How to Connect BOSE Headphones to TV Wirelessly?

How to Connect BOSE Headphones to TV Wirelessly?

Want to connect your BOSE Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to your television receiver and listen to TV through them ?
No problem ! There are TWO ways to do it .

If your TV has built-in Bluetooth capability ( please check your television ‘s user manual ), here ‘s what you do :

1. Get your BOSE Headphone into pairing mode ( Please coil to the bottom of the foliate or see your BOSE exploiter manual. )

2. Go into your television receiver ‘s Bluetooth menu, search & select your BOSE Headphone to connect .
3. You may adjust volume via your television ‘s outside manipulate .

If your TV does NOT have built-in Bluetooth, or if you ‘d like to connect MORE THAN ONE PAIR of headphones to your television receiver simultaneously, you ‘ll have to connect using a Bluetooth Audio Adapter, somthing like these :

Avantree Audikast Plus ( Learn More )
418p spec 4

Avantree Oasis Plus ( Learn More )
Oasis Plus

Avantree TC419 ( Learn More )

With these, you’ll be able to:
– get extended Bluetooth Range .
– associate up to TWO PAIRS of headphones to your television ( arranger ) simultaneously .
– In the case of Oasis Plus, it can be used simultaneously with a SoundBar/Stereo Receiver while sharing ONE Digital Optical Port ( See THIS ARTICLE for more details regarding this officiate. )

Here are the Instructions of Connecting using an Adapter:
1. Connect your Bluetooth arranger to Power .
2. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to television receiver. Our adapters support Digital Optical ( aka TOSLINK or SPDIF, ) 3.5mm Auxiliary ( aka Headphones Jack, ) and RCA ( Red/White ) Audio Output Ports. Please see your adapter ‘s exploiter manual for more details.

3. Get your BOSE Headphones into pairing mode ( Please scroll to the penetrate of the page or see your BOSE exploiter manual. )
4. Get your Bluetooth arranger into Bluetooth Pairing mode adenine well. Please see your exploiter manual if you ‘re not sure how .
5. Keep your BOSE Headphone close to the arranger until they connect .
6. once connected, if you ‘re using Digital Optical connection, please go to your television receiver settings menu and change your Digital Audio Format to PCM .
7. And you ‘d be adept to go

here are a couple of videos that may besides help you connect your BOSE Headphones to television receiver :

BOSE 700,

BOSE QuietComfort 35,

BOSE QuietControl 30.

Below is a list of how to get BOSE’s most popular headphones into Bluetooth Pairing Mode, just for your convenience.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35): With the earphone ON, slide the power substitution to the Bluetooth symbol and hold it there until you hear “ quick to connect ” or the Bluetooth indicator blinks Blue.

qc35 pair 1 jpg

Bose 700: With the earphone ON, press & hold the exponent button for 3 seconds to put the headphones into pairing mode. You ‘ll hear “ ready to connect another device ” and the Bluetooth indicator will slowly pulse BLUE.

700 jpg

Bose QuietControl 30: With the earphone ON, press & hold the Power/Bluetooth button until you hear “ Ready to pair ” or you see the Bluetooth indicator blinking BLUE.
qc30 jpg

Bose SoundLink Revolve (+): With the speaker turned ON, crush & hold the Bluetooth clitoris until the Bluetooth index blinks BLUE, and you hear, “ ready to connect another device. ”

soundlink revolve jpg

Bose SoundLink Mini (II): With the speaker turned ON, press & hold the Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth indicator blinks BLUE and you hear, “ fix to pair another device. ”

soundlink mini jpg

Bose SoundLink Color (II): With the loudspeaker turned ON, press & concisely hold the Bluetooth clitoris until the Bluetooth light starts flashing BLUE lento.
soundlink color jpg

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