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Want to connect your computer to a WiFi network but don ’ metric ton know how ? You ’ ve come to the right space ! Follow the steps below, and you ’ ll be able to connect to your radio network very easily .

To connect your computer to WiFi

Step 1: Set up your wireless router

If you ’ re going to set up your own wireless network and connect to it, you ’ ll need a wireless router. The work of setting up varies, depending on what model of router you use. But you should always check your router manual for instructions on setting up a radio network .

Step 2: Check if your computer has a wireless adapter

You should make certain your computer has a wireless network adapter so it can connect to a WiFi network. normally, a laptop or a tablet has a wireless arranger on it, while a background calculator doesn ’ thyroxine. To know it for indisputable :

  1. Press Win+R (the Windows logo key and R on your computer)  to open the Run box. Then type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open Device Manager.
    img 5baf5532a88b3

  2. Double click Network adapters to expand this category.
    img 5baf58fff1a49
  3. Check the list of network adapters for any adapter that has “Wi-Fi”, “wireless”, “WLAN” or “802.11” in its name. If you find one, that means there is a wireless network adapter on your computer.

img 5baf5adcc0f60This computer has a 802.11n network adapter, which is a wireless network adapter.
If there is no wireless network adapter on your calculator, you may need to get an USB WiFi adapter for your calculator .
img 5baf5f3052ec3This is a USB WiFi adapter.
plug this adapter to your computer, and it ’ ll become WiFi adequate to .
besides you should make sure your network adapter driver on your computer is up to date thus your network joining can work properly .
If you ’ re not comfortable playing with device drivers, or if your calculator can’t access the Internet, we recommend using Driver Easy. It ’ s a cock that detects, downloads and ( if you go Pro ) installs any driver updates your computer needs .
To update your drivers with Driver Easy, just click the Scan Now button, then when it lists the drivers you need to update, click Update. The chastise drivers will be downloaded, and you can install them – either manually through Windows or all automatically with Driver Easy Pro .
img 5ba4cc1e7a82d
Driver Easy is besides able to help you update your network driver when you ’ ra offline. You can use the Offline Scan feature to do therefore. ( You ’ ll need another computer that has Internet access. )
img 5ba4cd1638e04 for advice. You should attach the URL of this article so they can help you better. If you have any offspring with Driver Easy, please contact Driver Easy ’ s support team atfor advice. You should attach the URL of this article so they can help you better .

Step 3: Connect your computer to your wireless network

The get in touch march is very easy :

  1. Place your computer somewhere close enough to the network (to ensure sufficient signal strength).
  2. On your computer, click the network icon in the notification area (at the lower-right corner of your screen).
    img 5ba49540ee9a4
  3. Click the network you ’ re going to connect .

    Choose the network by its SSID (the name of a network). If you don’t know the name, check your router or ask the administrator of this network.

    img 5ba4958850768

  4. If you want to connect to this wireless network the next time you log in your computer, check Connect automatically. Then click Connect.
    img 5ba497390894c
  5. Enter the password/security key if this is required by the network.

    If you don’t know the password/security key, check your router or ask the administrator of this network.

    img 5ba49e71bae8c

  6. If the wireless network requires additional authentication, open your web browser and open any web page, then fill in your information to log in this network.
  7. Check your network icon in the notification area to see if you’re connected to the network. If it’s showing the network signal strength (as the screenshot below), then your computer has connected to WiFi.
    img 5ba4a15b9261b

hopefully the steps above help you set up the wireless connection of your calculator. If you have any questions, feel release to leave us a gossip below .

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