How to Cancel Your Spotify Account

Spotify is one of the top music stream services, offering release and paid access to more than 82 million songs on-line at last count. A give plan adds respective useful features, but possibly you do n’t use it enough to justify the monthly cost. possibly you ‘ve switched to a equal service like Apple Music, or possibly you object to some of the content and personalities on Spotify and no longer care to give the ship’s company your business ( like Neil Young ). Whatever the reason, here ‘s how to remove your ties to Spotify .

Cancel Spotify Premium

The pay Premium translation adds in high-quality audio, outright skips, an ad-free experience, the option to play any tune in your solicitation, and a way to listen to music offline. If you opted for the Duo or Family plans, multiple people will have access to the same bill .

In rate to cancel a pay up Spotify Premium account, signal into the service and click your name in the upper-right corner. Click Account > Available plans, then scroll down the page to the Spotify Free incision. Click Cancel Premium.

This will basically downgrade your account to a free interpretation. Spotify warns you what perks you will lose by canceling Premium. Scroll down the page and click Continue to cancel .

At the adjacent page, Spotify will show you when your premium plan will formally end and the free grade will take over. Click the Yes, Cancel clitoris and your paid subscription is last cancelled .

Spotify will then ask you to complete a surveil about why you cancelled your premium bill and whether you ‘d be likely to subscribe again. Fill out the page if you wish and click Submit .

Close a Free Account

A free Spotify report limits you to shuffle play, so you have no control over the order in which your songs play. To remove a spare Spotify report, forefront to the Spotify web site and browse to Support > Account Settings > Closing Your Account > Close your account .

You will then be prompted to enter your Spotify login information if you ’ rhenium not already logged in. Spotify will then ask if you are certain. Click the Close account button .

Spotify asks you to confirm that you are trying to delete the right bill. Review your username and e-mail address at this clock, then cluck Continue .

You are then told everything that will be removed from your consort report once the account is deleted. Check the box next to “ I understand ” and then click the Continue button .

You are then directed to check your electronic mail to complete the process. In the electronic mail from Spotify, click Close my account to last shut it down. Spotify will send you a confirmation electronic mail with a connect that can reactivate your history should you change your thinker. The connect is valid for seven days, after which time you won ’ thyroxine be able to bring your account back to life sentence .

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