SBM1000: Installation with a Cable Modem

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The SBM1000 MoCA arranger kit consists of a SBM1100 arranger with one Ethernet port, and a SBM1400 adapter with 4 Ethernet ports. The SBM1000 MoCA adapters can be integrated with a family network that connects to cable Internet military service. The MoCA adapters are compatible for use with a cable modem or a cable gateway ( modem with built-in router ). This text file describes how to install the SBM1100 MoCA adapters with a cable modem .


  • Cable Internet service
  • Cable modem
  • Multiple coaxial cable ports in home 

Connecting to Cable Modem

  1. Locate the coaxial cable connected from the cable wall outlet to the modem.
  2. If the coaxial cable is not connected to an RF splitter:
    a.   Disconnect it from the modem.
    b.   Connect the cable to the inch connector of the RF splitter (included with the SBM1000).
  3. Connect the MoCA filter (included) to the Coaxial port on the modem and to one of the coaxial cables (included).
  4. Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to one of the OUT

    coaxial ports of the RF splitter.

  5. Connect a second coaxial cable (included) to the other OUT coaxial port of the RF splitter and the  wheedle In port of the SBM1100 MoCA adapter.
  6. Connect an Ethernet cable from the ethernet port of the SBM1100 to a LAN Ethernet port on the router.
    Connect the office arranger to the


    port of the SBM1100 and then to the electric wall wall socket .

  7. Check the ethernet port LEDs on the modem for proper connectivity with the SBM1100.

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  8. In the next room, locate the coaxial cable connected to the cable wall outlet and the SmartTV or set-top box.
  9. If the coaxial cable is not connected to an RF splitter:
    a.   Disconnect the coaxial cable from the SmartTV or set-top box.
    b.   Connect the coaxial cable to the indiana connector of the RF splitter.
  10. Connect another coaxial cable (included) to the OUT

    connector of the RF splitter and the SmartTV or set-top box.

  11. Connect another coaxial cable (included) to the OUT connector of the RF splitter and the SBM1400.
  12. Connect another Ethernet cable (included) to one of the Ethernet ports of the SBM1400 and the Ethernet port of the SmartTV or other Smart device.
  13. Connect the power adapter to the power port of the SBM1400 and plug it into an electrical wall outlet.
  14. Verify that the power, coaxial cable, amphetamine, and ethernet front panel LEDs on the SBM1100 and SBM1400 are lit SOLID. The Coax

    and ethernet LEDs will flash when data activity is detected on the MoCA network.

    note :Allow up to 10 minutes for a full network connection.

  15. Power up the SmartTV, set-top box, laptop, and any other connected devices.  The SmartTV and other Ethernet-enabled devices can now be configured for Internet access through their related user interfaces.

    notice :  For information on configuring these devices for Internet access, please refer to the manufacturer.


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