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It hardly shocks anyone nowadays that popular web-mail providers, including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, are routinely scanning emails. indeed, as the cliched proverb goes : “ If you ’ re not the consumer, you ’ re the product. “
Should privacy lovers then simply surrender to the might of Big Data firms ? not when there are so many nice alternatives to popular web-mail providers. If you are volition to learn how to set up a basic e-mail waiter, you will be surprised at how safe and private emails can in truth be .
here we will show you how you can host your own e-mail server right in your windows personal computer.

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The Easy Way Out – hMailServer

hMailServer is one of the best detached, open-source electronic mail servers for Windows. It is normally used by ISPs, governments, educational institutions and more. The application comes with built-in spam control by SpamAssassin and supports a flying and easy download/installation .
hmailserver setuphmailserver setup
once you have downloaded it, run the Installer. In the below filmdom, blue-ribbon “ Server ” only if you want your local computer to work as a server. If you set up a server elsewhere, only choice “ Administrative tools ” to remotely manage that server .
You will have to set up a password during initiation. Write it down somewhere because you will need it every time you launch the application .
Connect hMailServer AdministratorConnect hMailServer Administrator
once the splashboard is open, enter a new web site knowledge domain ( with SMTP enabled from a hosting provider ). After creating the domain, mind towards “ Protocols ” followed by “ SMTP. ” here, you must set up the Local host name as “ localhost. ”
Localhost SMTP settings in hMailServer AdministratorLocalhost SMTP settings in hMailServer Administrator
finally, click the “ Accounts ” item. here, you can create an electronic mail address for which you need anterior access to a top-level domain name and its DNS settings. basically, every time you send an electronic mail, the message beginning gets stored in hMailServer and is later relayed to the IP address of the DNS .
DNS settings are easily available from any buy world ’ s control gore. You will have to update Mail Exchange records ( MX ) for the domain. The accurate procedure to update MX records varies from sphere to domain. For example, updating a detail MX record for a world purchased with GoDaddy has been explained here .
New email address set up with hMailServerNew email address set up with hMailServer
You can besides enable options for auto-reply, forwarding, greylisting, DNS blacklists and more in hMailServer. But, we will reserve these options for the downstairs pace. once your electronic mail server has been successfully set up, you will need a node like Thunderbird or Outlook Express to read/write those emails .

Set Up Hosted Email Using Thunderbird Client

download and install Mozilla Thunderbird. You will have to immediately set up an electronic mail history there. Use the lapp e-mail ID and password that you would normally use with the web-hosting supplier.

You will soon be prompted to the following screen where you must choose “ Manual Config ” to fine-tune your Thunderbird node settings .
At this stage, you must set up your existing e-mail report. The server hostname should be “ localhost, ” as you previously enabled those settings with hMailServer. As per hMailServer guidelines, use “ 143 ” for IMAP port, “ 993 ” for IMAP via SSL/TSL and either “ 465 ” or “ 587 ” for SMTP port .
Thunderbird Localhost SettingThunderbird Localhost Setting
additionally, you can change server settings from the Thunderbird bill. Once the e-mail address has been configured with the node, you can readily start using your new network host ’ second electronic mail service .
Server Settings ThunderbirdServer Settings Thunderbird
You can use the Thunderbird chain mail node to run american samoa many private e-mail instances on hMailServer as you want. The e-mail server is up and running and configured with the master e-mail .
Multiple email accounts ThunderbirdMultiple email accounts Thunderbird
As an optional step, you might want a webmail facility that works with your new e-mail server for accessing emails on the adam. SquirrelMail is one of the democratic web-mail clients favored by IT admins. It has a file-based shape ( Perl-based ) system for configuration based on the steps described here. In character you are unable to run the configuration, you can change the values for hMailServer manually .


Hosting an electronic mail server on your own requires some precautions and maintenance efforts. First, it is very significant that your world and server IP are in beneficial health. You must keep track if your server IP is in some kind of populace blacklist. Use this creature to find out if you are indeed going to have troubles. sometimes web-mail providers like Gmail blacklist emails arriving from a particular server ’ s IP address because of wrong DNS settings .
Have you considered going for your own electronic mail waiter ? Which solutions did you use ?
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