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Windows ruled the day – and it seemed as if it constantly would .

Macs Are Becoming More Common in the Workplace

Times have changed. As employers came to grips with the BYOD swerve – and forced their information technology departments to support a across-the-board rate of devices – the use of Macs in the workplace evolved from the rare event to casual fact of life. holocene surveys have shown that about half of all companies in North America and Western Europe are now issuing Macs to employees – despite the ongoing challenges that arise when you connect a Mac to a Windows server. ThinkstockPhotos-520292018.jpg And it ’ s not precisely hip start-ups and smaller, agile companies that are welcoming Macs into the fold. A count of industry behemoths – including Cisco, General Electric and, yes, even IBM ( ! ) – now issue Macs to their employees.

Why are companies so accommodating ? There are a number of reasons :

  • Worker happiness/talent recruitment – People like Macs and want to use them for work, so giving workers the flexibility to choose their work devices keeps them happy. It’s also a nice carrot that companies can dangle when competing for new employees.
  • Security – Macs are widely considered to be more secure than PCs and less susceptible to viruses and malware.
  • Public perception – Mac usage conveys to customers and clients that your business is modern, open-minded and comfortable with new technology.
  • Productivity – Many believe Macs are more reliable than PCs and require fewer calls to the help desk, making workers more productive and freeing the IT department to focus on real challenges.

This is all great news program for those who embrace technical school diverseness in the workplace. The trouble is that even though Mac adoption has grown in the clientele earth, many of the erstwhile incompatibilities between Macs and Windows environments remain .

Problems crop up when you connect Mac to Windows

New hires might believe they ’ re going to be more fat when they ’ re handed that satiny fresh MacBook on their beginning day, but the truth is that network issues could cause them unplayful headaches and downtime. That ’ sulfur because of Apple ’ sulfur habit of the proprietorship Apple Filing Protocol ( AFP ) in its operate on systems. Most businesses use Windows file servers, sol when the AFB-based Macs want to connect to those servers, they have to compromise and use the Server Messaging Block ( SMB ) protocol in ordering to contribution files. For all the things Apple has done right over the years, it ’ sulfur never very gotten the attend of SMB, which is designed for Windows file sharing but doesn ’ thymine support the broad semantics of macOS file systems. Macs come with their own built-in SMB node, but each iteration of Apple ’ s signature operating organization has grappled to one degree or another with things like :

  • Long delays in mounting shares, browsing folders and opening files
  • Slow file searches
  • Application crashes
  • File corruption
  • Problems with permissions
  • Disappearing files
  • Disconnected sessions
  • Locked files
  • File name incompatibilities

These problems are heightened when using key applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. To the end drug user, it all equitable adds up to poor overall operation – which undermines all of the other fantastic qualities for which Macs are beloved. And that frustration can lead to reduce productivity. All is not lost, however .

Acronis Files Connect: The easy way to connect a Mac to a Windows network

Acronis Files Connect, a file and mark partake solution, allows Macs to connect to file shares on Windows servers and NAS systems via AFB alternatively of SMB. It eliminates those annoying SMB protocol issues and performance and compatibility problems once and for all – and provides the rich user experience Mac aficionado are accustomed to. With Acronis Files Connect, Mac users get :

  • Faster file share mounting, folder browsing, and file opening.
  • Searches that are up to 600 times faster.
  • Better integration with Windows infrastructure components like Active Directory.

In addition, Acronis Files Connect enables Mac users to take advantage of the full functionality of their machines, such as Spotlight Search.

normally when users connect a Mac to a Windows world or NAS file share over SMB, they have to say adieu to Spotlight ’ s lightning-quick file diagnose and content searches. By allowing the Mac to connect to file shares via its native AFP, Acronis Files Connect ensures that Spotlight Search ’ second retains its robust functionality. ultimately, Acronis Files Connect makes the connection between Macs and Windows so seamless that Mac users won ’ t even realize they ’ re in a Windows environment. few could have imagined this technical school marriage working 10 or 15 years ago when Windows and Mac were highlighting their differences with attention-getting ad campaigns. But with tools like Acronis Files Connect integrating Mac and Windows environments, the marriage is probable to last farseeing into the future .

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