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SN30 Pro+ FAQ

There are three variants, what is the remainder between them ?

  • The only difference is their physical appearance:
  • A. Dpad
  • Arrow pattern on SN and black editions
  • Lines on G Classic edition
  • B. A/B/X/Y buttons
  • A/B are convex and X/Y are concave for SN edition
  • A/B/X/Y are all convex shaped
  • C. Body and button colours
  • As for their compatibly, functionality and connectivity, they are the same.

Do they have Screenshot, Home, Turbo, NFC functions when connected to Switch ? Can I besides wake up my Switch wirelessly with these controllers ?

  • When connected to Switch, you can find on these controllers:
  • A. Screenshot = STAR button
  • B. Home button = Logo button
  • Turbo function can be set on its Ultimate Software.
  • and NFC functions are not applicable here.
  • You can not wake up your Switch wirelessly with this controller.

What systems does it work with ? Does it car reconnect to those systems ?

  • SN30 Pro+ is a bluetooth controller, so it works with Switch, Windows 10,
    macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi.
  • It auto reconnects to all the systems mentioned above with the press of
    START once they have been successfully paired.

Can I use it with 8BitDo ex post facto receivers and adapters ?

  • Yes, you can. Here is the procedure to follow:
  • A. Press START to turn on the controller
  • B. Press PAIR button on top of the controller to enter its
    pairing mode
  • C. Press the button on the receiver/adapter, LED on the
    receiver/adapter blinks rapidly
  • D. LED becomes solid when connection is successful

My control does not turn on anymore. nothing happens when I press on it. What should I do ?

  • Please follow the procedure below to fix the issue:
  • A. Remove the battery pack from the controller first then put
    it back.
  • B. Press and hold L1+R1+START for 3 seconds to enter its
    upgrade mode. Red Power LED will turn on.
  • C. Go to to get Upgrade Tools and
    upgrade its system following the instructions.
  • D. Restart the controller and follow the instruction manual
    provided on our website afterwards.

My SN30 Pro+ does not connect to my Switch, no matter how many times I have tried. What should I do ?

  • One Switch can only connect to 10 controllers the most, the connectivity
    issue you are facing can be caused by your Switching connecting to too many
    controllers already. Please follow the procedure below to fix it:
  • A. Click on ‘System Settings’ on Home page of your Switch.
    Choose ‘Controllers and Sensors’ on this page.
  • B. Click on ‘Disconnect Controllers’ to disconnect the
  • C. Click on ‘OK’ when the process is done.
  • D. Restart your Switch and go back to ‘System Settings’ and
    choose ‘Change Grip/Order’.
  • E. Re-sync the controller to your Switch from scratch. Y+START
    is the key combination for putting the controller on the right mode.

What are the four minor LEDs for on the buttocks of the control ?

  • They are controller mode indicators:
  • A. LED 1 blinking: D-input mode
  • B. LED 2 blinking: X-input mode (Xbox 360 mode)
  • C. LED 3 blinking: macOS mode
  • D. LED Rotating: Switch mode or pairing mode
  • E. Solid LED: connection is successful
  • *It also indicates the player mode when connected to Switch

How can I make sure the button map on this restrainer is as Switch Pro not Xbox when it is connected to Steam ?

  • Just follow the procedure as below:
  • A. Press and hold Y+START to turn on the controller
  • B. Press and hold pairing button for 3 seconds to pair them
  • C. Find ‘Switch Pro support’ & ‘Nintendo button mapping’ on
    Steam Control Setting and click on them

How do I charge the restrainer ? How long does it last when fully charged ? How long can two AA batteries last ?

  • We suggest you charge it via a phone power adapter with the USB cable which
    comes with the controller.
  • The controller uses 1000mAh rechargeable battery pack with 4 hour charging
    time. The battery pack can last up to 20 hours when fully charged.
  • As for how long can two AA batteries last, it depends the battery itself.

Can I use it wire, via a USB-C cable ?

  • Yes, you can. You can connect it to Switch, Windows 10, Android, Raspberry
    Pi and macOS using a USB cable.

Does this accountant use HD rumble or a normal rumble ?

  • It uses a normal rumble, not HD rumble. You can turn on/off the vibration
    and alter the sensitivity via our Ultimate Software.

How many SN30 Pro+ controllers can I use at a prison term ?

  • It depends on the number of controllers each device can take. Multiple SN30
    Pro+ controllers can be used at a time.

What is the Bluetooth crop ?

  • 10 meters. This controller functions the best within the range of 5 meters.
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