Install and Configure DHCP Server on Windows Server

In this steer, I will show you step by footstep instructions for installing and configuring a Windows DHCP waiter .

What is a DHCP Server?

A DHCP server ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) is a server that automatically assigns IP addresses to computers and other devices on the network. Without a DHCP server, each device on the net would need to be manually configured with an IP address .

Why is a DHCP server needed?

Every device on the network needs an IP address to access network resources such as the internet, applications and even making telephone calls. With a DHCP server this integral process is automated and can be managed from a centralized waiter. When mobile devices move from one function to another it may require a raw IP address. DHCP handles this automatically providing a modern IP addresses when the device moves to another placement. Without a DHCP server there would be an overwhelm total of manual shape assigning IP addresses to devices on the network. A DHCP waiter is a huge time rescuer .
Recommended Tool: SolarWinds IP Address Manager

How to Install DHCP Server

These usher was created using Windows Server 2016. The steps should be alike for other server versions .

Step 1: Open Server Manager

Click the start button then click the Server Manager
install dhcp server 1

Step 2: Add roles and features

On the server director dashboard chink “ Add roles and features ” This will start the attention deficit disorder roles and features wizard
install dhcp server 2
Click next on the before you begin page .
install dhcp server 3

Step 3: Select Role-based or feature-based installation

Make certain “ Role-based or feature-based initiation is selected and chatter future
install dhcp server 4

Step 4: Select destination server

On this page choose the server you want the DHCP service installed on. In this example I ’ ll be choosing the local anesthetic waiter .
install dhcp server 5

Step 5: Select server roles

On this foliate you want to select the DHCP server roles and snap following .
When you select the coil you will get a start up asking to add features that are required for DHCP server. Click add features
install dhcp server 6
back on the choice server roles foliate chatter next
install dhcp server 7

Step 6: Feature, DHCP Server

On the features screen snap following
On the DHCP waiter snap next

Step 7: Confirmation

On the confirmation foliate you can select to mechanically restarted the server if required .
On 2016 server it does not require a resume .
install dhcp server 8
Click install and the install will start.

You will get a install advance page, it will say install succeeded when complete .
install dhcp server 10
That completes the install of the DHCP role. Move onto the following section for steps on configuring the DCHP server .

Configure DHCP Server

If you followed the steps above you should immediately have the DHCP service installed .
But.. It calm needs to be configured .

Step 1: Server Manager

In the server director dashboard you will see a yellow notification at the top leave .
Click on it
nowadays click on “ Complete DHCP configuration ”
configure dhcp server 1
pace 2 : Post-Install shape ace
On the description screen pawl next
On the mandate page use AD credentials if the server is joined to the domain .
Choose “ Skip AD authority ” if the DHCP waiter is standalone and not joined to the knowledge domain .
Click commit
configure dhcp server 2
You will see a drumhead page of the configuration steps
Click close
configure dhcp server 3
now you can open the DHCP management console table to configure DHCP scopes and other options .
To access the DHCP management comfort click begin – > Windows Administrative Tool – > DHCP
configure dhcp server 4

The DHCP management console
configure dhcp server 5
The future steps are to configure a newfangled setting, configure scope options and ensure clients can access the DHCP server. I ’ ll embrace these steps in another stake .

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