .
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9. Follow the instructions and hit “ publish ” when you ‘re ready. then click on “ skip ” and it will ask you to choose a name for your modern pack, if it is already interfering it will keep asking you for one until it finds one available .
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Image: Entrepreneur in Spanish.
10. Once the name is chosen, chatter on the connect they share with you and add your stickers. cook ! You can now use it with your friends .
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Image: Entrepreneur in Spanish.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Transferring Your Stickers From WhatsApp to Telegram
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