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Do you need the flying solution to checking your eBay endow card poise ? We ’ ve got the steps laid out for you below, equally well as a agile link to the eBay give tease libra checker .


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To check the balance of a previously used eBay gift card:

  1. Go to
    eBay website in browser
  2. Sign in to your account (or this process will not work).
    eBay sign in screen
  3. Click Gift Cards in the permanent menu at the top of the screen.
    eBay Gift Cards menu
  4. Click Check Your Balance on the left menu.
    eBay Check Balance button for gift cards
  5. Enter your 13-digit eBay gift card number and click Check Balance.
    Gift card number redemption screen
  6. Your balance will appear on the screen.

The quick eBay gift card balance checker

If you want to check your balance quickly, and you aren ’ t already on the web site, you can use the proportion checker at

eBay gift card balance checker
If you checked your balance and it turns out you ’ rhenium empty, you can purchase another eBay digital endowment card, or get a endow tease by mail .

Notes for using your eBay gift card

1. There are restrictions on the use of your gift card(s).

You can not use your poster to buy other endowment cards, give cards from third parties, endow certificates, coupons, or any kind of currentness including coins, paper money, or virtual currency available on eBay. You besides can ’ triiodothyronine use it to purchase cherished metals such as gold and eloquent in the kind of ingots, bars, or coins .

2. You cannot use a gift card as a guest on eBay, you must have an account.

To use a gift wag, you can not checkout as a node. You have you sign up for an account in order to apply your gift card at the checkout, and we can show you how hera in our rid tutorial on how to create an eBay account .

3. Gift cards are linked to PayPal, and you must have a PayPal account to use them.

This is due to sellers being able to accept your giving card as payment for the items you purchased, and how they are refunded. You can besides check out this aid article from PayPal to help you with your give batting order purchases.

4. You can get your money back if you return an item you bought with a gift card.

If you return an item on eBay, you will be refunded the full of your order, even if you used a give tease. The refund however, will be applied back to the lapp give menu, so you must use the money to purchase items listed by sellers on eBay .

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