How to Cheat in Online Exams: Proctored Exam, Tests or Quiz

When it comes to conducting on-line exams, most educational institutions are faced with the trouble of cheat by students. This has become a tax publish specially with the function of proctor software or apps like Zoom or Google Meet to handle on-line exams .
While proctoring is used, there are loopholes that students exploit. We do not advocate or encourage cheat, and this post is for informational purposes. If you are wondering how to cheat in on-line tests, you will be amazed at how hard it can get .
While we do not, encourage, students have discovered how easy it is to cheat in on-line exams, tests, and quizzes with the right data. While it is hard to cheat invigilate exams, we will examine the options students use .
Based on our 9-year experience in Homework aid services, we have noted a phone number of ways that students use to bypass the systems. The follow sections explore the diverse ways students cheat on on-line tests.

In the first gear section, we explain how to cheat on a non-proctored on-line examination. The second section explored how to do it if an examination is proctored. The third base explores the options to cheat in multiple-choice exams .
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How to Cheat in an Online Exam

As we have noted above, universities and colleges are now embracing on-line courses and students have taken this as an opportunity to cheat during on-line tests. Most students search on how to cheat in on-line exams at home, even if it is not possible sometimes .
How to Cheat in any online tests This is because the students take those tests while at their distant locations and it is unmanageable for the institutions of higher learning to monitor the activities of their on-line students .
even though some colleges and universities are devising new methods of combating cheating on on-line tests, students have come up with clever ways to cheat during on-line tests .
Let us explore some of the most common ways students do it .

1. Sending Screenshots to an Expert

This is basically send questions to an answer service. This is the most coarse and possibly the safest way students cheat on their exams, particularly if they not proctored .
What students do is simply get an expert from an try writing serve, provide them with the necessary information and the naturally materials to study. This is possible when the examination is shared on apps like Zoom or Google meet among others .
That basically gives him or her a undertaking to study the entire path, and understand it as if he/she was a student in the class. then after that, students send questions by taking screenshots of the questions to the hired technical .
In fact, there are some situations when students build entrust to the extent that some students send college login information to have others log in and do their exams for them. This is very hazardous, and alone a careless scholar can in truth do that .

2. Screen Sharing or Mirroring to cheat

screen mirroring/sharing is a way in which students can utilize more than one monitor while working, in this case, while doing an on-line test. Since on-line courses allow many students to take one test from multiple remote control locations, such candidates have the exemption to utilize several monitors .
In such a scenario, some students use one monitor to access the examination questions while the other monitor ( south ) mirror the contents of the main monitor. This allows the scholar ’ s friend to access the test questions simultaneously and come up with answers .
The issue of screen mirroring/sharing has been known to be one of the myriads of ways students cheat during on-line tests. It is easy and effective because it all happens simultaneously. The student or candidate is perceived to be online at their shape station .
however, another person who is more knowing concerning the test is taking the test on their behalf. Because of how rampant this shape of cheating in on-line tests has become, institutions have come up with some solutions .
One of how institutions of higher teach have tried to combat screen mirroring/sharing is by utilizing procure world wide web browsers while conducting on-line tests .
however, secure browsers can prevent a student from going outside the examination environment. This is achieved by denying them access to display settings that enable students to mirror or partake their screen door ’ sulfur capacity with other monitors .
Another method that can be used to prevent this form of on-line test cheating is by using proctoring software. This software allows screen mirroring with the bouncy proctor and consequently enabling the on-line examiners to monitor any activity that is taking place on the monitors of their candidates .
Though this is the sheath, screen mirroring/sharing continues to be one of the methods used to cheat during on-line tests .

3. Cheating with Technological Devices

In today ’ second world, engineering is developing at a very fast pace. New gadgets and devices are being developed and released to the public continuously. such technologies have enabled humans to achieve things that were otherwise unachievable a few years ago .
In recent times, devices like Smartphones have enabled students to cheat during on-line exams. According to some companies that conduct on-line examinations such as Prometric, some students are using bantam and undetectable Bluetooth devices during on-line exams .
besides, smartphones are besides used by students to cheat. Today, some advanced scientific calculators are programmable. Students can store data and formulas and use them during on-line exams to help them score highly .
On the other hand, candidates have besides admitted the accusation to be true. While most candidates will prefer using high-tech devices to cheat during on-line exams, others will opt to use the more traditional methods such as writing on their palms or using chess sheets .

