How to Enable or Disable Cookies in Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

There is a middle ground. You can disable cookies in any web browser — Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, or Safari — and turn them on again when it suits your needs. In this article, we explain how to enable and disable cookies in all popular browsers, so that the task is a simpleton one. But cookies besides pose a danger to your browser ’ second security and privacy. Advertisers use tracking cookies to follow you around the world wide web — recording your interests and habits — which can then be used for target advertising or sold for profit. When you allow cookies, they help websites remember you and make your experience more comfortable. If you want to use on-line services that require you to log in, buy anything on-line, or customize your preferences for a web site, you ’ ll want to allow at least some cookies .

When should you disable browser cookies?

You don ’ t have to stop using cookies wholly. wholly disabling cookies impacts your web experience — for case, you might not be able to sign into some services like Google Docs.

completely disabling cookies should merely be a last recourse, particularly because you have better options:

  • You can just delete cookies on a regular footing .
  • You can stop invasive tracking wholly with a tool like Avast AntiTrack .
  • You can switch to Avast Secure Browser, which safeguards your on-line privacy and gives you chondritic control condition over cookies .

But for now, here ’ s your ultimate guidebook to crippling ( and enabling ) cookies .

Google Chrome: How to disable and enable cookies

The universe ’ s most popular browser makes it extremely easy to turn off cookies in just a few steps. here ’ s how to disable cookies :

  1. establish Google Chrome and suction stop on the fiddling three dots in the top-right corner. blue-ribbon Settings. Chrome settings
  2. Scroll toss off to the very end of the page. Click the fiddling Advanced associate at the bottom of the page .
    Chrome disable cookies
  3. You then see another long tilt of items. Under the Privacy and security incision, find the Content settings entry. Click that. Content Settings

  4. To disable cookies, flip off the switch next to Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended). From now on, cookies are blocked .

When you decide to re-enable cookies, follow the same process to get to this page, and merely turn on the feature again. Thereafter, Chrome will accept cookies .
You can besides access this page by typing chrome://settings/content/cookies into your Google Chrome address measure .

Internet Explorer: How to disable and enable cookies

however using Microsoft ‘s classical browser ? here ’ s how to turn off cookies to browse the web without being tracked :

  1. launch Internet Explorer. Click on the small cog in the top-right corner .
    Internet Explorer settings
  2. Select Internet Options .
  3. Choose the Privacy yellow journalism and click the Advanced release .
    Internet Explorer privacy settings
  4. On the next screen, select Block for both First-party and Third-party Cookies. last but not least, uncheck Always allow session cookies :
    Disabling cookies on Internet Explorer
  5. Click OK, then close the windows. From nowadays on, IE cookies are disabled.

To re-enable cookies in Internet Explorer, repeat the steps above, but this time select the Accept options. alternately, you can select the Prompt option ; this instructs your browser to ask you for permission to accept or decline cookies individually .

Microsoft Edge: How to disable and enable cookies

If you use Windows 10, Microsoft Edge might be your browser of choice. Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer and was built specially for the Windows 10 operating system .
just like any other browser, Edge supports web cookies. thus, there ’ s a way to enable and disable cookies. here ’ mho how :

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