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You all are well known for the fact that social media is used by everyone either for sharing professional or personal information and when we talk about information so that images and videos which all of you are sending to each early while chatting is of high Mb so your mobile distance filled in every one to two days and you are facing behind focal ratio of your androids lapp is find with the one of a most use application named Telegram when you are cheating via this your share media with others and this covers up lots of space of your memory so it is important to clean it up from getting rid of memory problems .

Make sure that constantly delete those conversations and media which is not utilitarian and you won ’ t need them in future again because these unnecessary files take a draw of space in your mobile and you are facing problems in downloading, installing and you can besides sometimes face your earphone is hanging and speed of it is besides slow.

nowadays we are telling you about some steps like how you can and from where you can clean up your mobile quad which is filled with useless telegram files :
Delete Media from Cache once you are open up your telegram application you see a ground beef like icon on the top left field corner of your screen and then you have to go to the settings character after that select the option of data and storage and then click on the storehouse usage so that you can well access the media settings .
so nowadays it ’ s your turning to choose those media files which are not utilitarian and even taking distance to delete all unnecessary files .

Delete Media from Cache
If you remember that when you open the memory custom you see there is an choice to keep media in it and it the identify where you can give specifications about how a lot time you ’ ll keep this unused media in your android .
once you are choosing the days or months after the completion of the period it will be automatically deleted. But keep one thing in mind that all items are stored safely in the cloud so that you can easily download them whenever necessity .
When you equitable touch the clean hoard button now you see there are option came and now you have to choose which kind of files you want to delete either they are photos, videos, music, or any other type of file and you can besides see by deleting any file how much quad is getting free from your memory so it is easy for you to choose which to remove or which do not and if you are having io device with you in this you can do the same process for particular chew the fat besides .
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Delete share media from chats As you all are familiar with this best feature of Telegram that it is allows you to plowshare boastfully size charge up to 1.5GB with you contact besides and it is a very fast and free of price procedure besides .
If you choose a secret chat option with person so it can itself destroyed but we are here talking about regular chat what to do in regular chat how to delete it ?

There are many methods to delete shared files in telegram now Telegram is updated with the feature that you can now delete messages and files that you have shared from both of your chats well .
How to Delete Media from Cache
here we are telling you How to Delete Telegram Downloaded Files ( Movies, Web Series ) which you have shared via telegram conversations :

  • Open your chat from where you want to delete the media.
  • Now just tap on the media which you want to delete and hold it for seconds.
  • Then tap on the icon of the trash bin which was appearing on the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you want to remove files from both of your chats then from the pop-up window choose delete for and the name of the person in your contact.
  • Click delete.
  • You can also delete single messages by simply tapping on the file then you can see a new window and a delete option appears just click it and you are done with it.

Delete a particular message

Clear history from Telegram

This is one other direction to clean up all unnecessary media from a chew the fat is to clean up chat history once you are done with this your name won ’ triiodothyronine be removed from your chat list page but all the messages in the conversation will be deleted .
Clear history from Telegram

Delete chat

  • Another option is that you can also delete the entire chat and after that, you won’t find any clue or trace about chatting between you and your near one.
  • Open telegram application.
  • Open up the chat which you want to clean.
  • Open up the chat menu and tap on three-dot icons then click on the delete button.
  • Choose delete chat.
  • You can also tap the button if you want to delete the conversation from both sides.
  • After that tap delete to clean it all.

About chats in the group:

When you are in the group if you want to delete messages then it lone depends upon either you are an admin of the group or not because only and lone group admin has options to clean up all the messages for all members in the group but if you are a day by day penis and active on regular basis on a group so without any hindrance of admin you can easily delete your messages .
About chats in the group

Clear cache file setting Windows:

You have to click on the clear hoard file setting window for knowing about your cache information so that you can choose which type of information you want to delete from it .
Click on the local database which is besides called a hoard database. All your chats are stored in the database and you can easily remove them by clearing all chats from a telegram that are present in the hoard.

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