How to use Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft ’ sulfur Wireless Display Adapter is based on Wi-Fi certified Miraacast engineering which allows you to stream contentedness from any device to television receiver or Monitor. If you do not have a smart television receiver or Chromecast enable device, then the display adapter can be a great choice. In this post, we will share how to use Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. It will include setting up the arranger, connect your device with it, and prevent others from connecting to it .

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Setting up Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is easy, but make certain to secure your display adapter from invite guests. We have added a few FAQs at the end that will help you decide to go for Microsoft ’ mho solution or an alternate one .

1] Connect Adapter to a TV

The first step is to make certain the display arranger is correctly powered. If your television doesn ’ t have a USB port that can support the correct voltage ( 5V ) to the adapter, then you will have to connect to an external power source for the lapp.

  • Plug the HDMI end of the adapter to the HDMI port of the TV. Repeat the same with the USB port or external adapter if it’s powerful enough.
  • Switch the input source of the TV to the HDMI port on which the adapter is connected.

2] Download & install Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app

Microsoft offers an app for the Wireless Display Adapter through the Microsoft Store.

It allows you to configure these for the device :

  • Adapter Settings: Setup name, adjust display, and language. Make sure to set up a unique name after the correction is made. If there is more than one adapter in your vicinity, it will help you identify yours. You will have to disconnect and reconnect the adapter to see the changes reflected on other devices.
  • Security Settings: Setup PIN to restrict unknown sources to connect to the device. It will make sure to prevent others from connecting to your adapter
  • Firmware: Update firmware settings for the device when available. It will improve the overall performance of the device.

3] Connect Windows 10 device to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

The wireless display is like a second monitor except that there is no wire. So you need to follow the same steps you follow to manage dual monitor .

  • Use Win+P to open Windows Project.
  • It will display options to configure with a second monitor, and in the end, there is a link that says “Connect Wireless Display.”
  • Click to discover all the Miracast display
  • Then click on the adapter name which was set using the app
  • Enter the Pin, and if it’s correct, you will be able to connect and stream.

What can you do with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter?

If you have ever used casting, this is exchangeable to that. hera is the list of things you can do with it.

  • You can either use it as a replacement to a projector or as a second screen. No wires, though.
  • Anyone can stream videos to the TV.
  • When using a second monitor, you can move apps on it, give a presentation, and more.
  • Not only Windows but if you have any device which can cast, it will work with that.

Difference between Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter & Chromecast?

Chromecast is built for streaming, while Microsft ’ randomness solution allows you to duplicate your computer riddle. The adjacent major dispute is that Chromecast needs the internet to start streaming while the Display Adapter uses Direct Wi-Fi and works without the internet. It is full suited for a group that does not want to depend on internet stability to get started. If you are wondering which one is better for you, then consider offline and on-line as your criteria since there is a price difference between them. If you want the casting to work anytime you want, choose Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, else Chromecast should work fine. I hope the post was easy to understand, and you were able to use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and use it with your computer .

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