Getting Started with the Arduino – Installing the IDE

therefore you merely got an Arduino ! They ’ re decidedly a lot of fun, but what ’ s adjacent ? Where do you start ? well, to do anything useful with it, you ’ re going to need to upload some code to it. To do that, you ’ ll first need to install the Arduino IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) on another computer. The IDE compiles ( converts ) the code you write into instructions the Arduino can understand. The code is typed ( or copy/pasted ) into the IDE, and sent to the Arduino via a USB cable. The Arduino IDE software is free to download, and installing it is truly easy. barely follow the instructions below and you ’ ll be writing code and getting your Arduino astir and running in no time.

BONUS : I made a quick get down scout for this tutorial that you can download and go back to later if you can ’ metric ton set this up right now. It covers all of the steps you need to get started .

Installing the Arduino IDE

1. Visit hypertext transfer protocol : // to download the latest Arduino IDE translation for your computer ’ second operate system. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. At the download page, pawl on the “ Windows Installer ” option for the easiest facility .
2. Save the .exe file to your difficult drive .
3. Open the .exe file .
4. Click the button to agree to the license agreement :
Arduino Setup Lisence Agreement
5. Decide which components to install, then click “ Next ” :
Arduino Setup Installation Options
6. Select which folder to install the program to, then click “ Install ” : Arduino Setup Installation Folder

7. wait for the broadcast to finish install, then click “ Close ” :
Arduino Setup Installing
8. now find the Arduino shortcut on your Desktop and pawl on it. The IDE will open up and you ’ ll see the code editor :
Arduino Software

Configuring the Arduino IDE

The following thing to do is to make certain the software is set up for your detail Arduino board. Go to the “ Tools ” drop-down menu, and find “ Board ”. Another menu will appear, where you can select from a list of Arduino models. I have the Arduino Uno R3, so I chose “ Arduino Uno ” .
Arduino Tools

Exploring the Arduino IDE

If you want, take a minute to browse through the different menu in the IDE. There is a good variety show of exemplar programs that come with the IDE in the “ Examples ” menu. These will help you get started with your Arduino right away without having to do lots of research :
Arduino Example Code

Experimenting With the Arduino

Play around with the model programs and try changing parts of the code to see what happens. But if you want to learn programming as a skill, it ’ second best not to rely excessively much on these examples in your projects. You ’ ll memorize much more by experimenting and writing your own code from start. A effective room to learn scheduling is to get a reserve and employment through the example projects. A capital book for both beginning and advanced Arduino users is the Arduino Cookbook by Micheal Margolis. It is a handy resource, and covers about everything you can do with the Arduino from a programming perspective .
When you ’ rhenium ready, check out the adjacent article in this series, Getting Started with the Arduino – Controlling the LED ( Part 1 ), to see how to use the Arduino to change the blink rate of an LED.

hopefully this article has helped you out ! Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or need aid setting it up. And be surely to subscribe to get an e-mail when we publish newfangled articles !

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