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Google Smart Technology: Link Lights to Google Home

One of the latest extra features of Google Home is the smart lights feature of speech. That ‘s right ! You can now voice-control your lights barely like in the movies !
Google Home allows you to use its voice Assistant, enabling you to operate your lights as you please. And what ‘s more, learning how to link lights to Google Home is very easy ! You only need to have the right products, and you ‘re thoroughly to go .
Below, we ’ ll express you the few easy steps to successfully linking up your lights to Google Home and some useful commands you should try .
But first, here ’ s what you ’ ll want ;

  • A timbre Google Home speaker with Google Assistant
  • compatible smart sparkle bulbs
  • Google Assistant app on your smartphone ( Android or io )

With these in hand, hera ’ s how to go about it .

Step-by-Step Guide to Link Lights to Google Home

Step 1: Setup your lights on the Google Home App

first, you ’ ll have to find your inner light medulla oblongata in the Google Home app and add them to the list of manipulate devices. here ’ s how to do it .

  • Open your Google Home app .
  • Click on the total device picture, ( + icon ) normally on the top leave corner of the app .
  • Select the setup device then set up new devices in your home .
  • You should now see the lights available. Choose the lights you want to link with the app .
  • The selected light bulbs should blink .

Step 2: Customize lights by rooms

once you ’ ve added your lights to the Google Home app, it ’ randomness now time to group them by rooms for easier control condition. here ’ s how to do it .

  • Scroll and tap the ‘ Add custom-made board ’ section and appoint the room list of the lights. therefore, if you want the lights in the kitchen, you can name them ‘Kitchen lights. ’
  • following, you ‘ll be asked to create alone names for your bulb. This will make it easier to control individual lights in a room. therefore, if there are two bulbs in the living room, you can name one, ‘study lights ‘, and the other, ‘dining lights. ‘ ( Avoid including the room name for this part, as you ‘ve already specified the board in the previous step ) .
  • now, select your bulb for each room. They should all blink once selected .
  • Setup is now accomplished, tap on the Done icon .

Step 3: Control your lights with the Google Home speaker

Congratulations ! You ’ ve now completed linking your lights to Google Home. now it ’ second time to make sure that they all work. The best way to do this is by testing out different commands and watching if they all cultivate.

Remember, before dishing out any command ; you need to start with ‘Ok Google ‘ or ‘Hey Google ‘ then the command. For example. “ Ok Google, turn on the kitchen lights ” .
Some of the most common commands you should try include :

  • ‘ Ok Google, Dim the cogitation lights to 25 % ’ – To dim the lights .
  • ‘Ok Google, brighten the lights to 75 % ‘ – To increase the luminosity .
  • ‘ Ok Google, turn off/on all the lights ’ – To turn off/on the lights .
  • ‘ Ok Google, set bedroom lights to 50 % ’ – To modify a room ’ second brightness .

You can also use Google Home to change the light colors for your bulbs using these commands :

  • ‘ Hey Google, set lights to bright white ’ – To change your Tunable white light bulb to a vibrant color ’ .
  • ‘ Hey Google, set lights to candlelight ’ – To change your tunable white bulbs to sleep color .
  • ‘ Hey Google, change lights to 2700 kelvins ’ – To change the color temperature of your tunable whiten light bulb .

professional peak : All the color commands work entirely on tunable egg white luminosity light bulb. furthermore, Google Home recognizes commands for a specific board if both the speaker and the smart bulb are in that room. so, if the bulb are in the kitchen, and the speaker is besides in the kitchen, and you say, “ Hey Google, turn on the lights ”, only the kitchen lights will turn on .

What if Google Home isn’t finding your bulb?

This mistake occurs during the beginning pace of linking. If your Google Home international relations and security network ’ metric ton finding your light bulb, hera are a few things you can try :

  • Try turning off the bulb for about 10 seconds then turn it on .
  • If it doesn ’ thyroxine work, check whether you have the latest version of the Google Home app and update if you don ’ triiodothyronine .
  • If that doesn ’ thymine exploit either, coerce close the app and factory reset the app .

Final thoughts

Linking your lights to Google Home is very fast and easy.

By merely setting up the lights on the Google Home app, customizing the lights by room and testing them by spokesperson manipulate, you ’ ll have this chic technology running in no time .
so, stop living the illusion, and take control of your home lights today !
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