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Can I add Bluetooth to my Bose Wave Radio ?
YES, you can with a Bose Wave Radio Kit from CoolStream.
Bose Wave Radios enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade from CoolStream


Your Bluetooth Kit includes:

RCA to 3.5 mm cables
One CoolStream Duo
One USB to 30-pin ipod charging cable
One USB wall charger
Three easy steps to adding Bluetooth to the Wave Radio.

  1. Connect the Duo to your Wave Radio using the RCA cable.

The CoolStream Duo attached to Bose Wave using RCA to 3.5 mm cable.
2. Keep the Duo ready to stream by plugging the iPod charging cable into the bottom of the Duo and the USB connector into the wall charger. Plug the wall charger into the wall.
The Duo gets power from the 30pin connector on the bottom and send your music to your stereo with the 3.5 mm aux cable that comes with the Duo.
When connected to an ipod charging cable television, the Duo will be ready to stream anytime you are. CoolStream equips each battery with overcharge protection. Set it and forget it for Bluetooth on-demand with your Bose Wave Radio .
3. Set your Bose Wave Radio to AUX using the button on the top of the radio.
Do you have a different Bose Wave Radio or stereo system ? Find your model number on the bottom of your stereophonic .
Bose Wave Radios II, III, and IV enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade from CoolStream

Bose Wave Music Systems enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade from CoolStream
Bose Acoustic Wave Music Systems enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade from CoolStream Bose Wave kits.
Bose, great sound, and a class act.
For many years Bose has been recommending the CoolStream Duo as the best go-to Bluetooth arranger for their production line of SoundDocks. Because the Duo can work with either a 12-volt or a 5-volt dock, it is the perfect fit for the Portable Bose SoundDock, SoundDock I, SoundDock II, and SoundDock 10 .
In 2012, when Apple transitioned to the 8-pin lightning connector for the iPhone 5, the 30-pin iPod connector became a bequest association for many docking stations. While Bose continued to innovate as they constantly had and continue to do, they never abandoned their original customers. We beginning found out that Bose recommends the CoolStream Duo for their credit line of SoundDocks from comments on our web site. Bose is a classify act supporting their loyal customers and a little business from New Hampshire .
CoolStream strives to produce a choice, dependable intersection and gives the best advice and customer serve possible. We can ’ t tell you how much we love to hear that Bose has recommended the CoolStream Duo. Thank you, Bose !
The Bose Wave Radio Bluetooth kit from CoolStream adds Bluetooth to Bose Wave Radios.
Questions about compatibility and functionality ?
For any questions about compatibility, send us an electronic mail with your stereo details, and we can recommend the proper merchandise for you .
Please read this to learn more about the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver and its features and functionality .
Please check our compatibility lists for other docking stations, cars, motorcycles, and marine stereo you may want to dust off and use again with a Bluetooth Upgrade from CoolStream.

Customer Satisfaction and Return Policy
CoolStream Duo Quick Start Guide

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