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There are a few different ways to schedule erstwhile use meetings : through the Zoom web site or the Zoom app .

Creating a Meeting using the Zoom Website

Login to your Zoom report at hypertext transfer protocol : // and then do the comply :

  • Click on Meetings on the left-side menu
  • Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
    • Enter a name for the meeting in the Topic field
    • Enter a description if you would like to
    • Select the date and time of the meeting
    • Adjust the remaining settings as needed
      • It is recommended that you choose Computer Audio instead of the default Both setting.
    • When ready, click the Save button.
    • After saving your meeting, the next page will provide the Meeting URL that you can share, it is in the format of:
      • NOTE: To get back to this page in the future, just go to the main My Meetings page on the left-side menu and click on your meeting to find the URL. You can also edit the meeting from here.

Creating a Meeting using the Zoom app

Open the Zoom app and sign of the zodiac in to your Zoom report .

  • On the Zoom app Home screen, click the Schedule button

05 app main schedule

  • In the Schedule a new meeting window, change the Topic field at the top if you would like a different name for your meeting
  • Adjust the date and time as needed
  • Under Audio Options, change it to Computer Audio only
    • If you do not see this option, look for VoIP Only instead
  • Adjust any additional settings as needed. Some settings are hidden under Advanced Options under the Meeting Options at the bottom.
  • When done, click the Schedule button.
    • If you selected Outlook under the Calendar section and have Outlook installed/setup, an Outlook window will appear with all the Zoom meeting information including the Meeting URL to share with others.
    • If you selected Other Calendars under the Calendar section, it will pop-up a window with invitation information including the Meeting URL to share with others.

05 app main schedule2

Creating a Quick Meeting using the Zoom app

To promptly create a new erstwhile meet, open the Zoom background app and login to your bill. From the Zoom family screen, click the Start with video or Start without video button.

05 app main1

IMPORTANT: When starting a meeting through the Zoom app, by nonpayment you are assigned a random Meeting ID that you will need to share with the participants so they can join the meeting .
If you ’ d rather the Start with video push button not use random Meeting ID ’ s every time and to always use your personal meet ID associated with your Zoom account, click on the Meetings yellow journalism at the bottom of the Zoom app and then select Always use PMI for instant meetings on this computer .
05 app meetings pmi

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