7 Ways To Connect Samsung Smart TV To WiFi Without Adapter [2021]

If you want to connect Samsung Smart television to WIFI without arranger, you might need to know these two bare things .
For connecting to a WiFi connection, your television should have a hardware man called an adapter. If you have an erstwhile television receiver, then it credibly won ’ t have a WiFi connection chip .
Thanks to the after market WIFI Chips called adapters. These are very in truth brassy and help you connect your Samsung Smart television receiver to WiFi if it does not have a adapter bit pre-installed .
here is the drumhead of this guide :

Just go to the “Network Settings” in your Samsung Smart TV settings. Then, find the “WPS feature” and keep the remote button pressed until it gets connected to the WiFi. If it still does not connect, then read the details below to hunt down the problem with your TV and fix it today.How To Connect Samsung Smart TV 
To Wi-Fi Without Adapter

Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi without Adapter

This process entails the hypothesis of experiencing some problems such as frequent interruptions while watching movies online or patronize application hang-ups when connected to the Wi-Fi. The Samsung television converter will work well if you have a good router .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine use a high-quality router when connecting your Samsung smart television receiver to WiFi, your internet speed will degrade. however, this is a identical minor case .
Getting back to the context, you have a number of options when it comes to connecting your calculator to Wi-Fi. In this article, we have listed the simplest methods of setting up a wireless network so that you can avoid the complexity .

Method 1. Using WiFi without an adapter on Samsung smart TVs

I ’ ll read you how to connect your Samsung television with WI-FI without an arranger by starting with the basic and most straightforward method acting .

Step 1.

Your television must be turned on for you to access its menu .

Step 2.

Access the network settings by using the network setting connect under the network menu. The following context page will appear after you select adjacent .

Step 3.

After clicking on “ Next ”, a limited screen will pop up. Select wireless and then click “ Next. ”.

Step 4.

Choosing your network password is done by typing it in the white box located in the raw window.

Step 5.

You ’ ll be able to connect your television to a wireless network after entering the SSID and pressing Next .
alternatively, if the Samsung Smart television receiver is hush unable to connect to the internet, you can try this second base routine .

Method 2. 

No need to use an adapter when using Samsung chic television
The fastest room to connect to Wi-Fi on your television is by using this operation, even if it can be confusing .
The television gets automatically connected to your Wi-Fi network as you don ’ t have to do anything manually to get it connected with this method acting. The “ WPS ” release needs to be on the router for this procedure .

Step 1. 

To access WPS on your Samsung television, click the network settings yellow journalism and then choose the option .

Step 2. 

Pressing the “ WPS ” button will connect your router automatically .

Still Not Connected?

There might be some other problems with your television. These might be :

1 ) Your television receiver has Wi-Fi, but it ’ s not working. 2 ) Your television has Wi-Fi connectivity, but it ’ s your first smart television and you know nothing about engineering. 3 ) Your television receiver does not have Wi-Fi since it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate chic .

therefore here are my answers in order to help you fix the above mentioned problems :

  1. You will need to remove the back of your TV in order to find the Wi-Fi card if your Wi-Fi is broken for whatever reason or reason. Take a photo of the card and note the ID number and the connector type used to connect to the back cable to your PC. Hire someone who can do this if you aren’t able to. Browse and purchase new cards using the photos. Usually, the WiFi card on TVs will have issues, but in some cases it is the Main Board that may malfunction (don’t bother fixing your Wi-Fi if your Main Board is the problem, it’s not worth it). There is a very slim chance that your TV will have an external Wi-Fi transceiver.
  2. Samsung’s user manual can be downloaded or called. A copy of the TV manual is now available on most TVs, usually under the “help” or “about” paragraph in the menu.
  3. If I determine that the TV is out of warranty and the Wi-Fi is not functioning, this would also be my personal approach to the issue. If you have an HDMI source, use one of your Wi-Fi-equipped devices (Roku, Firestick, Apple, etc.). (Roku has no web browser that works well with it right now, if you are concerned about this). Several options exist and many of them can be customized. Android-based media players are also available. Smart TVs eliminate the need for a dedicated HDMI port and offer a cleaner approach with integrated controls in the TV remote. But what’s the point? An HDMI expander with a remote is all you need if you need more ports. Many companies fought for a long time to be included in the TV brands’ limited app stores for native Smart TV apps. Technology can be one of your choices or can be chosen for you; all that’s needed is the commitment to find what works for you.

