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Every week, Zapier hosts an all-hands meeting with all 400+ employees. There are presentations, of course, but there ‘s besides a lot of legal action in the chat. And it can be intemperate to keep up—that ‘s probably why my supporter Carly sent me this authoritative message after a recent confluence .A chat from Carly asking how to use emoji in Zoom chat We ‘ve outlined tips and tricks for Zoom, but we somehow overlooked the old world chat feature. That ‘s impossible. here are a few things you need to know to get more out of Zoom new world chat .

You can use emoji in Zoom chat

The Zoom chat sidebar is spartan, with no dedicate button for emoji. You might think this means you ‘re living in a barren, emoji-less landscape, but you ‘re not. You just need to use your system-wide emoji. On Windows, you can do this by pressing the Windows key and Period (.). This will open the emoji window.

The system-wide emoji for Windows On a Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut control+command+space .The system-wide Mac emoji You can nowadays search for and use any of the criterion emoji in Zoom old world chat. deplorably, you ca n’t add customs emoji like in Slack. however : it ‘s emoji, in Zoom chew the fat. Your coworkers will suspect that you ‘re a literal wizard—and they will be right to think that. I ask that you use this baron lone for dependable and/or impersonal causes .

You can attach files in Zoom chat

here ‘s something else you did n’t know : you can attach files in Zoom chat. Just drag them to the message .Dragging a file into Zoom chat alternatively, you can use the File button. note that images and the alike will not show a thumbnail, which in this encase, means my coworkers will need to download the image before they can see my cat-o’-nine-tails Mira and her beloved snek, which she adorably carries around the house all day .Preview showing just the file name This is disappointing but apprehensible given the problem of Zoombombing. Regardless, attaching files to Zoom chat is utilitarian for all kinds of things that are n’t cat photos, from sharing documents relevant to a given meet to sharing pictures of your chase .

You can send private messages in Zoom chat (sort of)

You ‘ve credibly only always used the direct message have by chance, by clicking person ‘s name while scrolling through the chat. Turns out some people besides use it on purpose.

Sending a direct message in Zoom chat This mode allows you to send a message to one specific person. They will see it in the lapp old world chat window, but it wo n’t be sent to anyone else. This is a useful way to make a quick side statement to person, without opening another app. Should you use this ? It depends. In larger meetings, such messages will be cursorily buried, so it ‘s credibly better to use your team chat app if it ‘s something you need a reply to. For quickly making a point, though, this can do the trick—particularly if the point you ‘re making pertains to what ‘s happening in the meet right now. One significant thing to note : zoom allows users to export chat logs. Your secret messages will be included if you, or the person you sent a individual message to, use this export feature. The host of your Zoom meet can not read your private messages, contrary to popular impression. At least, that ‘s the case according to my acquaintance Chris Hoffman. But as with any communication tool your employer is paying for, I ‘d consider not saying anything that you would n’t want your party boss to see .

You can save a copy of the Zoom chat

Do you want to treasure a particular old world chat for the rest of your life ? It ‘s apprehensible, and you can wholly do that. Just click the button with three dots, then snap Save Chat .Saving the Zoom chat mechanically upload Zoom recordings to Google Drive

Learn how

This will save a text file of the new world chat to your computer and give you a link for opening that file. I recommend saving the transcript from every Zoom call you participate in and taping them all to your wall, so that the backdrop for all of your Zoom meetings is the transcript from former Zoom meetings. This will make you more effective at cultivate or something. Enjoy .

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