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Note: Printers are now managed by Active Directory groups and the user needs to be added to the proper group to see and access the printer. If you have not been added to the proper group you will get an “Access denied” error or a prompt asking for a username and password.
Note: This will only work on University managed devices.  For assistance, contact Technology Help. 

  • Not all users have access to all printers 
  • oit-printgen and oit-printprem servers are preferred. OIT-printgen if the printers do not have scanning capability, use oit-printprem if the printers have scanning capability.
  • oit-printlgcy is only used for printers with specialized legacy drivers, administrative rights may be required to install the printer on devices.
  • Printer naming standard: ASR-WmsonH-160-HP476C (HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476 series belongs to Academic Support Resources in 160 Williamson. The C after the model indicating COLOR capabilities)

Adding A Printer From Directory

sometimes adding the printer is easier if you search by hostname.

  1. Open Printers and Scanners, easiest to find by searching in the start menu
  2. Select Add Printer or Scanner
  3. After the printer list starts populating, Scroll down and select the option “The printer that I want isn’t listed”
  4. On the new window that appears, select “Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature” then click Next
  5. A new dialog window will appear and in the Name field you can search for the name of the printer, or even the department the printer is in, I will be using OIT as an example. After you have added your search term, click “Find Now”
  6. A list of printers will appear, double click the printer you would like to add, then click next through the prompts that appear and your printer should be added. Printing a test page may show up as an option and is recommended to verify the connection.

Adding a printer directly

  1. From your keyboard, hit the Windows key Key on the keyboard with the Windows logo and R key R key on the keyboard at the same time, it will open the Run window.
  2. Type \\ or \\ or \\ (this is based on the server the printer exists on. OIT-Printgen is for standard printers, OIT-Printprem is used for multi-function devices, and OIT-PrintLgcy is used only for printer objects that cannot be configured ) and either hit Enter or click OK. The printer server window will open.
    OIT-PRINTGen window.
  3. Find the printers you want to install and double click it.
  4. Print a test page to verify your printer works properly.

Additional Information

If you are unable to add the printer this way, you may not have been granted access to use this printer. For aid please send a message to [ electronic mail protected ] listing the name of the printer you would like entree to print .

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