How to setup a Minecraft server on Windows 10.

How to setup a Minecraft server on Windows 10.

Step 1: Downloading the software.

first off you are going to have to download the server software provided by Mojang. You can find it at this yoke : hypertext transfer protocol : //

When you are done download, you will need to make a booklet somewhere on your computer called megahertz server. then drag the file you just downloaded into it. Yours should look something like this thus far .1*LQZVAFmFD5V7Ofidu5fnKg

Step 2: Setting it up.

In this folder you are going to make a newly text document. Call it “ start ”. now in this text text file you are going to copy and paste this command : “ java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar server.jar nogui ” Yours should look like this .1*zwD7oianGGi2RSDovIXleg now go to the exceed and press “ File ” and voyage to the “ Save As ” clitoris. You are going to change the name from “ beginning ” to “ start.bat ”. now change the “ Save as type ” to “ All Files ”. It should look like this .1*Vb8GyA8aROGqhvOKUGpzeg now you can exit out of the text document and delete it from your megahertz server folder. Your folder should look like this .1*aQ n2P9VjJ4X aKfIBDLsA

Step 3: Starting the server.

Go ahead and double click your “ begin ”. A command prompt should pop up and disappear. This means your “ start.bat ” is working but your server is not working barely yet. If you look back in to the megahertz server folder you will see 3 fresh files . You are going to need to accept the eula document. Go ahead and open up the textbook charge called “ eula ” and change “ eula=false ” to “ eula=true ”. Save and close. now head back over to your “ start.bat ” and open it up again. A command prompt should pop up and look similar to this .1*jXLOQqQG4bbPMT0nMaGs5g If this popped up, congrats you just formally made a Minecraft server but we are not done so far.

Step 4: Customizing your server / Understanding your server.

  1. How to start and stop your server. When ever you want to start your new server all you need to do is double click the “start.bat” file you made. Once you are done playing, all you need to do is type “stop” in the command prompt that opened.

In order to use your server you need to have that command prompt opened. You can minimize it but you cannot close it. 2. Changing how your server acts. In regulate to change setting you are going to need to open the “ ” file. In order to open this file you are going to want to right snap on it and choose “ Open With ”. Click more apps and blue-ribbon notepad. nowadays that you have this opened we can talk about what each option does .1*Thanks to for this list.

Step 5: Playing on your server.

nowadays that you have adjusted everything you credibly want to play some Minecraft with your friends. To play you have 3 options .

  1. Locally(Same PC) — This is if you just want to play alone.
  2. Internally(Lan) — This is for you and your friends to play together on the same WIFI.
  3. Externally(Outside Lan) — This is for your friends to connect from anywhere in the world.

Option 1. Locally: We will start with option 1. In order to connect you are going to open Minecraft and urge Multiplayer. nowadays go to “ Add Server ”. For the waiter name you make it whatever you want. In the server cover area you can either character “ 0 ” or “ LocalHost ”. This will connect you to your server and you are free to play.

Option 2. Internally(Lan): so you have some friends over you want to play with. In ordering for your friends to connect they are going to need your ipv4 address. I personally recommend going to https : // and getting it. You can besides get it by opening up cmd and type in “ ipconfig ”. This will besides give you it vitamin a well as all of your other information science configurations. once you have this just give it to your friends and have them enter it into the server savoir-faire field and they should be able to connect. Option 3. Externally(Outside Lan): This is the best option for person that wants to play with friends that live army for the liberation of rwanda aside or even out of the country. For this you are going to need your ipv4 arsenic well but there are some excess steps. You will need to port ahead your router to allow others to connect via your port. The default Minecraft port is 25565. There are many videos on Youtube to help you port forward. Every supplier is unlike. indeed look up how to port advancing for “ your supplier ”. once this is done then just send your ipv4 to your friends and they should be able to connect .

The End.

Let me know if you would like to see more tutorials ; anything computer or clientele related and I would love to help you out. I would love to hear your comments and tell me what you need help with following .

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