9Mobile Data Balance | How to Check Data Balance on 9Mobile

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 It is a fact that many people either don’t know how to check their 9Mobile data balance or have completely forgotten how to check. Are you among such people? If yes, then you need not worry again. This article aims at showing the different ways you can check your 9Mobile data balance, read through carefully. 

9Mobile Data Balance | How to Check Data Balance on 9Mobile
There are different ways of checking data symmetry on 9mobile. You can check data balance on your android phones and early device either through SMS, on-line, or via USSD. This article will give you data on how to check your data balance on 9mobile .
Telecom network provider Etisalat was recently rebranded to 9mobile. This change only affected the trade name ’ s mention as 9mobile still retained the USSD codes that worked before the variety. however, many subscribers still do not know how to check data balance on the network .
With the number of networks today in Nigeria, and the fact most customers carry multiple SIM cards, it ’ s quite comfortable to forget how to check your 9mobile data balance or any network for that topic .

About 9Mobile Nigeria

9Mobile is the new name for Etisalat Nigeria which was in a serious debt crisis of about $ 1.2 billion and had to be sold to Teleology Holdings in early 2019 as the caller had entirely managed to pay 42 % of the loanword. The newly list was chosen based on the 0909ja sword Etisalat build and the development of the net over the period of 9 years, Mr Boye Olusanya was appointed as the modern CEO and Mr Joseph Nnanna was appointed the Chairman of the circuit board .
The company besides changed its colours and states that the new colours defend plangency, vigor, and life .

9Mobile Data Balance Via Mobile App

If you are a smartphone owner, you will appreciate the 9mobile app a lot. It will let you not only know your 9mobile balance but besides change subscription plans and receive a fortune of useful information .
The application is available on Google Play Store if your telephone is powered by Android and on iTunes if you own an Apple device. Download it as you normally download applications and install them .
then, you will need to register in the system with the help of your call number. When done, the lotion will show you your history and all the necessary information about your subscription plan, available airtime, and data .
The application besides allows you to replenish your remainder with the avail of either airtime or your MasterCard. You will find guidelines in the app .

9mobile Data Balance via USSD Code

This method acting works on all devices that support access to the internet, the shortcode is very authentic and easy to use.

  • To check your 9mobile data balance simply dial *228#.

once done, your data libra vitamin a good as the termination date of your data subscription will be displayed on your earphone ’ s screen .

9Mobile Balance Via Customer Service

The final examination way to find out everything you want to know about your balance, subscription plan, and bonuses is to call customer support. You can resort to this method if all the others fail or if you have questions .
The total to dial is 200 for all phones. When connected, equitable follow the instructions you will hear .

9Mobile Data Balance via SMS

This method is besides easily to use and works on all devices that support access to the internet. To check the 9mobile data balance via SMS plainly dial transport INFO to 228 .
After sending, you will then receive an SMS prove you your data counterweight and termination date. The above information is for checking the data proportion on 9mobile. The shortcodes can not be used to check data bonuses on the 9mobile duty plan .
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