How to See Old Notifications on iPhone

What to Know

  • Swipe up on your iPhone’s lock screen to pull up the Notification Center.
  • You can also reveal the Notification Center when your iPhone is unlocked by swiping down from the top-left corner of the screen.
  • There is no way to recall deleted notifications.

This article explains how to find and interact with older notifications on your iPhone .

How Do I See past Notifications on iPhone ?

Notifications that have recently popped up on your iPhone ’ sulfur lock screen should remain visible for some clock time. however, finally, they will disappear or be replaced by more recent ones. If you happen to miss any notifications, recalling them is elementary.

Attempting to view older ( but still active ) notifications on your iPhone ’ mho lock screen uses the same steps careless of whether you allow notifications to display on a interlock iPhone .

  1. If your iPhone ’ s screen is turned off, turn it on by tapping it or, depending on which iPhone you have, pressing either the Power or Home clitoris.

  2. Swipe Down on your iPhone ’ second engage screen to pull up a tilt of notifications. If there are no notifications to pull up, you ’ ll see No Older Notifications appear alternatively.
    If your iPhone unlock cursorily via Face ID, you can swipe down from just off the top of the filmdom to pull up notifications, excessively .
  3. Depending on the total of pending notifications, you may see all of them or they may be organized into groups based on the app they originated from.
    iPhone lock screen showing the Notification center

  4. Tap on a telling, such as a textbook, to pull up the Open clitoris.

  5. Tap Open to open the get in touch app. If your iPhone is locked you will need to unlock it with Face ID, TouchID, or your password in order to continue.

  6. Swipe Left on a presentment ( or group of notifications ) to pull up the Options and Clear/Clear All buttons.

  7. Tap Options to pull up a belittled menu to you adjust presentment settings for the app the telling originated from. If desired, you can use the menu to mute notifications for the app or turn notifications off for the app entirely.
    iPhone Notification screen with Open, Options, Clear All highlighted and swipe left indicated

  8. Tap Clear or Clear All ( depending on if there ‘s one or several notifications in one class ) to delete notifications from an organized group. This will remove existing notifications from your lock screen until new ones appear but will not affect anything from within the app itself. It will besides not affect notifications badges that might appear on the app ’ randomness icon.

  9. If you want to delete all current notifications at once, tap X ( following to Notification Center ), then tap Clear All Notifications. As with Clear All, this will remove existing notifications from your iPhone ’ s lock sieve.
    iPhone Notifications with Clear, X, and Clear all Notifications highlighted

  10. To view notifications when your phone is not on the lock screen, Swipe Down from the top-left corner of the filmdom. This will reveal your iPhone ’ south lock screen ( though it won ’ t actually lock your phone ).

  11. The ( unlock ) lock blind will display any available notifications, which will be organized by app.

  12. If there are no notifications to view, the screen will display No Older Notifications rather.
    Swipe down on screen indicated and No Older Notifications highlighted

  13. You can interact with any available notifications in the same way as above.

How Do I See Deleted Notifications ?

unfortunately, there is no room to view notifications once you ‘ve deleted them. If you delete, clear, or open one, it will no retentive appear on your iPhone ‘s lock filmdom, and there ‘s no way to retrieve it.

If, however, the notifications have not been deleted and alternatively ca n’t be seen when you first turn on your iPhone ‘s sieve, you should be able to view them by following the same steps as above .


  • How do I turn off notifications on an iPhone?

    To turn off notifications on an iPhone, open the Settings app and wiretap Notifications. Tap any app you want to disable notifications for, and then toggle off Allow Notifications. To temporarily disable notifications, put your iPhone in Do not Disturb mode .

  • Why am I not getting text notifications on my iPhone?

    If you aren ’ thyroxine getting notifications about text on your iPhone, check your presentment permissions. overt Settings and wiretap Notifications, then scroll down and tapdance Messages. see that Allow Notifications is toggled on ( green ).

  • How do I turn on Instagram notifications on my iPhone?

    You ‘ll enable Instagram notifications via Settings. exposed settings, tap Notifications and then tap Instagram. Toggle on Allow Notifications .

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