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As you probably already know, Zoom is a identical commodious tool that allows people to continue shape or school despite the pandemic. If you have recorded a Zoom recording you credibly wonder how to access the television. besides, if you notice that your Zoom recordings are an unknown file type, it is because you have to convert them to mp4 .
thankfully, it is a fairly childlike action that does not require any early programs. This article will show you how to convert Zoom recordings to mp4 files, in fact, we describe 3 methods you can use. But to record a meet, you have to be the host or be given license to do it .
Zoom automatically converts the raw video to an mp4 file at the end of a meeting. But if the process is interrupted the video will be saved as a .zoom file. To convert a Zoom recording manually, open Zoom and click on “Meetings”, then “Recorded”, click the recording you wish to convert, finally click on ”Convert”.

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Create the Recording 

You will first have to create the recording by going into the Zoom meet and cluck on Record. Zoom allows you to choose whether you want to store the recordings on your calculator or the cloud. Both options have some benefits and drawbacks .
If you want to store it on your computer, you want to convert the files into mp4 because they take up little space without losing quality. If you choose to go with cloud storehouse, you will need a Kaltura account to store the files .

Access the Recording

You can well find your Zoom recordings by going to the Documents folder on your computer and opening the Zoom booklet. alternatively, copy and paste the follow address : carbon : \Users\USERNAME\Documents but change the “ USERNAME ” into the computer username that you use .
The local anesthetic Zoom folders have the date, time, and meet list, which is pretty useful if you want to organize all your videos .
hint : You should make a back up of all your recordings. The recordings have both the video file and the chat log in text form .

Converting the Recording 

Method 1 

Converting a raw Zoom commemorate is not unmanageable. This happens when a meet gets interrupted or ended abruptly without giving Zoom time to convert the raw file to mp4. The automatic pistol action is great and commodious most of the time. however, when you don ’ t have meter to let the program do its caper, fear not. You can constantly do it by and by and here ’ s how :
Step 1: Open Zoom
How to convert a Zoom recording - Step 1

Step 2: Go to Meetings > Recorded
How to convert a Zoom recording - Step 2

Step 3: Find the recording you wish to convert to mp4
How to convert a Zoom recording - Step 3

Step 4: Click on Convert
How to convert a Zoom recording - Step 4

Step5: If necessary you can stop the conversion
How to convert a Zoom recording - Step 5

You won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to do this most of the time because Zoom converts all files by default even if you don ’ triiodothyronine click on it. This makes Zoom a very commodious program for teachers because they have evidence of attendance and how the class went .

Method 2

If you are having problems with Zoom, it may be because it has not been updated. Programs require regular updates because of compatibility issues and to make surely that everything works as intended. hera is a second way to convert the recording to an mp4 video recording :

  • Find the recording on your computer in Documents 
  • Double click on a file that starts with “double_click”

If it doesn ’ thyroxine exercise immediately, you have to update Zoom. And if you can ’ metric ton update or if the file is still determined to be cumbersome, consider reinstalling Zoom to make it oeuvre .

Method 3 

Another possible way to convert it involves a slightly more complex method. here is a bit-by-bit on how it ’ randomness done :

  • Open Zoom
  • Open the folder in which the recording you wish to convert is located in Documents
  • Start a new meeting and turn on recording but do not stop or pause it. 
  • While recording, open the newly created folder of the ongoing meeting in a separate window
  • Copy the recording that you wish to convert and paste it into the new folder of the ongoing meeting
  • Stop recording and it should automatically convert the recording. Alternatively, you may have to click on convert

This is pretty much all there is to it. Zoom has made it very simple and very convenient to convert the recordings to mp4. You don ’ t have to and should not install any third-party apps that may harm your calculator. entirely do that if you have tried all the methods from above and it still doesn ’ t work .
In case you are still experiencing problems with converting the mp4 file, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

