How to Connect AirPods to PS4 – A Step By Step Guide

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wireless headphones can make your biography easier in many situations, but it is most useful when it comes to gaming, as it gives you freedom from cables. Since you obviously don ’ thyroxine want your gaming experience to suffer ascribable to your headphones, you will likely use AirPods in this site .
unfortunately, the PS4 doesn ’ metric ton have native corroborate for AirPods. however, this can be rectified in a couple of ways. Without any far bustle, let ’ s get into how you actually connect your AirPods to your PS4 .

How to Connect Airpods Using Bluetooth Adapter

#1 Turn on your PS4

To be able to pair with your Airpods, the PS4 will need to be powered on, so foremost of all, turn on your PS4.

#2 Connecting the Bluetooth Adapter(make them h3)

however, this can be well rectified by using a Bluetooth arranger. There is an add benefit to using a Bluetooth arranger, as it will allow you to connect your PS4 to versatile early Bluetooth devices, not equitable AirPods. Look at the front of your PS4 ; do you see the USB port ? That ’ s where you ’ ll insert your Bluetooth dongle .
This is what a common Bluetooth arranger looks like, although I ’ thousand indisputable if you ask at an electronics store for it, they will know what you want .

#3 Set Up the Adapter to Pair

Before you can connect your AirPods to the PS4, you will need to adjust your arranger ’ south settings to put it into pairing mode. This is unlike for every Bluetooth adapter .
You will have to look at the manual of arms that came with it to find out how to turn on pairing mood .

#4 Set Up your AirPods to Pair

now that you have put your adapter into the appropriate modality, you will need to do the lapp for your AirPods. sol, expression at the back of your AirPods for a release. You will need to press and hold this button to put your AirPods into pairing manner. You will know that your AirPods are in pairing mode when the LED at the front of the AirPods case starts blinking white .

#5 Pair the AirPods and PS4

once you are certain that both your AirPods and the Bluetooth adapter are in pairing mood, the pairing march should be automatic. As an indication, both the light on the AirPods and the inner light on the Bluetooth arranger will stop flashing once they have paired .

#6 Connect your Microphone Adapter to the PS4

If you want to use the microphone affair of your AirPods with your PS4, you will besides need to insert the microphone that comes with your Bluetooth arranger into the 3.5 millimeter earphone jack on your PS4 ’ s accountant .
The microphone adapter will look something like the adapter in the photograph above. You can find the 3.5 millimeter port between the joysticks on the accountant .

#7 Confirm on your Screen

once the coupling summons has been completed, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen you have connected your comfort to. You will need to click ‘ confirm ’ on this message to complete the frame-up of your AirPods on your PS4. once you do that, the frame-up action will be completed, and you will be able to play games on your PS4 while using your AirPods. delight !

How to Connect AirPods without Bluetooth Adapter

You can besides connect your AirPods to your PS4 without using a Bluetooth arranger. however, this will require you to own either an Android or iOS smartphone .
This method acting will allow you to play PlayStation games on your smartphone, so you will efficaciously be playing games on a PlayStation while besides using your AirPods as headphones. Let us look at the steps involved in this method .

#1 Turn on your PS4

First of all, for this serve, you will need to turn on your PS4 .

#2 Sign in to your PlayStation account

once you have turned your PS4 on, you will have to sign in to your PlayStation Network account on your PS4.

#3 Open App Store

Before continue, you will need to open up your smartphone. You will then open up the app storehouse on your smartphone. This depends on the type of smartphone you own. If you own an Android smartphone, you will open the Play Store, and if you own an io smartphone, you will open the App Store .

#4 Download the PS4 App

once you have opened the App Store on your smartphone, you will search for the PS4 Remote Play app .

#5 Sign in to your account

once you have downloaded the PS4 Remote Play on your smartphone and accepted all the Terms and Conditions, it will prompt you to sign in to your PlayStation Network account .

#6 Find your PS4

once you have logged in to your PlayStation Network account in the app, your smartphone will start searching for your PS4. Be patient ; this procedure will take up to a few minutes to complete .

#7 Connect your controller

once your smartphone has established a connection with your PS4, you will have the option to connect your accountant to your smartphone. To do this, you will first go to your smartphone ’ s settings menu, and from there, to the Bluetooth settings. You will then press the share push button and the PS button on your control .
This will put your control into sharing mood. once you have done this, your control will show up on the list of devices available to pair to on your smartphone. You will select it from the list, and your smartphone will pair with your restrainer .

#8 Connect your AirPods

once you have connected your control to your smartphone, the rest is easy. You will connect your AirPods to your smartphone like common. This can be done either through the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, or if you have a newer iPhone, the AirPods will connect to it deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you open their font. once you have done all this, you can go bet on to the PS Remote Play and start-up any game of your choose .

Your Turn

This was the complete direction set on multiple methods of pairing your AirPods to your PS4. I hope you find at least one of these methods useful and will come back here if you need information on more topics like this .


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