How to Connect Switch to TV Without Dock | An Expert Guide

today many people are probable wondering how to connect switch to television receiver without dock ? The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the most popular Nintendo consoles of all clock time. And while it ’ s however not quite at the charge of the Nintendo DS in terms of sales, it doesn ’ metric ton look like it will be hanker before it surpasses it and has sold more overall .
One of the main reasons Nintendo Switch is so popular is that you can use it as a portable comfort and a dock. This means you can connect it to your television quite easily. But what if you don ’ t have the dock that the switch comes with ? Can you silent connect it to your television and play it in docked mode ?
We ’ ll appearance you how you can do this :

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock

  • If you want to connect your switch to your screens without its dock, you will need an HDMI to USB-C port converter.
  • Then, all you need to do is connect the USB-C portend to the switch and the HDMI end to the back of your TV. And you will need an AC adapter to power your Nintendo.
  • So you can easily use a Nintendo Switch without its dock. But you will need an adapter since your Switch console connects to its dock through a USB-C port.
  • You just need to connect the switch’s output via USB-C to your TV’s input; the best option for this is usually HDMI.
  • Finding an adapter for this is fairly easy and won’t be too expensive either.
  • It’s definitely worth buying one if you don’t feel like carrying your dock around; you can even keep it in your bag, ready to go if you want to use your switch while traveling.
  • Some older USB-C adapters may not work, so you may need to choose a newer one to properly connect your switch to your TV.
  • Note that this also needs a power supply. You will need an additional plug and a USB to USB or USB to Micro USB cable to use it, as the adapter must be powered. It will also keep your switch charged when you are using it.
  • This is the easiest way to connect a Switch to your TV without having the dock.

Now You Can Mirror Your Nintendo Switch to a TV

You don ’ t need the Nintendo Switch docked to play games on a TV. All you need is a compatible USB-C cable to HDMI adapter and a suitable stand ( optional ). In light, if you ’ re away from home or the dock is damaged, you can play Nintendo Switch games on a big screen .
And with the possibility of radio streaming for Nintendo Switch on the horizon, having the trade docked is increasingly an option you can walk away from .

How to Connect the Switch to the TV with the Dock?

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock
The procedure is extremely simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open the back cover of the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Connect the USB plug of the Nintendo Switch AC adapter.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the bottom terminal of the dock, labeled “HDMI OUT”, then connect the other end to an HDMI port on your TV or monitor

Nintendo Switch Compatible USB-C to HDMI Adapters

This appliance is designed to do good that. This appliance, a USB charger, and an HDMI cable are all ask. Attach this device to your switch via the USB port, and then attach the HDMI cable between this device and the television receiver .

  • Finally, connect the USB power supply to the port on the device, and it will function immediately.
  • There is a tiny delay, and you may need to push the power button many times to turn the screen on and off, but it’s a rapid operation that works just as it should.
  • I would suggest this device to anyone who wants to see their Switch on TV without using the dock.
  • Few companies are as keen to push the boundaries as Nintendo when it comes to innovation.
  • They created the first rumbling function and huge, trigger-style controller with the N64, built a motion control experience with the Wii that enthralled a generation of gamers.
They even piqued the interest of non-gamers all across the world. Nintendo made another giant step forward with the switch.

It was created as a hybridization between a hand-held and a standard console. In dock mood, you place it adjacent to your television, and it connects to it. It may be undock and used as a portable comfort .
A wide-eyed range of accessories is compatible with the switch. Although it connects to the dock through USB Type-C, the Type-C port may be used for about anything else. For example, we ’ ve already examined Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapters. When you ’ ra not in dock modality, you may utilize Bluetooth controllers and other accessories. other solutions, such as Ethernet adapters, are besides available .
In effect, the Nintendo Switch can do everything it does in a dock manner in undock manner. This means that the dock is becoming disused in many ways .

How to Put the Switch in TV mode?

Connect the AC adapter to a exponent exit. Connect the HDMI cable to the television receiver. Detach the Joy-Con controllers from the console table if you want to use them while the cabinet is in television receiver mode. Align the cabinet with the foundation and then push the console down .

How to Connect the Switch to the TV Wirelessly?

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock
It is presently not possible to wirelessly connect or stream the Nintendo Switch shield to your television receiver. however, there is a crowdfunding campaign, Genki ShadowCast, which allows you to connect any console that comes to a calculator with USB-C input .

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch is specifically designed “ to play Nintendo Switch titles in hand-held mode. ” It is one of the big differences compared to the original Nintendo Switch. This console table precisely stood out for playing in different game modes such as in television modality connected to the television receiver, desktop modality with classify Joy-Cons, or the portable modality that Nintendo Switch Lite besides has. In short, it is an propagation of what the normal switch can not do .

