How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Got an internet connection? Family and friends all across the globe can join in for your baby shower.How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower When we think of baby showers, we typically imagine a group of a twelve or sol close relatives and friends all gathered in the same rate at the lapp time. But what if your friends and class live far away ? Or what if, due to Covid-19, your in-person baby shower had to be canceled ?
Enter the virtual baby shower. That ’ south correct : virtual. All on-line, no topic the distance. The concept of virtual baby showers has been around since at least the year 2000, but if you ’ ve never learn of it, we ’ ve gathered all the best tips, tricks and websites to help you plan an on-line baby shower that no one will have to miss out on due to distance .

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

virtual or on-line baby showers are broadly the same concept as traditional baby showers and can happen before baby arrives or after, like a sip and see party .
But some things are going to have to be a little morsel different. by and large, we want to acknowledge that a virtual shower international relations and security network ’ thymine going to wholly replace a actual one. You can ’ t have many of the same games, refreshments or cosmopolitan touch of in-person mingling, and it ’ s besides a lot more casual—we honestly can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blame your guests for wearing pajama pants to your virtual shower. ( Though some guests may appreciate the find to dress up ! )

And you may have concerns about whether it ’ ll be awkward to try and replicate IRL party vibes in the virtual world. “ Am I responsible for preventing conversation lulls ? ” “ Should I have music act ? ” “ I feel weird opening gifts on camera ! ” It might be awkward, and that ’ s approve. sometimes real-world parties are awkward excessively. We do have some advice on how to make your virtual shower less awkward, though. ( Or possibly you ’ re secretly happy to have an excuse not to open presents in movement of all your friends and kin. )
This position isn ’ thymine slowly, and it surely isn ’ thymine convention. Whatever you ’ re feel, whether it ’ s disappointment, stand-in or something else—that ’ s wholly normal. And if it helps, here are some stories from Babylist users who tried their hands at virtual showers and had a blast .
If you are thinking of taking your baby shower to the web, here ’ second Babylist ’ s guidance on what ’ s going to be singular to a virtual party and how to plan for it .

The Tech You Need for Virtual Baby Showers

By default, a virtual pamper shower requires a virtual home to meet up. thankfully, in the current historic period of technology, there are enough of options for websites or apps to get your gang all together on-screen .
WebBabyShower : If the list didn ’ metric ton imply enough, this web site exists good for virtual child showers. For under $ 80 ( cheaper than the modal in-person shower ), WebBabyShower offers an all-in-one plaza for all your baby shower needs, including a customizable locate and unlimited invitations ( keep in thinker that besides many guests can get chaotic on television chat, so we recommend keeping it to a accomplishable number ), a virtual guestbook that you can print when the shower is over, games, quizzes and scoreboard, a private photograph and video album and links to your Babylist register. The only thing you need to do is decide which release television military service to use. How easy is that ?
social media sites are besides a popular go-to for planning baby showers online, particularly since a lot ( if not all ) of your guests are probable to be on there already. Facebook is peculiarly good for events given their streamlined tempt system and integrate video chew the fat system through Facebook Messenger. Just make sure the event is set to private .

Video Chat Services

While it ’ s possible to have a virtual baby shower without video, we think a know pour of the party is direction more fun for everyone. There are lots of options, but we recommend going with a spare television service like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts. ampere long as you and your guests have an internet connection and a phone or calculator with a webcam, then a bouncy video is possible. You can flush hook up your calculator to your television so it ’ south much for everyone to see ( and for you to see everyone ). When deciding which video service to use, be sure to keep in mind who your guests are and their horizontal surface of tech-savviness .

  • Zoom: Probably the simplest and easiest of the video service options, Zoom is free for everyone to use, allows up to 100 connected devices (500 for an extra charge) and doesn’t require you to download an app, though there is an app option. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser (you can use a computer, tablet or smart phone). The host sets up a virtual room with a unique ID and password, then sends out the information to guests. Guests don’t need an account to gain access to the party. Keep in mind: The free version of Zoom allows up to 40 minutes of meeting time per room; additional time is available for purchase, but you can also close out the room and start a new one.
  • Skype: Similar to Zoom, Skype is free to use on any computer, tablet or mobile device, and it doesn’t require you to download the app if you’re using a computer web browser. The key differences: it allows up to 50 devices, and there’s no password protection.
  • Facetime: Facetime is the free video service for Apple devices, including iPhones, tablets and computers, and it allows up to 32 connected devices (still plenty for a baby shower). You can connect via cellular data if you have a data plan, or via WiFi without using any of your data. Multiple people can join a call at once using their Apple ID, and they have to be invited by the host. Keep in mind: The major downside to Facetime is that it works only with Apple devices (sorry Android and non-Mac users), and if you’re on a Mac, you need OS X Lion 10.7 or later.
  • Facebook Messenger Rooms: Facebook’s new group messenger service works great for large groups (though if you have a smaller party, regular Facebook Messenger video calls still exist). Anyone can use Messenger Rooms, even without a Facebook account, so you won’t have to create an account just for grandma to join in the fun. And there’s no time limit, so you can keep the party going! The service also has a few extra features that can make your virtual baby shower extra special:
    • You can personalize the room name to be anything you want. Make it fun, make it hyper-specific, make it unique.
    • Guests can use masks and AR filters to make things look extra fancy (or extra silly). Need an idea for a party game? Give a prize to the guest with the best filter.
    • Guests can customize their backgrounds with decorations. Got a shower theme? Try to make it match!
  • Google Hangouts: This service only works if you have a Google/Gmail account, which is free and fairly easy to sign up for. Keep in mind: Google Hangout video calls allow a maximum of 10 devices, but up to 250 participants if the call is audio/phone only.