How to connect old Samsung TVs Without Adapter To Wi-Fi?

To do that, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, you will need to substitute for the WIFI Adapter. To make it easy for you, below I am presenting 6 such Wireless LAN adapters for you .
Let ’ s get right into it :

1. For Samsung Smart TV’s (of Years 2009-2012 B, C, D, E and ES Models)

  • Depending on the TV model entered, the case design will differ. There is limited WiFi support on select 2009-2013 Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-Ray Players, and Home Theatre.
  • At checkout, please choose a suitable generic replacement for your television model. The WIS09ABGN is a compatible alternative to WIS09ABGNX/ WIS09ABGN2, WIS12ABGNX/ AK40-00051P/ WIDT20R (2013 ES Series).
  • Connect your Samsung TV 2009-2013 to wireless Wi-Fi and enjoy fast broadband speeds for Apps, Internet Browsing, and updates without the need for a network cable.
  • The package includes a 2.5FT Extension Cable and a Wireless Adapter.

Do you have a UN40D6000 compatible with this?

It is on-key. The correct USB version for your television receiver model will be supplied by selecting the ES serial choice, and typing in your television receiver model data. Thanks a distribute .
In light, yes. Before you can use the television, you must update its software

Does this work as a replacement for my defective internal WIFI module?

It will bypass the bad wireless local area network card on an “ einsteinium ” or “ einsteinium ” series television receiver if the television receiver has a USB interface and you have an “ e ” or “ east ” series cable television receiver .

Compatible with Samsung model UN55es6150F Smart TV?

Can it be used for model # un55d6003? I have been given a TV, but my Samsung LAN adapter is not working.

In regulate to use this region with the UN55D6003, however, you ’ ll have to update the television ’ south software first ( through the manufacturer ’ s web site ) .

Review from a recent user:

It was three years ago that I was using “ Smart TV. ” It is now dumbed down to nothing. The home LAN arranger would not be accessible if the internet connection failed. I went about three years without a “ dense ” television receiver after thinking buying a new one would fix my trouble. My television receiver started working again last workweek after person told me I was simply necessitate to purchase an external Wi-Fi antenna. Neither model nor manufacturer could be matched with any early antenna manufacturer. It was the only intersection that offered customize antenna among the many that claimed to solve my problem. I thought I would give it a shoot and return it if it didn ’ triiodothyronine exercise. That ’ s ticket with me. then I will make my point ! With nowadays ’ south technology, it is more healthy than always. My television receiver has a LAN port where I can plug this antenna in, so I can get Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and my other stream services. You can not use this item to replace the distant restraint that came with your television. Having that is all-important for everything to work. Metal is the alone material that constitutes an antenna. There ’ sulfur more to it than “ merely ”. It was unexpectedly dim-witted to get my ache television working again after I experienced a problem. A local area network association is required for the television receiver. Despite its early arrival, the product works well and is excellent in every respect. The product I have tested has been very full to me. I decidedly think it ’ s worth paying more than others. Thank you for your hard employment. Please accept my earnest thanks once again .

2. Another Substitute for Old TVs

warning ! Do not buy this adapter if your television is not capable of installing and running any apps like Netflix, Disney, or Prime Video. guarantee that your television receiver can install and run those apps ahead making a purchase. Plug-and-play is not possible. Prior to buying, please take a moment to read the succeed lines
This device must be connected to the Internet ( data ), and your television, Blu-ray player, or device must have an RJ45 LAN port ( Ethernet port ) .
You can not wire this device to a television receiver via USB as a newfangled device. If you encounter any problems, please contact us. This is an ALTERNATIVE option, NOT a COMPATIBLE option, please READ BEFORE buying. Check troubleshooting in the description of this page .
In ordain to have solid blue light, you must install it once via your smartphone, pill, or personal computer, and then connect it to the television receiver ’ randomness network port. On this page, under the head “ Product guides and documents ”, there is a connection for downloading the initiation manual .
Connect this arranger to the LAN port of your television merely if you are using a wired net on the television receiver. You may use a USB punch to office the television receiver if it detects this device as an unknown device after setting it up .
besides works adenine WiFi to Ethernet transfer arranger at 2.4 GHz 300 Mbps – besides a WiFi to WiFi repeater. Should you encounter any issues, please let us know the model and brand of your television receiver. A customs setup was produced, specially for ARTISH .