More compact, less versatile

The modern Nintendo Switch Lite is a slenderly smaller option to the original cabinet. It has a sum size of 91.1 x 208 x 13.9 millimeters, about like a call, and the weight is besides reduced from 297 grams to 275 grams .
This size reduction besides applies to the screen, which is nowadays 5.5 inches on a capacitive touch LCD panel. The resolution remains at 1,280×720 pixels.

As for the Nintendo Switch Lite battery, the six hours of gameplay promised by Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch are maintained, although they besides indicate that it improves between 20 % and 30 % due to the efficiency of the raw chip .
It will always depend on the use of the comfort and the games or apps that are being used. possibly the most differential and significant aspect is the game modes and the options offered to connect or disconnect external accessories .

There are some points to take into account:
  • It does not allow you to use TV mode, nor is there video output.
  • It does not allow using of the desktop mode without Joy-Con EXR.
  • The controls are integrated and cannot be separated from the console.
  • Joy-Con controllers can be connected separately to play games compatible with the desktop mode.
  • Charging also requires an external charger such as the charging stand for Joy-Con controllers.
  • Not compatible with the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • It is not compatible with Nintendo Labo.
  • Otherwise, there are no notable differences between the two consoles. According to Nintendo, the performance is the same, and connectivity via Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth is the same.
  • It is also possible to use previously purchased accessories such as the Switch Pro, the Poke Ball Plus, or the Joy-Con above.

How to Connect Switch Lite to TV without a Dock?

YouTube video

  • Disconnect the USB-C and HDMI extension cable from the back of the cradle.
  • Mount the switch on a stand or place it on a table near the TV.
  • Connect the USB-C power cables and HDMI cable to the USB-C to HDMI adapter.
  • Now connect the adapter to the Nintendo Switch.

NADESSA Switch Dock, a Replacement for the Nintendo

Switch docking station
This is an excellent bobtail for the switch .
The following are the main points:

  • It is small.
  • It’s economical.
  • It is the same color as the switch.
  • I bought this dock because I wanted another dock for visiting family and traveling. It works well and is fairly simple. You just unfold it. It’s time to flip the switch and plug in the ports. It’s all ready to go. It fits nicely in my switch box, and I haven’t had any problems with it.
  • This switch is ideal for people who are on the go. They prefer to play on a screen instead of using their hands. It is also great for those looking for a low-cost second dock.

How to Connect Switch to TV Without Dock: FAQs

Can the Nintendo Switch be connected directly to the TV?

You will need an HDMI to USB-C elongation cable converter if you want to connect your switch to your television without the dock. All you need to do is connect the USB-C end to the switch and the HDMI end to the back of your television. This way, you will be able to use the Nintendo Switch without the bobtail .

Do you need a Nintendo Switch docking station?

A Nintendo Switch can be used without the pier. however, since your switch connects to its dock via a USB-C connection, you will need to buy an arranger. Just connect the switch ’ sulfur end product to your television ’ south stimulation via USB-C ; HDMI is normally the best option for this .

Can a Nintendo Switch be used without a TV?

No, since the Nintendo Switch has a built-in screen, it can be used without a television, unlike the Wii U, which first required the cabinet connected to a television receiver and then the gamepad, which was just a accountant with a screen .

Why won’t my Nintendo Switch dock connect to the TV?

Unplug the HDMI cable and might cord from the Switch Dock. Try turning off the television receiver and Nintendo Switch at the same time. When the time has elapsed, reconnect all devices and turn them on. now try connecting the Nintendo Switch to the dock to see if the trouble is solved .

Why doesn’t the Switch Dock work?

The Switch Dock will not work vitamin a intended if not enough power is supplied, causing difficulties such as not charging or connecting to the television receiver properly. Make sure you use the original Switch Dock ability cord and plug it into a break power wall socket .

Can any HDMI cable be used with Nintendo Switch?

Any high-quality HDMI cable would suffice. The master Nintendo cable is made in Indonesia and is of excellent quality.

Does Nintendo Switch have Bluetooth?

The Nintendo Switch includes Bluetooth 4.1 functionality, which allows the cabinet and its controllers to communicate wirelessly .

Bottom Line

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to the television receiver without the bobtail can be a long-winded job, but with a little solitaire and commitment, it will be extremely easy. besides, having Power Banks can be a great advantage for you. We hope you ’ ve learned more about how to connect the interchange to the television receiver without a dock .

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