Reasons why there is no sound in the Zoom app on Android

The drug user, when joining the meeting, may not understand why audio is not working in Zoom on Android telephone. After all, initially, all the interlocutors will be silent, flush when you can see from the video that they are saying something. At first glance, it might appear that this is some kind of error or communication trouble. But in reality, this is not only one argue .


When joining a Zoom on-line meeting, the user alone sees other participants but does not hear them. This is due to the fact that he has not however managed to connect to the sound recording conference. This have is not excessively obvious, because there is nothing like this in other services .
operation for connecting to an sound recording conference :

  1. Open Zoom on your smartphone and join an Internet conversation.
  2. Activate the control elements by tapping on the screen.
  3. Now click on the «Join Audio» option.
  4. And then – on the inscription «Wifi or Cellular Data».Join audio chat in mobile app

now the manner of speaking of the interlocutors will be heard by you. And to speak yourself, activate the microphone in the mobile application. Unmute button in mobile app
Do not forget that the problem may lie in the banal volume of the device. Try raising it or turning off silent manner.

You will have to connect to the audio groove every time, and this will strain many users. It will be useful for them to know that this procedure can be made automatic pistol. For this :

  1. Open the main Zoom window and visit the «Settings» tab. If you don’t have anything like that on your screen, but there are only two buttons for entering and one for registering, then create an account and log in to the system according to our instructions.
  2. Now tap on the «Meeting» section to get to the desired parameter page.Meeting Settings in mobile app
  3. Next, open «Auto-connect to Audio».
  4. Turn on the «Use Wifi or Cellular Data» mode.Auto-connect to Audio option in mobile app
  5. Close the settings page.

The problem must be resolved. But if this did not happen, then proceed to the section of extra measures in our article.

extra measures

It happens that the method described above failed to enable reasoned in Zoom conferences from an Android earphone. In this case, it is worth checking if you have drowned out all the participants. This will be indicated by the speaker picture at the top of the screen door, slightly to the right of which there will be a «cross». Tap on it to hear other users ’ language. Unmute speakers in mobile meeting
If this does not help, then it is deserving reconnecting to the video league. And the last haunt is to reinstall the application :

  1. Open the «Play Store» on your device. It is a store for installing applications on the Android platform.
  2. Use the search function to navigate to the Zoom download page.
  3. Tap on the «Delete» button.
  4. Confirm this action.Uninstall Zoom from Play Store
  5. Then run reinstallation.
  6. Open Zoom.
  7. Sign in to your account if you have one.
  8. Connect to an internet meeting and activate access to the audio conference following the instructions above.

At the beginning motivate, grant the Zoom app all the want permissions .

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