Each of these video call options has a chew the fat function, besides, so you can share photos, send links or express yourself in emojis. Most new world chat functions are accessible immediately within the video sieve, the exception being FaceTime, which will launch iMessage .

To-Do: Create Your Babylist

With Babylist, you can add any token from any store onto ONE register. You ’ ll even get a Hello Baby Box full moon of free ( amazing ! ) goodies .
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Do Virtual Baby Showers Have Themes?

Of class ! They don ’ t have to, necessarily, but themes have constantly been a beloved ( and adorable ) separate of planning baby showers—they ’ rhenium fun, they ’ re nice to look at and they help bring all the assorted elements ( think invites, interior decoration, food, everything ) together.

To help make your virtual shower theme easier to plan about, we ’ ve created four custom Babylist Virtual Shower Bundles. Each bundle has everything you need for your option of popular child lavish theme— ” Little Cutie, ” “ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ” “ Boho ” or “ Bees ” —including :

  • A digital invite event header
  • Custom Zoom backgrounds
  • Games
  • Thank you cards
  • A virtual baby shower checklist

Who Hosts a Virtual Baby Shower?

It ’ randomness wholly okay for the expecting parents to host their own shower. You can besides have a close friend or family member avail you host, particularly if you live with them. But even if your chosen co-host lives far away, it ’ s still wholly possible to coordinate via text, e-mail or social media since the party is wholly virtual anyhow. ( No matter who is hosting, this Virtual Baby Shower Checklist will come in handy. )

Virtual Invitations (and Thank Yous!)

Digital invitations are superintendent popular and wholly streamlined, which means the only hard part is choosing which design to go with ( confidence us, there are thousands ). If you download the Babylist Virtual Baby Shower Bundle mentioned above, you get a digital invite/event header for emails and Facebook events .
There are besides websites like Paperless Post, Evite and Greenvelope, which have beautiful virtual invite options, many of which include cool extras like music, gifs and active links to your register and event page—not to mention they ’ re wholly paperless, which is a bonus if you ’ re going green. Of course, you can calm send physical invites if that ’ s what you ’ vitamin d prefer, and there ’ s decidedly something special about receiving an invitation in the mail .
Thank you cards ( or thank you emails, if you ’ re staying virtual and paperless ) are still an absolute must. And the traditional etiquette still applies : one to two weeks after the shower is the best clock to get your thank yous out .

What about the Decorations?

good because it ’ sulfur virtual doesn ’ t mean your shower can ’ t have decor. Your guests will still see it on camera, and it can actually help set the root of your party. It may all be gathered in one quad in your home ( there ’ s no point in decorating an integral room when only one part of it will be seen ), so you may have to think a little outside the box when it comes to choosing and setting up decorations. Tableware ? probably not necessary. Wall hangings and balloons ? decidedly camera-ready .
If you have a co-host who wants to help with decorations but they don ’ t live near you, you might suggest they put together a box of cunning, theme-matching interior decoration to send to you. They could include a box of cookies or cupcakes, besides !
Pro tip: Using Zoom to host your shower ? You don ’ metric ton even need in-person interior decoration thanks to Zoom ’ s virtual backgrounds ! Just put a virtual backdrop up on your score and let your guests think you did all the hard cultivate. Check out these custom Babylist virtual backgrounds that come in our Virtual Shower Bundle .

Virtual Baby Shower Games

good because you ’ re not all in the same room doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean you can ’ thyroxine dally games and have prizes to win. Many of the most coarse baby shower games ( the ones normally played on paper ) can however work as virtual activities, and here are a few suggestions we think work well for small groups on-line :

  • The Price Is Right: Hold up a series of four to five baby items (bottle, bodysuit, box of diapers, can of formula, etc.) to the camera and have everyone write down their guess of the total price for all items added together. Then, have all the guests show their guesses to the camera. The closest guess to the actual total cost of the items wins!
  • Online Pictionary-like games like this one are an absolute blast, whether you’re an artist or not. Create your avatar and a private room, send out invites (copy and paste the link into whatever chat platform you’re using or send it via text) and get drawing!
  • JackBox Games: JackBox offers dozens of fun multiplayer games that are playable from your computer, gaming system or phone. And you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy them, either. Though each game has a limit on how many people can play at one time, guests can also join in as audience members to watch others play and even vote on things.

How to Open Gifts at a Virtual Baby Shower

Guests can send their gifts to you so you can open them on television camera for everyone ( if you want to ), or you can have guests hold onto their gifts during the shower and open them for you on camera so you can see ( then they can send them to you subsequently ). Or you can do a mix of both, in case some guests want to send their gifts sooner but others won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to ship the gifts to you in prison term .
If guests will be sending gifts to you after the lavish date but you still want to show them off, one of the unique features of having a virtual baby shower is that it doesn ’ t have to survive just one day. WebBabyShower allows your locate and all the photos and videos to stay live for up to six months ( or one full moon year for an extra $ 50 ), and Facebook events are accessible for arsenic long as you keep them up. So you can post photos of belated gifts or, once pamper arrives, show them off in that bodysuit your aunt sent for all your guests to see !

Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

download or print this checklist if you ’ re hosting a virtual pamper shower !
babylist virtual baby shower printable image
Download the Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

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