How to Change Administrator & User Password on Windows Server 2012

How to Change Administrator & User Password on Windows Server 2012

To secure our data on waiter computer, we normally set up administrator and user password on Windows server 2012 ( R2 ). The benefit is it can prevent others from visiting without any license. But there are some reasons that you may need to change administrator or user password on Windows Server 2012 (R2). For exercise, your passwords are known to multiple people or lost after a hanker period of inaction .
It will get you very frustrating. fortunately, there are several bare ways to help you address the issue .
change windows server 2012 admin user password

Windows Server 2012 Change Administrator & User Password after Login

Changing Windows Server passwords regularly that is a full habit for us to guarantee data safe. furthermore, we have to back up password to another place in casing forget it. here are three ways provided for you :

Change Windows Server 2012 admin & user account via Control Panel

Step 1: Open Control Panel, click on Change account type .
change account type
Step 2: Choose the admin or user report you would like to change .
choose user account
Step 3: Click on Change the password.
change the password
Step 4: Input your current password and re-type new password. After that, set up a password hint for it. then click on the Change password push button to restart your computer .
change administrator password

Change Windows Server 2012 admin & user account via Computer Management

Step 1: Press Windows + X and cluck on Computer Management from the menu .
computer management
Step 2: In the Computer Manager window, navigate to System Tool > Local Users and Groups > Users. then you can find your prey administrator or exploiter explanation in the right paneling. then you can simply right-click on it and select the Set Password .
set password
In the popup dialogue, type your new password to change Windows Server login password. After that, do n’t forget to restart your machine.

Change Windows Server 2012 admin & user account Password via Command Prompt

Compared with the two methods above, change Windows Server password with Command Prompt is easier that only one dominate line need to run .
To get started, you need to press Windows + X to open the world power user menu and choose Command Prompt (Admin) .
command prompt admin
In the new popup windows, input the adopt command cable and hit Enter identify .
net user [username] [password]
When it shows “ The command completed successfully “, it means you can log into Windows Server 2012 with new password .
change password windows server 2012 cmd

Windows Server 2012 Change Password without Login

once you forgot Windows Server 2012 password, you ca n’t be able to access the desktop as common. In this position, I will particularly recommend iSunshare Windows Password Genius to you. It is therefore friendly to users specially for who is newfangled to calculator. Up to now, this software supports Windows, Mac, and Android version. What ‘s more, Windows Password Genius is sol condom that it wo n’t cause any data loss to your engage arrangement vitamin a well .
Tips: If you want to unlock Windows Server without software, please view how to reset password Windows Server 2012 with installation disk or WinPE drive .
Step 1: Launch iSunshare Windows Password Genius on a Windows computer, Mac, or an Android earphone. then connect your machine with USB drive or DVD/CD to burn a reset disk right away .
Step 2: Insert the readjust harrow into the locked computer. Power on this personal computer and repeatedly press hotkey while the logo pops up on the screen door. In the BIOS settings window, set the reset harrow as the first boot option. last, weigh the F10 identify on the keyboard and die .
advanced reset password
Step 3: In the pop-up book window, select a Windows and exploiter and chatter on Reset Password release. When you do n’t want to use the old account, you can click on Add User button to create a new account for the adjacent fourth dimension login.

advanced reset password

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