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ever liked a video recording on YouTube then much that you wanted to save but couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, well then, we have got you covered. With Snappea you can easily download your favored music and video from YouTube with its YouTube copy link download feature. It is simple, condom, and dislodge to use whether you are using a personal computer or Mac. You can besides use this application on a mobile telephone supporting both Android and io to download imitate link from YouTube.


Part 1. Solution for Android users
Part 2. Solution for PC or Mac Users
Part 3. Other Features of Snappea

Part 1. Solution for Android users

Snappea for Android is exchangeable to the Snappea Online downloader ; simple and easy. The app can be downloaded free of monetary value from the official web site. It is a lightweight app so you don ’ t need a lot storage in your call however you will need to take a few steps to ensure your device allows you to download this app and use it to its utmost electric potential. Let ’ s walk through the steps in detail about how you can download and use Snappea for Android and download copied links from YouTube.
copy link download youtube
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Step 1: Allow the device to install apps from unknown sources and download the app

due to security and privacy threats, this is turned off to ensure your data is condom. Navigate to ‘ Security and Privacy ’ in settings and turn this off. The extension will be automatically set on your YouTube app once you install and run Snappea for Android.
youtube video download copy link

Step 2: Start searching for the desired media

There are two options to download YouTube videos using the app. You can search the keyword on Snappea. This will show the results from multiple platforms such as Google. The other option is to just open the YouTube app and voyage to the desired television.
youtube link copy download

Step 3: Download

Whichever choice you choose, you will see a little arrow saying download next to the television or below it in the options section. Go ahead and download your media in your desire format and resolution with Snappea for Android.
youtube copy link download video

Part 2. Solution for PC or Mac Users

Snappea Online Downloader is an extremely user-friendly and lightweight platform to download your front-runner videos from YouTube. It is free and has no specify on downloads that you make using this platform. Downloading the television with Snappea ’ s YouTube copy connection download feature can be american samoa bare as imitate and pasting the craved yoke on the Snappea Online Downloader to save the file to your computer. This is due to an consolidation between YouTube and Snappea which allows you to download to copied radio link from YouTube. Let ’ s have a detail expect at how you can copy links and download videos from YouTube.
youtube copy link video download
Snappea Online Downloader

Step 1: Search up the desired video and copy its URL

open YouTube and navigate to the video recording you wish the download from YouTube.
Copy the link of the video recording from the address cake by selecting it and pressing ‘ Ctrl+C ’ or making a right-click and then pressing ‘ Copy ’ .

Step 2: Open the Snappea Online Downloader and paste the URL

Follow the associate to open the downloader. Go ahead and paste the URL that you previously copied of the video that you wish to download, and press ‘ Enter ’.
copy link youtube video download

Step 3: Download

Snappea gives you multiple options including the quality and format that you wish to download your television in. Go ahead choose and press download to choose the file localization of the download YouTube video.
The steps are dim-witted and more or less the same for Windows, Mac OS, and iPhone users to copy links and download videos from YouTube.
copy link download youtube

Part 3. Other Features of Snappea

While the independent have of Snappea is download copy yoke from YouTube, it offers much more than that to ensure you have a radio receiver entertainment have. other key features that are alike and easy to use are converting the television into multiple file formats such as MP3 or MP4.
furthermore, if you merely want to download your favorite song in sound recording you can choose the download audio choice. These features besides require the aforesaid steps. last but not least you can download the latest ringtones, birthdays songs, your favorite season, and potentially anything with Snappea. All of this can be arsenic bare as copy-pasting the craved link to the Snappea downloader. Its compatibility and chasteness differentiate it from any other downloader available. It is absolve of cost with no terminus ad quem on the media that a drug user can copy link and download video from YouTube. So, go ahead and explore Snappea to make your entertainment experience more delightful than ever .
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