The cheat side of Tech and Gadgets

hera, we are not arguing against emerging technologies. Technologies are good because they help homo life to be better and comfortable. however, engineering can be used for both dear and bad reasons .
Using technological devices to cheat during on-line tests is applying engineering in a badly way. Institutions of higher memorize are trying to combat this form of cheating during on-line tests .
One of the most effective methods that can be used to combat cheating during on-line tests using technical devices is applying car proctoring together with hot invigilate .
This helps prevent candidates from cheating during on-line tests because record test-takers ’ oral sex, keystroke, and eye movements while they are taking their exams online .
It is besides potential for proctoring technologies to record sound recording during on-line exams. It is possible to differentiate between the voice of the test taker and other emerging voices that can help the student deceiver during on-line tests .

4. Impersonation or Using a Friend

Since students take their on-line tests remotely, they can well recruit another person who is more knowledgeable to take the tests on their behalf .
In such a situation, the candidate will equitable recruit another person and they are good to go. Online ID authentication such as face ID and biometrics can be used to prevent caricature .

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How to Cheat on an Online Proctored Exam

now that we have discussed the most common methods used by students to cheat during on-line tests, many students have noticed that proctoring technologies are used to combat respective forms of on-line cheat, specially when the exams are done from home .
How to cheat online proctored exam respective institutions of higher eruditeness are using invigilate exams to prevent candidates from cheating .
however, no technology is foolproof. Students can still cheat during an on-line proctored examination .
Below are some of the technical and non-technical ways candidates can cheat during an on-line proctored examination .

1. Intercepting Video Feeds

This is one of the technical methods of cheating during an on-line proctored examination. It involves keeping software between the invigilate software and the webcam of your calculator .
During invigilate exams, the invigilate software relies on the webcam to monitor the candidate ’ mho actions and activities that may signal cheating during an on-line examination .
When the invigilate software attempts to pull a exist feed from the candidate ’ south webcam, the software intercepts it and provides a prerecorded feed from a “ virtual ” webcam. Software like can be used for this determination.

This is an effective technical method because candidates can prerecord themselves taking the actual test and use a software like ManyCam to fool the invigilate software. Students can record themselves browsing the internet and doing what is considered acceptable while partaking an on-line examination .
see that no one is else is within the prerecord skeletal system. After recording the footage, they send it as their default option video feed. After doing this, they can cheat however want while doing an on-line examination .

2. Using External Projector

The idea of using an external projector is a variation of using multiple monitors to mirror your independent monitor. In this case, the candidate will ensure that the projected images face away from the webcam .
Those images should be lone visible to you and your knowing friends who are located on the other side of the room. The images projected should prompt a discussion or inquiry by your friends and in the process sign you an answer simultaneously .
however, candidates should avoid any unnecessary movements that can arouse suspicion during the on-line test. If more than one candidate is using the same computer to take their on-line examination, ensure that there are no digital leftovers such as browser cookies or using the lapp IP addresses .

3. Using a Virtual Machine

This is a very technical set about in which a campaigner can run two operating systems at the lapp prison term within the lapp computer. In such a scenario, one OS runs the computer while the other OS can be minimized equitable like a computer course of study .
here, your calculator will behave like two computes and a knowing ally can sit in the opposite direction and take the test for you. The webcam will be run by the independent OS while the test run by the OS in the background .
You should not worry if you have never heard of. It is something that is technical and it will require you to learn how it works and its applications. These are used by students who cheat on lockdown browsers during assessments and tests .

4. Other Non-technical Approaches to cheat

Those approaches include using an actual casebook or a smaller laptop. Since the invigilate software uses the webcam to monitor your eye and headway movements, you can place a textbook or a smaller laptop on the main laptop and use them to search for answers .
This is because the small laptop or casebook will be below the plane of view from the webcam ’ randomness perspective. Candidates can besides use sunglasses to cover their eye movements .
Though we have discussed the assorted ways of cheating during an on-line proctored examination, you should try to uphold academic honesty. Cheating in an examination is not dependable .