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Not Enough Storage Space

The error code for this is [ Error Code 614 ] in the Zoom program. This happens when the harrow where Zoom stores recordings is full. The standard place for storage is the C : \ harrow. You can easily fix all your storage problems by either buying more space or deleting unnecessary files .
If you use Zoom regularly, you probably want to get a cheaper, slower unvoiced phonograph record that you can use entirely for Zoom recordings. If you already have another arduous phonograph record, you can change the finish folder by following these steps :

  • Open Zoom
  • Go to Settings (cogwheel icon in the top right)
  • Go to the Recording tab
  • You will see “Store my recording at:” and “Change” next to it.
  • Click on “Change” and choose your destination folder. You can go to “This PC” and scroll down until you see your SSD or HDD that you want to write to. Remember to make a new folder for Zoom so that you can find it later.

When it comes to cleaning up your harrow, the best and easiest method acting is to use Windows ’ built-in Disk Cleanup cock. Avoid third-party programs and apps because they much make your calculator slow. hera is a bit-by-bit :

  • Go to Start 
  • Type “Disk Cleanup” and open it. Alternatively, you can find it in the Control Panel
  • Choose the drive that you want to clean up
  • Choose which files you want to keep and which you want to delete. You may want to clean up system files too because these can take up a lot of space on your C:\ drive and they are mostly redundant files
  • Press “OK” and wait for the program to finish and you will now have more space for your Zoom recordings

Invalid Path

Another identical common issue is the invalid working path or booklet topic. This is tied to the first one because it happens when the folder that you selected is not a valid one or the path string to it isn ’ metric ton. You just have to change the destination path to a valid folder in the Zoom application. You can find the steps to do it above .

Common Issues 

There are a few more reasons why Zoom stops converting the bleak file to mp4. Unfortunately, some of these result in corrupted files that can ’ thymine be converted, but some of these are reversible. For model, if you change the file name of a “ double_click ” file, it may get corrupted and not converted as it should .
conversely, if you change the file name back into its original department of state, it can restore the file. Another consequence that is alike to this matchless is when you turn off or close your laptop while Zoom is hush converting the file, it can result in a corrupted file. thankfully, Zoom normally stops the conversion at sudden shutdowns, so it ’ s not a common emergence .
There may besides be some errors that show up as “ Internal errors ”. These errors are most much caused by the mismatch of the program and your calculator. These are called logic issues or invalid commands that are not your fault. Try all the possible ways as mentioned above if you get these errors if you want to save your recording .


Zoom is a fantastic platform that allows people to continue study and department of education from home. It is besides great that you can record and store all Zoom calls through the app and keep the old world chat besides. The nonpayment conversion that happens when you allow Zoom to automatically convert the bare-assed file to .mp4 is very commodious and economic .
For model, you can upload the charge to YouTube without losing besides much quality. And flush longer calls will only take a few minutes to upload. unfortunately, sometimes things happen that make previous recordings inaccessible. But wear ’ metric ton worry, you can save the file by following the steps from the article .
Make surely that you always let Zoom finish converting the file when you end your record. If you are in a hurry, pause it and then convert the file when you have more time. It normally won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get corrupt, even when the calculator is turned off ascribable to a baron outage or some similar issue .
The first matter that you should always do with Zoom is to update the course of study. If it distillery doesn ’ metric ton work, follow all the early steps. If you are getting an strange error code, you can constantly Google it and see the rationality behind it .
Some of them are quite slowly to fix, like the Error Code 614 for memory. You barely need to make adequate space for Zoom recordings because the raw files that are made temporarily during recordings can get reasonably large before they get converted to mp4 .

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Tosh Lubek runs an audio and video production business in the UK and has been using the Canon EOS R since it was released in the Autumn of 2018. He has used the television camera to shoot television receiver commercials for Sky television, promotional business video, video of events and functions, and YouTube creator contentedness. He has besides won international awards for his advertise and promotional work. You can meet him by visiting his “ video booth ” at HashTag business events across the area .

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