3. LinkStick Adapter

In my impression, Samsung TVs are the best and I don ’ thyroxine purchase any others. The Samsung Smart television I own was purchased in 2010 and I recently moved it into a different room, so it no longer has a conduct hard connection to my router. I had to purchase this wireless submarine local area network to connect to my television receiver since it doesn ’ t come with radio receiver built-in .
facility, apparatus, and use are very straightforward. Your television ’ s back should have a USB port where you can connect the USB. When your television receiver comes up with that message, it should ask if you wish to connect wirelessly. Follow the steps and say yes. Select the name of your internet joining, enter the password ( remember it ’ s case sensible ), and expect till it connects. You can then log into your Samsung account from the chic settings of your television if it is a bright television. then sign in to your respective apps such as Netflix, Amazon defile, CinemaNow, Hulu, Facebook, etc. Some television receiver apps require a smartphone, pill, or laptop to access their codes since some use codes from websites to log in .
It is a big device for radio USB. You do not need to do anything after you have been set up .
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4.JeyHos USB WiFi Adapter

For years ago, I had an Ethernet connection connected to my Samsung television receiver. The cable association I had nearby was lost when I moved. The signal or merchandise is not a concern as I bought another non-working LAN arranger. I have no complaints about this one. In the future, I would surely buy another one if needed .
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5. FOR SAMSUNG 2009 – 2010 & 2011 BLU-RAY PLAYERS and 2010 & 2011 SAMSUNG TVs

If you have an older Smart television, this product works great, but it ’ south authoritative to check the exploiter manual to determine the correct wireless adapter to use before purchasing it. In the end, I learned the hard way that I bought a Belkin Wireless Adapter that wasn ’ t the right model or post .
I have a caution about the use of the radio arranger after experiencing difficulty interfacing my router with my wireless and wired devices after figuring out that it was not the adapter. In fact, I had to replace the router and I know because I am a steadfast Cisco customer that it was unmanageable, but the choice was the justly one .
In the past workweek, I have purchased and set up an ASUS RT-AC66U Router, which whenever connected and configured has worked flawlessly, including software upgrades and load of apps and content for use with my multiple Smart TVs. Again, read your merchandise ’ s manual to verify the arranger and then buy the exact one if it is possible to do sol or check the merchandise ’ s web site to verify if there is an alternative arranger that will work .

6. Samsung LinkStick Wireless LAN USB Adapter

I tried several methods but none of them worked. last, I called Samsung, and the ridicule explained it wasn ’ triiodothyronine working because my firmware was not up to date, but there was another way since the internet connection couldn ’ metric ton workplace. A PDF file containing instructions about how to update the firmware of my television receiver was sent to me in an e-mail from him.

A Samsung guy emailed me a pdf file. I took a video of it. Go to the Samsung web site and in the “ Know your exemplar number ? ” box, type it in, like UN40D6000SF in my case, then scroll down on the “ Manuals & Downloads ” section and then download the firmware zip up file and then follow the instructions on the pictures .
The files were copied and pasted onto the USB and then plugged into my television by using a simpleton cable. I no longer have any internet problems after my internet connection was fixed. The only thing I dislike about this television receiver and software is that it is NOT compatible with IHEART radio, nor is it compatible with Amazon Prime Video. But my 2014 Samsung television software does support the previous products. I assume that since it is an older model that they are not concerned anymore .


I am sure you have now successfully connected your Samsung television to WIFI without adapter. This guide has all the possible solution for any such problems. If placid your trouble international relations and security network ’ t solved, please get in contact via the comment section and let me help you fix it .

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