Fast Troubleshooting for Windows Time Service (w32time) Synchronization

Fast Troubleshooting for Windows Time Service (w32time) Synchronization

hawaii ! You have landed here most probably while searching for solution to your NTP synchronization problem, correct ? For your comfort, this page is excellent to start with. We ‘ve provided a list of the most common causes of NTP time synchronize troubles. Check which one applies yours and follow the proposed steps to make prison term service successful. We hope you will find these guidelines helpful !

Firewall or port filter blocking NTP packages

One reason for NTP synchronization problems may be a firewall or port filter that is blocking the ports the programs use to communicate ( by default UDP port 123 ). For exemplar in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel – > Windows Firewall- > Advanced settings. If the firewall is on, one has to enable Inbound and Outbound Rules for “ specific local ports ” in our case UDP, port 123. For details of Windows firewall port settings, click on Figure 1,2 and 3.
Windows 8 Firewall settings.

Figure 1: Windows 8 Firewall, Advanced Settings.

Inbound firewall port rule.

Figure 2: Configuring the Inbound port rule in Windows 8.

Outbound firewall port rule.

Figure 3: Configuring the Outbound port rule in Windows 8.

Some w32time versions are unable to query time from NTP servers

particularly those coming with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, may be ( by default ) unable to query the time from some NTP servers. Depending on the type of the Windows PC ( e.g. standalone server or domain restrainer ), NTP servers may not respond to the type of queries sent by w32time. w32time sends namely symmetric active alternatively of client mood packets to a NTP server. This problem has not been observed with the w32time version which has been shipped with Windows 2000, only with belated versions. Using some commands in a instruction line windowpane, the behavior of w32time can be changed therefore that w32time sends the correct “ customer ” modality request packets. The changes are saved permanently in the Windows register. To make any w32time changes in command line window one has to run cmd broadcast as administrator ( see Figure 4 ).
Run cmd program as admin.

Figure 4: Run cmd program as administrator.

Then enter the following commands (Figure 5):

w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:[server],0x8 /syncfromflags:MANUAL

The actual IP address of the NTP server or its host name must
be entered instead of [server].

The flag “0x8” forces w32time not to send “symmetric active” packets but
normal “client” requests which the NTP server replies to as usual.
The actual IP address of the NTP server or its host appoint must be entered rather ofThe flag “ 0x8 ” forces w32time not to send “ symmetrical active ” packets but normal “ customer ” requests which the NTP server replies to as usual. then the following command can be used to immediately make the changes effective : w32tm /config /update
If this dominate has completed successfully your system clock has synchronized to the given NTP server. To check it open a Date and Time window ( click “ time ” icon in the lower right corner of the background ) – > Change go steady and time settings – > Internet Time. You should see something similar to Figure 6. alternatively, the w32time service can be restarted :
net stop w32time

net start w32time

The command :
net time /querysntp

can be used to check the shape. The end product should look exchangeable to the occupation below :
The current SNTP value is:[server],0x8
If the w32time service is restarted it sends immediately a request to the NTP server. additionally, the instruction :
w32tm /resync

can be used to let w32time send a request .

w32time behavior adjustment.

Figure 5: w32time behavior adjustment.

Windows Time synchronized successfully.

Figure 6: Windows Date and Time synchronized successfully.

Check if w32time service is running

then enter the follow commands ( Figure 5 ) : note that w32time servicing may only be enabled when no other ntp daemon is installed on your arrangement. Otherwise the two services come into battle. To check if w32time is running, do the come : go to Control Panel- > Administrative Tools- > Services. Scroll to “ Windows Time ” feature and check its “ Status ”, which should be on “ running ”. Check besides the “ Startup Type ” and set it to “ Automatic ” or “ manual ” if possible. If the status of the Windows Time is presently not shown, then right click and choose Properties to open “ Windows Time Properties ( Local Computer ) ” window. In the Service status chatter on the “ Start ” button to start the time service. The result should resemble Figure 7.
w32time service running.

Figure 7: w32time service settings.

Select a reliable NTP server

A great cope of synchronization problems may be caused by network break downs, unannounced traffic delays, obscure accuracy and populace NTP servers where you do n’t have control over. Although public time service may be cost absolve, but 24/7 operation, accuracy and customer support in event of a failure is not guaranteed. therefore, if you consider issues like accuracy, reliability and security significant for your network, an independent NTP/SNTP waiter is powerfully commend alternative to do the speculate.

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