Here’s Why You’re Having Trouble Blurring Your Zoom Background

A calendar month after Zoom launched its much-request blurred background feature on Feb. 1, some users are placid reporting difficulties with taking their IRL backdrop out of focus. If you ‘ve had problems getting it to work, you might be wondering : Why ca n’t I blur my Zoom background — and is it a simple cook ? here ‘s a checklist that might explain where you ‘re having problems. ICYMI, Zoom launched the ability to just blur everything in the background of your screen with the tap of a release, which can save you the time of trying to upload an prototype to hide your IRL background. here ‘s what you should do to get started using the ace handy feature .

Where To Find The Blur Background On Zoom

First things first, you want to make indisputable you ‘re looking for it in the right put on your laptop ‘s Zoom Client. To find the film over option, you ‘ll want to open Zoom and tap the Settings icon located at the top right corner. From there, a sidebar will pop up on the leave with the option to go to “ Backgrounds and Filters. ” Once you select that, you ‘ll see all your “ virtual Backgrounds ” with a film over picture showing up second. Tap it to activate a confuse effect on your background .

How To Update Zoom To Get The Blur Background

If you ‘re not seeing a film over choice, you ‘ll need to make sure your calculator organization is up to date and supports the update. The blur feature is part of Zoom ‘s latest customer adaptation, meaning you need to download at least Zoom Client version 5.5.0 on your personal computer or Mac calculator. To check to see if you need to update, you ‘ll want to tap on your profile movie located at the top right corner of your Zoom Desktop Client, then scroll down and tap where it says “ Check For Updates. ”

If you ‘ve downloaded the most recent update and it ‘s inactive not working, restart your computer and open Zoom again to see if it shows up.

Here are a few things to check if you can't blur your Zoom background. Zoom

Check If Your Computer Meets Zoom’s Blur Background Requirements

unfortunately, if none of the above steps work, it might be because your calculator does n’t meet the Client and processor requirements. The ability to use a virtual background without a green screen — and to use the blur feature of speech — requires unlike supported processors for macOS and Windows. You can find them all on the Zoom help oneself page for virtual background requirements. One slowly way to check if your calculator ‘s CPU is eminent enough is to head to “ Backgrounds and Filters ” and uncheck the box that says “ I have a green screen ” under “ virtual Backgrounds. ” following, hover over your queue of virtual backgrounds. If you get an error message that says that you need a green screen to support virtual backgrounds, your calculator does n’t support the film over background feature of speech. unfortunately, Zoom has n’t said whether it plans to extend its native blur sport to older calculator models in the future, but you might need to go the old-school path of using a third-party app to get the blur effect if none of these fixes work .

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