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connectivity is very vital for any desktop calculator, particularly in an position specify. While you can use a wired connection for a stationary personal computer, a Wi-Fi connection is more convenient .
however, to connect to a Wi-Fi, your background calculator should have a Wi-Fi arranger. This template will show you how to check if your personal computer supports Wi-Fi and how to painlessly set it up .

Do Desktop Computers Have Wifi?

Yes, most desktop computers have WiFi. However, some older models do not have WiFi adapters, which means they do not support this kind of connectivity. To connect a desktop computer to a wireless connection, you can either use a USB WiFi adapter, install a dedicated WiFi card, or buy a motherboard with inbuilt WiFi support.
Before we can go through each of these options, let ’ s inaugural see how you can check if your background computer supports WiFi.

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How to Check if Your PC Supports WiFi

Follow the steps below to check if your background computer supports WiFi connectivity .

  1. Click Start and choose the Control Panel option
  2. Click on Network and Internet and choose Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click Change Adapter Settings
  4. If you see Wireless Network Connection under available connections, it means that the computer supports WiFi connections.

In case Wireless Network Connection is not listed, there is another way to check if the personal computer is WiFi-compatible .

  1. Go back to the Control Panel and then Click Hardware and Sound
  2. Under Devices and Printers, click on Device Manager
  3. Double click on Network Adapters
  4. If you find an adapter with the name WLAN, Wireless, or WiFi, it means the computer supports wireless connectivity
  5. However, if only the local area network or Ethernet is listed, the computer does not support WiFi

If your calculator does not support WiFi, read ahead to discover the different ways you can connect it .

How to Connect a Desktop Computer to WiFi

There are three common ways to make a background calculator WiFi-compatible. These include :
A white iMac desktop with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and an opened book with a mobile phone beside it

  • Using USB WiFi adapters
  • Using PCIe WiFi adapters
  • Buying a WiFi-enabled motherboard

Using USB wifi adapters

This is the simple way to connect your desktop calculator to WiFi. All you have to do is plug the USB into the computer and possibly install some drivers. a long as the USB adapter does not get rejected or is not recognized by the OS, you can plug it into any functional USB port and your computer will be ready for radio connections .
While this is the simple way to set up WiFi in your background computer, it comes with a fortune of downsides. For exemplify, when the computer goes into rest mode, it will mechanically disconnect and go offline. To prevent this, you might have to tweak some Windows settings or even get into the motherboard ’ s BIOS to find a solution.

alternatively, you can wholly disable rest modality and have your computer up and running all the time. Although this is not the worst theme, it is not much recommended. There is besides the possibility of buying a bogus USB adapter specially if you are shopping on-line .
check to see that it has speeds that your router can support. You should besides shy away from cheap USB WiFi adapters if you are looking for uncompromised connectivity .
otherwise, you by and large depend on WiFi connections, we recommend you invest in a PCIe arranger .

Using  PCIe WiFi Adapters

If you are looking for stable connections, we would recommend PCIe over USB WiFi adapters. Based on our feel, we find that PCIe WiFi adapters parallel built-in WiFi chips in terms of connectivity. They can connect over long distances and keep you online even when the system goes into sleep mode .
Woman looking at her keyboard while using her desktop at her office PCIe WiFi adapters have a few minor compromises which can be ignored if you are not looking for a perfect connection. First, they are more expensive than USB adapters and might not be a beneficial option for people on a budget .
second, you need to install them into the organization before you can start using them. While this might not be a trouble for person who has done it before, newbies might have problems.

You might besides not have a slot to install the PCIe arranger if your motherboard comes with a little form factor or you have installed excessively many hardware into available slots. If this is the case and you can not do without any of the hardware, you will have to consider using the less appeal USB adapter .

Using a WiFi-enabled Motherboard

The best choice if you know you can ’ t do without WiFi is to future-proof your background computer by getting a motherboard with built-in WiFi capabilities. This is the best path to take if you don ’ thyroxine want the many compromises of USB adapters or don ’ t have adequate distance to install a PCIe arranger .


Adding WiFi to your background calculator is not rocket science. adenine long as you have a modern exemplary that supports radio connectivity, you will be up and running in no time. The most common ways to set up WiFi in your calculator include using a USB WiFi arranger, installing a PCI Express slot, or buying a motherboard with built-in WiFi capabilities .

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