Use this hidden iPhone feature to drag-and-drop files, photos, links and text across your apps

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The handout of io 15 last brought drag-and-drop to the iPhone ( ) — a feature that ‘s been available on the iPad ( ) for several years now, thanks to iPadOS15 ‘s diverse multitasking capabilities. however, it was n’t one of the highlighted features when the big iPhone update released last year, which is why you may not be familiar with it. With drag-and-drop on the iPhone, you can move seamlessly between apps to promptly upload photos, send links, share files and more. In a few seconds, you can cursorily drag a twelve photograph to send via textbook message or drop a liaison into an electronic mail. In the guidebook below, we ‘ll show you everything you can do with the fresh drag-and-drop have on io 15 .img-6008.png Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to drag-and-drop photos and videos on the iPhone

The first base manner you can use drag-and-drop on io is to move images from one app to another. now, this feature of speech works with any application that allows you to press down on an image to plowshare it, like in Photos, Safari, Twitter and more. For this case, we ‘ll show you how to drag-and-drop from the native Photos lotion. 1. Open the Photos app. 2. In grid scene, press and hold your finger down on a photo or video, until the agile action menu appears, and then move your finger around so that it floats under your finger. 3. If you want to add more photos to partake, use your other finger to tap on any other photos or videos, which will mechanically be added to the early photograph underneath your finger. 4. Use your early finger to leave the lotion and navigate to where you want to drop the photograph or television. 5. You ‘ll see a green plus sign on the corner of the photograph or television if you can drop it off there. 6. Lift your finger to drop the photograph and television. For example, you could drag the photograph into the Mail app, to add it as an fastening, or to the Messages app, to quickly send it via text .img-6009.png Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to drag-and-drop files on the iPhone

The files that live in your Files application, like a PDF, WAV, MP4 or PNG, can besides be dragged out of Files and into early applications, like Messages or Mail if you want to share the file, or even another file organizer app if you ‘re trying to upload the file. 1. Open the Files app. 2. In picture or list view, press your finger down on a file until the quick-action menu appears, and then move your finger around without lifting it thus that the file follows your finger. 3. Use another finger to leave the Files app and go to another app. 4. Wait until you see a green plus sign, which means you can drop it there, and then lift your finger to release the file. If you ‘re already in the Files app, this is a debauched room to contribution files via text or e-mail .img-6010.png Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to drag-and-drop links on the iPhone

Like with photos, you can besides drag-and-drop links from applications such as Safari, Calendar and more. Again, you must be able to press down on the radio link and have the promptly carry through menu appear to be able to drag and drop it. here ‘s how to do it from Safari.

1. Open the Safari app. 2. Press your finger down on any link, until the quick action menu appears, and then move your finger around so the link floats under your feel. 3. Use your other finger to leave the app and lift your finger to drop it elsewhere ( only if you see a green plus sign ). You can drop links in other apps such as Messages, Mail, Notes, or any number of social media apps .

How to drag-and-drop text on the iPhone

ultimately, you have the choice to drag any highlight text into another app. 1. First, find the text you want to drag-and-drop. 2. Use your finger to then highlight the text, as you would if you wanted to copy it. 3. then press and hold down on the selection and move your finger round, without lifting it, until the text follows your finger about. 4. Use another finger to leave this app and then drop it elsewhere. Although transcript and spread might be a better ( and even faster ) choice, you do have the ability to drag and drop text on io. If you ‘re a ocular learner, Frederico Viticci, editor-in-chief of MacStories, tweeted a sieve commemorate of the process in June .

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