How to Cheat on Online Multiple-Choice Quizzes

Most of the exams that are given to students during on-line tests are normally multiple-choice tests. This is because they take lesser time than open-ended questions or tests requiring students to come up with essays in reaction to questions
In such a case, there are respective ways in which students can cheat on on-line multiple-choice tests without getting caught. They can even do this during an on-line proctored examination. The play along are some of the ways students can achieve this .

1. Using an external projector

As we have noted, examiners use proctor software to monitor candidates ’ activities that may signal cheat on in an examination. They achieve this by utilizing a calculator ’ sulfur webcam .
Proctor software, on the other pass, can easily detect the activities of your screen such as screen door mirroring. This is the reason why candidates should opt using an external projector to mirror their chief monitor to a supporter who can help them cheat .
The visualize effigy should face away from the webcam while the campaigner can see his helping friend. Once the questions are mirrored by the external projector, the acquaintance can signal the answer to the candidate .
Since it is a multiple-choice examination, the friend can write on a placard whether the answer is “ A ”, “ B ”, “ C ” or “ D ” and covertly showing you the answers for you to fill in .

2. Using a Virtual Machine

This applies specifically to proctored exams where the software is focusing on the activities of your webcam and web browser on your server operate system .
Since the software focuses on your host OS, you can use the parallel OS to google all the answers and select the right answers in from the multiple-choices .
however, using this method acting or even attempting to use it requires that you have the technical cognition of running a host and latitude function system simultaneously .

3. Hacking the correct answers

This is a very technical method of cheating on an on-line multiple-choice examination. Before we proceed, it should be noted that this method does not constantly work in all scenarios .
Cheat online multiple choice exam again, proctoring software can detect your screen ’ randomness activities if you have not fooled the webcam by sending prerecord footage of you doing the examination .
Hacking the correct answers will require the campaigner to highlight the multiple-choice answers and run it through an on-line code software. The software will detect multiple-choice options in terms of codes .
The right answer will contain ones ( 1s ) and zeros ( 0s ) while the rest will contain other coding text .
After detecting the right answer in the tease format, go back to the actual web page containing the multiple-choice options, and select the decline answer .
As we have noted, this requires technical foul knowhow. other methods that can be used to cheat on on-line multiple-choice exams .
They include using writers from writing websites who are fast enough to inquiry the discipline answer and send it to you simultaneously and using another person to take the examination for you .

4. Searching for the Answers Online

This is a very useful and powerful way to cheat on your multiple-choice questions. The serve is childlike. Just copy the integral question and paste it into the Google search cake, and check the results of the search .
If students are lucky, there will be an answer on the many websites that post answers to questions on-line. A web site like Quizlet, Chegg, Brainy and Course Hero do post thousands if not millions of answers online .
And in most cases, your questions may be posted on these sites. If not, students may get a web site that discusses the exact issue one is being asked on the multiple-choice question. That room, a student can read and get the answer .
The only challenge with this method acting is that it consumes a lot of time, and students try to be very quick. besides, some exams block copy or even highlighting. In that event, students try to bypass the limit by manually typing the question into Google Search .
however, this takes even more time. To reduce the time, some students tend to use test banks to cheat by getting the answers and posting them as theirs .


In conclusion, the aforementioned methods help students to cheat on on-line exams worldwide. While invigilate software is used to protect against on-line cheat during exams, different ways can be used .
But this is bad and we discourage it. Read our usher about Blackboard detecting cheat and the tools most universities use to prevent cheat and manage on-line exams .
very few educational institutions are using Zoom or Google Meet to do exams. Others use proctor to detect cheat, which works pretty well. This is because cheating in Zoom examination is easy as there is no invigilate .
Though this article focuses on how to cheat on on-line tests, it should be noted that cheating in any type of examination is academic misbehave and is a punishable crime. Students should practice academic honesty .
Online learning has become mainstream and more colleges and universities are embracing it .
Thousands of students are now enrolled in one or more on-line courses, and the demand for on-line judgment is on the rise.

The addition is besides because institutions of higher eruditeness are trying to serve the increasing number of students and on-line courses help serve more students .
watch to learn more about this .
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