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Nintendo Switch owners enjoy the gambling experience with Joy-Cons. These are two separate controllers that are designed entirely for playing on the Nintendo Switch. however, the thing is, they have a quite non-standard shape for a regular accountant, and many people can ’ t take long to get used to them. Some people find the condition of Joy-Cons uncomfortable and the size little and prefer classic controllers from the PS or Xbox .
The good thing is, the Nintendo Switch supports other controllers like that PS4 control and Xbox One accountant so if you ’ re into one of those, all you need is to set it up with the comfort. If you want to use a PS4 accountant with your Switch, follow the steps in this guide .

Is Nintendo Switch supports third party controllers

The thing is that the Nintendo Switch is an adaptive console table. Besides the fact that it can work with the basic Nintendo controllers GameCube and Wii U Pro, it besides allows you to play on the controllers of its competitors ( PS4 and Xbox ) .
If you have a Wii U adapter, you can safely use your erstwhile GameCube control with the Switch. If you don ’ t have the default Nintendo arranger, third-party adapters can besides work all right.

In 2021, with the popularity of gaming consoles, Nintendo did a good thing by giving users the ability to combine controllers of different consoles with the Switch. If you are into fighting games, you ’ ll besides be pleased to know that you can use specialize arcade fight sticks with the Switch besides .

Is Bluetooth adapter required using a PS4 wireless controller on Nintendo Switch

If you are going to use a PS4 Dualshock accountant with your switch, you will need to get a Bluetooth adapter .
But you won ’ t be able to use the adapter that connects the Joy-Cons to the console table. Since it is designed entirely for the latter. So you must have another adapter in ordering to connect the DualShock.

There ’ s no specific Bluetooth arranger that Nintendo recommends but some of the known brands that work seamlessly with the Switch are 8bitdo and Mayflash .

How to use a wireless PS4 controller on your Nintendo Switch

once you have the third-party Bluetooth arranger taken care of, you plainly have to plug it into the dock to connect your PS4 restrainer to your Nintendo Switch.

Note: before connecting to the dock, make sure that the DualShock restrainer is not synced with the PS4. Otherwise, hindrance may occur .
In this usher, you will find out how to connect an adapter and synchronize your accountant with Nintendo Switch :

  • Plug in the USB wireless adapter into a USB port in the dock
  • Place the Nintendo Switch in the dock and turn it on
  • Wake the Switch up using a Joy-Con controller and press L+R to pair both Joy-Cons with the console
  • Go to the Nintendo Home screen and select System Settings
  • Select Controllers and Sensors
  • Select Pro Controller Wired Communication
  • Select OK
  • Push the Pairing button on your wireless adapter
  • Get your PS4 controller and hold down the PS button and Share button at the same time. If the light on the controller starts blinking, it means that it’s in pairing mode
  • Once the PS4 controller light stops blinking and turns blue, that’s an indication that it’s paired successfully with the USB wireless adapter

so now you are able to play on the Nintendo Switch with DualShock, but you keep in mind that this accountant was not in the first place created for the Nintendo Switch and be aware that somewhere there may be bugs – the console table may not recognize the accountant from time to clock time or key combinations will not work as they should in some moments .

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