My AirPods Are Not Working On Zoom Calls! Here’s The Fix.

You ‘ve been trying to catch up with person on Zoom, but you ‘re experiencing some audio problems. You ‘re trying to use your AirPods to speak and listen, but for some argue they ‘re not working. Whether sound recording ‘s playing through your computer alternatively, or you just ca n’t hear anything at all, here’s everything you can try if your AirPods are not working on Zoom .

Unpair Your AirPods From Other Devices

AirPods can experience serious functional hindrance when they ‘re connected to multiple devices at once. To minimize the likely for your AirPods to get confused, make indisputable you unpair them from any other devices they ‘re connected to .
The quickest way to make sure your AirPods are n’t connecting to other devices is to disable Bluetooth on everything that they ‘ve connected to except the one you ‘re using for Zoom. For model, if you ‘re having the predict on your calculator, turn Bluetooth off on your cell phone or pad .

Make Sure Your AirPods Are Paired To Your Device

On a exchangeable note, your AirPods wo n’t work on Zoom if they ‘re not connected to the device on which you ‘re trying to call. To make your AirPods available for pairing, open their case and press the push button on the back. When the inner light on the presence of the case starts flashing white, your AirPods are ready to pair.

Press AirPods Charging Case Button
following, you ‘ll want to connect your AirPods to your device. Below, we have tips on how to access and pair your Bluetooth settings for each major function system .

How To Pair AirPods To A Mac

Press the Apple logo in the top bequeath corner of your screen. Click System Preferences, then Bluetooth .
Under the Devices head, you should see your AirPods listed. If it says Connected beneath their label, they ‘re already paired to your Mac. If they are n’t connected, double-click on them to pair to your computer .
connect airpods to mac

How To Pair AirPods To An iPhone

open Settings and tap Bluetooth. Your AirPods will appear under My Devices if you ‘ve paired them with your iPhone before .
It ‘ll say Connected next to your AirPods if they ‘re already connected to your iPhone. Tap on your AirPods in the list under My Devices if it says Not Connected .
pair airpods to iphone

How To Pair AirPods To A Windows Computer

Click Start -> Settings -> Devices to access Bluetooth controls. You ‘ll see your AirPods listed under Other Devices if you ‘ve paired them with your computer before. You ‘ll know your AirPods are paired with your calculator if it says Paired underneath the Audio head .

How To Pair AirPods To An Android

Like a Windows computer, AirPods are compatible with any Android phone with Bluetooth. To pair your AirPods with your Android, assailable Settings and exploit Bluetooth .
Your AirPods will be listed under Available Devices if they ‘re ready to pair. Tap on them in the number to pair them to your Android.

What If My AirPods Won’t Connect?

sometimes, Bluetooth devices wo n’t show up a ready to pair with early devices. other times, they wo n’t connect even if they say they ‘re ready to pair. If either of these issues is the case for your AirPods, place them binding in their case for 10 seconds and try again .
You can besides try restarting Bluetooth on your device. This can quickly reset the connection and fix minor connectivity issues .
Check out our other articles if your AirPods wo n’t connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac .

Select Your AirPods In Zoom

even if your AirPods connect to your device, you may still need to manually select them as your sound recording devices on Zoom. The Microphone and Speaker are different settings on Zoom. Your microphone is the device that will transmit your part to the other people on the call. Your loudspeaker is the device that will play the birdcall ‘s audio back to you .
In the Zoom app, open Settings and click Preferences -> Audio. Check which device is listed beside the Microphone and Speaker headings .
select airpods in zoom audio settings
If your AirPods are listed beside both labels, all of your Zoom audio settings have been directed to them. Open the dropdown menu and select your AirPods if a different device is listed as the Microphone or Speaker .

How To Test Your AirPods Before A Zoom Call

To make certain that your audio devices are working how you ‘d like them, Zoom gives callers the choice to test their audio before joining a call. When you click the connect to a Zoom call, a pop fly should appear on your screen with a big park button labeled Join with Computer Audio. Click or tap Test speaker and microphone below to test your AirPods with Zoom .
zoom will play a ringtone to test the speaker. You ‘ll know your AirPods are working properly if you hear the ringtone. If you do n’t hear the spirit, chink No and Zoom will try a different device. Keep clicking No until you hear the shade through your AirPods. You might find it easier to open the dropdown menu and chink on your AirPods if this takes excessively long .
After you ‘ve tested your speaker, Zoom will ask you to speak into your microphone, pause, then listen for a replay of what you just spoke. If you do n’t hear the replay, bid No and continue following the instructions to speak, pause, and listen until you do.

similarly to the loudspeaker test, you can besides open the dropdown menu, select your AirPods and test them without having to cycle through any early microphone devices .
once you ‘ve confirmed your AirPods as both your loudspeaker and microphone, choice Join with Computer Audio to enter the call .

AirPods Problem: Fixed!

You ‘ve fixed the problem and your AirPods are working on Zoom ! Video calls run a lot more smoothly when you can communicate with people on the call. Make certain to parcel this article on social media when your kin and friends run into issues with AirPods on Zoom calls .

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