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Hi Dave ! My local history club wants to have Zoom meetings and somehow I ’ ve ended up being the suffer host. What ’ s the easiest way for me to send everyone a connection so they can join the touch at the proper time ?

Turns out that there are a draw of different ways you can invite people to join you for a Zoom touch or schedule one for the future. Because Zoom wants to be a accessible as possible, however, these invites can often be a snatch baffling to create and share, however, with confusing data about international dial-in numbers and much more. For most of us, however, all we need is a url connection and possibly a password and we ’ rhenium on-line and ready to go !
While there is a Zoom Web interface, the best way to use the popular television conference and touch service is through its dedicate app. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already have that installed on your Mac or Windows system ( or pad or smartphone ), grab a copy by going to zoom.us/download and grab the client app, the first one on the list of programs. Launch it, log in to your account ( or set up an report if you don ’ t have one so far on Zoom ) and you should be looking at a window like this :

The absolutely easy way to get a suffer going is to click on the “ New Meeting ” link and start a meet. But a better strategy might well be to rather click ( or tap ! ) on the bantam down face “ V ” merely after the words “ New Meeting ”, which will bring up a couple of options in a menu :

Every single Zoom user gets a personal meeting ID ( PMI ) – mine is 659 029 3007 – and knowing person ’ second PMI lets you jump into their converge if they have one in advance. But click on the “ > ” after your own PMI and there ’ randomness another menu that appears :

As shown, you can choose “ Copy Invitation ” and nowadays you have in your copy/paste buffer a big, long message from Zoom detailing how people can join your meet ( once you start it ; as the host, your meeting won ’ t actually start until you click on the big orange “ New Meeting ” button ). That email looks like this :

You can barely open up an e-mail message to your history golf club members and paste this into the message body or post it to the group ’ s Facebook foliate or similar, but since people in truth equitable want a link, not all this complicated information about H.323/SIP rooms ( whatever they are ), you can besides just grab the link and password ( if you have one set ) from the paragraph that starts “ Join from PC, Mac, Linux, io or Android… ” and delete everything else. MUCH easier .
excessively complicated ? Okay, here ’ s a second way to get this information that might be easier. Start a suffer ! Yep, just pawl or tap on that big orange “ New Meeting ” button. You ’ ll soon enough see something like this :

well, you probably won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have me looking at you, but you get the basic idea. 🙂
now, along the bottom are a short ton of buttons, but the one you want is “ Participants “. Click on that :

Choose “ Invite ” and it ’ ll bring up a big windowpane of contacts from versatile sites that looks like this :

Lots of options, including electronic mail as one of the pill, but all you in truth need is the link on the lower leave ( highlighted ) : “ Copy Invite Link “. Do that and you ’ ll immediately have just the URL Zoom Web link in your copy / spread buffer. It ’ ll look something like this :


Since I ’ thousand affiliated with the University of Denver, our Zoom links include “ udenver ” but yours will be more like “ www.zoom.us ” alternatively. This is the link that you want to contribution with your friends, colleagues, family, club members, whatever. You can text them ( again, it ’ second in the imitate / paste buffer zone sol Edit > Paste will do the occupation ), send it in electronic mail, post it to a Facebook or LinkedIn group, whatever you ’ five hundred prefer .
note : Your meeting connection is the lapp regardless of when your meet starts or whether it ’ s running or not, so this technique will besides work if you want to start a meet just to get the connection, then quit the meeting until the appointed clock time and go steady .


For bonus points, try using the Zoom meeting scheduler alternatively. Click on “ Schedule ” rather of “ New Meeting ” on the home screen of the Zoom app and you ’ ll see this determined of options for your approaching converge :

here you can name the suffer ( like “ History Club Monthly Meeting ” ), specify startle and end dates and time, set it as a recurring meet, use a passcode or waiting room to ensure random folk preceptor ’ thymine join and mess things up, disable participant video ( certain to get your cabaret members upset ! ) and more. All quite handy if you want to experiment with the Zoom meet scheduler, or, as I said in the beginning, you can just get that meeting URL and go from there. beneficial fortune !

note : I ’ ve scrambled my own personal meet ID information on the screenshots above so preceptor ’ t be surprised if you try to join me on Zoom barely to find that the URL or PMI doesn ’ metric ton shape. good protecting my own privacy and that of my students, ya know .
Pro Tip: I’ve been writing about Zoom since it started to become popular! Please do check out my other Zoom help pages for lots more useful tutorials to get you up to speed. Thanks.

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