Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2012 R2

Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2012 R2

In this article, I will be covering the steps to install “ Active Directory ” on Windows Server 2012 R2 using Server Manager. First, it is required to install “ Active Directory Domain Services ” on the Windows Server. then the server should be promoted as a “ Domain Controller ”. In Server Manager, go to Manage, and click Add Roles and Features. It opens the Add Roles and Features Wizard. Click Next. Note: If you have previously selected to skip this page by default, you will be going to the following page directly

In Select Installation Type, choose Role-based or feature-based installation and pawl Next .1*TCDWVLqVSKaSpdE2ZSL1qQ Select “ Select a server from the server pool ”. In Server Pool, ensure that the local calculator is selected and cluck Next.1*T1wtACP9v5svaJ6i1N2zSw choice Active Directory Domain Services from Roles.1*9Y6P3kaJRkPfKk0kKnc4ug You will be prompted to add necessitate features. Click Add Features and then click Next.1*Mntn1H9CdIWCM BgO681Lg In Features, select Next.1*oQYa8Q5A5QcVVb 6A4mllg Read the information in Active Directory Domain Services page and click Next.1*6O1Fl4bhgpp8LBdp79Lpaw In the Confirmation page, click Install to install the roles, function services, or features on the server .1* rj67ikHALo9v7LeDZ54sg The initiation work will start. You may close the charming .1*kpj00mfEVXCY1mz2e6Aatw When the installation is completed, click on Notifications in Server Manager, and click on the connection Promote this server to a domain controller .1*5gkgsr0q2iI Udav87gqpQ When the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard opens, choice Add a new forest and embark Root domain name. then click Next.

( Note: The provide instructions in this article are for installing a modern afforest. If you are installing an extra domain restrainer in an existing sphere or installing a new child domain or installing a new knowledge domain tree, refer to Windows Server Docs available here for more data. ) In Domain Controller Options, leave Forest functional level and Domain functional level as default. Leave Domain Name System (DNS) server checked. Provide a password for Directory Services Restore Mode and suction stop Next. ( Note: DSRM password is required when booting the world accountant into recovery mode )1*LhFeOXvfhohNs4VZrnGz5w Ignore the warning given in DNS Options page. Click Next.1*PnRqVEpTL3i1UHTcMfKp4g Verify NetBIOS domain name. Click Next. Specify locations for AD DS Database folder, Log Files folder, and SYSVOL folder. ( note : It is recommended to leave these as defaults ). Click Next.1*Abnd Review your selections and click Next. The charming will validate the prerequisites before installing AD DS. When all checks are passed successfully, suction stop Install.1*H30mI4LIcG7TkjiR TwRTA The facility will be started.

1*2swECow0ms Up06bNSUTvw When the facility is completed, click Close to finish the sorcerer .0*hjG2cj7v LLGlmOA active Directory Domain Services have been successfully installed. Your machine will be rebooted mechanically . now you have set up active Directory on your Windows Server 2012 R2 successfully. You can use Active Directory Users and Computers instrument to access your newly created active directory .

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